We have 2 crazy dogs to keep us busy; most people say they both look "funny" but they are the best dogs a family could ask for!!

Georgia Love Goodson is our now 4 year old English Bulldog; my husband is a HUGE Georgia Bulldog football fan so we of course had to get one. She loves to cuddle, lounge, sleep, play occasionally, to eat chewy bones, & has the worst gas that I have ever smelled in my life! From the day she got off the plane from Arkansas she has been a daddy's girl; I always joke that she loves Lance & just tolerates me.

Bella Bear Goodson is our 3 year old albino Boxer & I think that she is the cutest dog in the world. Lance says that she is a perfect dog for me because she is just like me & has endless energy; she just wants to lick & play 24/7. I would say that she runs around with a toy in her mouth from the time we get home until she puts it down in her bed with her at night & if there is no toy in her mouth then you better look out because she is going to have the tongue out looking for something to lick!! She is so sweet & loving & is always following me around to see what I am doing.

We were worried about how our first babies would be with our new baby BUT both girls love him so much. Since the day we brought Brayden home from the hospital they have looked after him, especially Georgia. When I get ready to put Brayden down for the night she is right there with me; she lays right outside his door until I open the door & then she walks in & makes sure the room is alright! A lot of times we will go into the back of the house for something & will notice that Brayden's door is open all the way & not just cracked........that means momma pups have been in to check on him. I think that they love him almost as much as we do!!