Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday...

Brayden was dressed & ready to fight the crowds with the first store he had a break down so we called in reinforcements & JuJu spent the rest of the day shopping with us & the rest of Georgia at the Mall of Georgia!! I would swear from the looks of the mall that we are NOT in a recession!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that everyone had a very wonderful & happy Thanksgiving with family & friends; we had a wonderful dinner over at Lance's mom's house & of course ate way to much. Brayden showed everyone his new rolling over abilities & they clapped & clapped & clapped every time he would do it; he is such a ham & loves the attention!! It was such a wonderful 1st Thanksgiving for Baby Brayden!

Friday, November 27, 2009

One Year Ago Yesterday.....

The day just got away from me yesterday & I didn't get to post what Lance & I are most thankful year ago yesterday...November 26, 2008 we found out that we would be expecting our little one! I remember the day so was so amazing all the emotion & joy that we both felt & how neat that the 26th happened to fall on Thanksgiving this year!


Daddy & I both love you very, very much & we are so thankful to be your parents. You are our everything...our little bundle of joy & laughter in a somewhat crazy world these days! We are so happy the God gave you to us & we promise to take good care of you forever....

Love always,
MaMa & DaDa

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rolling Over In His Crib.....

& getting stuck is Brayden latest accomplishment. It just started to happen last night & I tried not to laugh when I looked at the monitor to see why he was screaming but it happened 13 times last night so I had to laugh to keep myself from crying.

It seemed like overnight Brayden became a pro at rolling from his back to his belly (he wasn't doing it like this on Monday)......the problem with that is that he gets stuck! He hasn't quite figured out how to flip back over so he just gets mad/frustrated & screams so of course momma to the rescue goes into his nursery & flips him over & then he just does it again.......WHAT DO I DO?? He seems to want to be on his belly but he hasn't really ever slept on his belly so maybe he is am I supposed to figure out what he wants?? Oh yeah & the whole time that he is doing this last night he is asleep....I mean dead to the world asleep. I would flip him over, put his pacifier in his mouth & he would quite down & start snoring. It really was cute!!

What I did figure out is that if I put a rolled up blanket by his leg he can't flip over......yes I know that there are not supposed to be ANY blankets in his crib yet but after getting up for the 13th time at 1am I was tired & needed to get some sleep so I did the only thing I could think of.

There are only so many books that you can read about a baby & what to expect.....I guess I am just learning as I go but some of these things really scare me & are happening so fast! He is growing up so fast & it kind of makes me sad.....

Back from Virginia....

We had such a wonderful time in VA Beach with my family & I only wish we could have stayed through the holiday but we couldn't so we made the most of the time we had with them. The thing I enjoyed the most was when we took Brayden to the beach to see where mommy & daddy got married! It was a bit cold & windy but to show Brayden the very spot that his mommy & daddy made their life long commitment to one other in front of friends, family & God was AMAZING!

More about our trip to come.....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Busy, Busy, Catch-Up, & Still Busy....

I swear we have been so busy I don't feel like I can catch my breathe....BUT we are leaving tonight to go visit my mom & dad & we couldn't be more excited or need this vacation more. Grams & Puddy haven't seen little man Brayden since he was 2 weeks old & they are beside themselves with excitement that we are coming for a long weekend. We are going to do Thanksgiving with them on Saturday since we can't with with them for Thanksgiving & it is our year to be here with Lance's family for Christmas....that is going to be the hard holiday for them I think!! We are leaving tonight after Lance gets off work so the dogs & Brayden will hopefully sleep the whole is a 8-9 hour drive so keep your fingers crossed that Brayden does well on his 1st ever road trip!

I had 2 more tests done yesterday (they were awful) at the Audiologist & those results are going to be emailed to the ENT. That would be fine EXCEPT my appointment isn't until 12/6; so I have to call the ENT every day to see if they have a cancellation & can fit me in earlier. It is a pain in the ass to do but I really need to know what is going on with my ears, brain, whatever it is ASAP. I am not supposed to be driving at all until we figure out what is going on so I have to talk to my employers about that issue today. The doctor has also said that I need to schedule an MRI; I am not happy about this test for 2 reasons. 1.I am claustrophobic & the thought of being in a tube scares the crap out of me....I am sweating about it as I type! & 2.My sister has a brain tumor & that is the test she has to have every 6 months to see if it has grown or progressed. She has had it for 12 years & is in remission for the 3rd time so she is doing well for going through what she has gone through but it has been so hard on her & has effected her life in so many ways & I don't want to go through what she sounds awful but I don't!!

Brayden is doing so amazingly well & talking up a storm. It is so awesome to watch him & wonder what he thinks he is saying.....he also found his feet & loves to pull on them. He is doing great with tummy time & we are working on the rolling over thing everyday. His "your baby can read" cam in so we are going to start that when we get back from VA so I guess he will be talking in no time at all right?


Brayden just rolled over from his back to his belly all by himself!! Woo Hoo little man!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

ENT Specialist....

can't see me until 12/9/09....that's right almost a month away!! They did schedule an appointment for me tomorrow with the Audiologist to do some tests; BUT I am no supposed to drive myself to the appointment because of how I have been feeling!!

I asked the lady on the phone "if I am not supposed to drive when I feel this way & I am not supposed to drive myself to this appointment then why isn't that reason enough to work me into see the ENT specialist sooner that December 9th?" She said "oh they will if you test results from tomorrow are bad enough"......well thanks lady.....I guess I need everyone to hope & pray that they find something horrible wrong with me tomorrow so that I can see the specialist & get the answers that I need!

I am on the verge of tears & have been since I had this 30 minute long conversation with this woman to TRY & get an appointment. I feel lost & like I am falling apart....on top of the vertigo I did something to my lower back & can't bend over all the way or stand up straight without a pain shooting through the left side of my back. We all know that when you have a 14 week old little one there is no avoiding bending over or standing up straight so I have been dealing with this pain all being my nose my head taking care of worrying about my appointment tomorrow.......

Are we sure that today isn't Friday the 13th???? Why am I falling apart at the seams??

If it is not to much to ask of everyone please pray that I actually have good test results & that I wake up with no pain in my back! Thanks.

Thankful Thursdays.....

What a great idea I found over on History of the Harvey's blog. Each day keep track of what you are thankful for & post your list each Thursday.

Today I am thankful for my wonderful son. He is the apple of my eye & with every gummy smile he flashes me my heart melts more & more!! I love you little man!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I left work early yesterday because I was having a horrible day with the vertigo; after 5 days of steroids (took the last one on Monday) I was still having BAD dizzy spells & it was hard to work, take care of Brayden & try to not fall over yesterday so I just decided to head home!! I left at about 1 so I really didn't leave that early but anyhoo....I got home got Brayden & the pups settled & then decided that I should eat something since Brayden was napping & I hadn't had lunch yet! I go into the freezer to see what's in there...have a dizzy spell....& proceed to hit the side of my nose on one of the shelves of the freezer door!! No blood but the pain that I felt made my eyes water for an hour & the mark that is there today is so beautiful! Needless to say I called the doctor to make an appointment with the ENT specialist & you know what they told me?? They have to process the referral & it could be up to a week until that happens....WTF?? I am hitting my face on things because I am getting so dizzy & she wanted me to wait a week; I DON"T THINK SO!! I explained to the nice lady on the phone my issue & the fears I have driving around with my 3 month old in the car & possibly having a bad spell & she made my referral a priority so hopefully I will get into the doctor office today....HOPEFULLY!!

Thankfully it is Lance's day off so he has little man at home with is a nasty rainy day out & with my head the way it is I am happy that I didn't have to put him in the car with me!!! I am just praying that I hear from the doctor by 8 this morning (the time they get in the office) otherwise I will be getting a call from a very dazed, dizzy & foggy woman!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nap Nanny....

I don't want to jinx myself by saying that it is helping but it really does seem to help with his gas, colic, & spitting up.....keep your fingers crossed that it continues too!!

We Have a Thumb Sucker....

I try to give him is pacifier every time he is sucking his thumb but he prefers the thumb & spits the pacifier out to get to his thumb. I have always hated to see little kids sucking their thumbs & figured it would be easier to take the pacy away eventually rather then to try to get him to stop sucking on something that he can always find......HOWEVER, Brayden woke up last night & as I was getting up to get him I look over at the monitor & he is putting himself back to sleep on his own with the help of his thumb. I might have to rethink this pacifier over thumb thing....maybe!!

Sucking his thumb in his swing with his wooby....

He & his Aunt Cindy....

Need I say more....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Day & Photos......

Yesterday didn't start off well at all but after some gripe water & a much needed nap Brayden woke up in a wonderful mood & we were able to go to "family lunch" for Lance's mom's (Brayden's JuJu's) birthday & we had the best time. I was so happy that Brayden was feeling better & we didn't have to miss out on yummy hibachi & good quality time with everyone. We don't get to see Lance's sister & her family that often since they live about an hour I had asked his sister to take some pictures of us (potentially for our Christmas card).

Here are some of the photos that she took......

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Up At 4am On A Sunday.....

Poor Brayden had a hard early evening last night which turned into a long night for Lance & I. He is acting like his colic is back but I thought once it was gone it was gone........I guess I am wrong again!! I swear sometimes I don't think I will ever get the hang of this mom thing!

Thankfully, we are getting a Nap Nanny today for Brayden & it will help with the colic & gas issues that he has (I saw this on Derek and Stefani's blog & am just hoping it helps). I am sitting here watching our little man on his monitor...he is so precious & seems to be so uncomfortable. Why does his belly have to have so many issues? Why is the soy formula not helping? Does he really have a milk allergy?? I have so many questions & unfortunately there aren't many answers for me right now.

I know that these things are common with babies but it is so hard to watch MY baby be in so much pain & be so helpless!! We have family lunch today for Lance's mom's birthday & everyone is so excited to see him....I just hope that he is feeling better, that he has a good poop this morning (still having an issue with this), that his colic doesn't rere it's ugly head & that somehow we get a break from the crazy spit ups that have been happening again since Friday.

God please let Brayden have a good day...please ease his little belly so he can rest right now....please!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Your Baby Can Read....

The whole kit & caboodle will be here in 5 business days......I guess we will see if it really works or if I just fell for the infomercial.

My Body Has Seriously Changed.....

& what if my old body doesn't return?? I know that carrying & creating a child is an honor & a blessing but just let me vent & try not to judge me too harshly.

When I look in the mirror 13 weeks after giving birth to our amazing little man I want to vomit....I hate what I see. I lucked out & didn't get stretch marks but what I did get was a bunch of cottage cheese looking fat cells on my ass & thighs that I just can't seem to get rid of & everyday I swear it is getting worse & not better. I also have this loose skin around my mid-section & yes I know that it is from Brayden growing in my belly but it is really grossing me out. I was also blessed with the worst spider veins all over my spans the whole length of my leg. I am 5 10 & have long legs so the damn thing is long as hell & these things don't EVER go away. Then last night I guess I wanted to torture myself so I tried on my FAVORITE pre-pregnancy jeans & if I pulled tightly they would button but the over hang/muffin tops that were created were the nastiest things that I have ever seen...EVER.

Oh yeah & on top of the fact that I still have 9 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight I was put on steroids to hopefully help with the vertigo & all they have done is make me hungry all the time. They have done nothing for the dizzy spells & foggy headed feeling I have all day everyday. And when I say hungry I mean starving every second of every minute of every hour in the day. All I want to do is eat & not wonderfully healthy food either....I want every piece of left over Halloween candy that everyone brought to the office to get out of their house, every carb, every gallon of ice cream...every everything!!

I am hoping that all will go back to normal after I am done with the medicine & that I will some how loose the last 9 pounds that I gained......I am hoping that all of this happens before I actually do throw up from the sight of myself....GRRR!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Now He Loves Tummy Time....

Now that he has done the one roll over thing ONE whole time when I put him on his belly he is just fine. I have to admit that it has to be perfect timing or he will still get upset &/or spit up a profuse amount but non the less he is doing wonderfully with it now & I couldn't be happier about it!!

It is shocking to me that if Brayden doesn't like to do something how much I worry & fear that it is my fault & I am a bad mother because of it. I need to relax, take a deep breathe & realize that Brayden is fine & thriving, he is doing everything he is supposed to be doing & everything will come with time (he is only 3 months old for crying out loud)......that is Brayden's time of course because I have NO control on when or where he wants to do anything :)

Here is little man mastering tummy time......maybe roll #2 will be soon!!!

Maybe You Can Help.....

Pass It On Baby is a awe inspiring blog. I stumbled on & have followed PIOB since I found out I was pregnant with Brayden. Two wonderful women started this blog to reach out & help other mothers in need with new &/or gently used clothes for their children. I know that you all know or have kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews that are always growing out of clothes so I thought that you might be able to help by donating those clothes to the mothers in need.

Hope everyone has an awesome Thursday.....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ornament Exchange....

Over at Mrs. Southern Belle's they are having an ornament exchange that sounds like so much fun......check it out!

Brayden Loves His New Toy.....

We got a Baby Einstein Discover & Play Activity Center at our shower but didn't put it together until about a week ago. I figured since Brayden didn't like tummy time he could strengthen his neck by sitting up more!! He loves this thing so much.....his feet don't touch & I have to help him sit up sometimes but he LOVES to be in it!!!

Please notice the 2 scratches on his little face.....I do his nails but he still manages to scratch him self! I am now filing them in the hopes that the file will dull them more!!

Halloween & Weekend

We didn't really plan a big Halloween this year & since it rained most of the day & night I am glad that we didn't. Brayden wore a halloween "My 1st Halloween" outfit & he did enjoy helping hand out the candy to he other little ones.

He was asleep for what I thought was going to be the night BUT Bella got scared by one of the costumes & started to bark & that in turn woke up little man & he was up until midnight with Lance. I had to go to bed & get some rest since I had gone to the doctor on Friday & I have vertigo.

I had been feeling yucky, foggy headed, & really dizzy all last week but just thought I was tired so just blew it off. I did take a pregnancy test on Wednesday...just in case but it was negative so I went back to the tired thing as the reason for the way I was feeling. Lance was off early Thursday night so we got Brayden down & then were just cuddling on the sofa & I didn't feel good at all. I had the worst headache & was super duper dizzy but didn't say anything to Lance because I didn't want him to worry well...he got up to get something looked at me & said I thing we need to take you to the ER I was shocked by what he was saying & he just said that I looked really bad.....he couldn't put his finger on what exactly looked bad or off BUT he said that I looked very weird; so I went to bed to get some sleep & hope it helped.

Friday morning I got up & was fine, so the morning went as usual until I went to put Brayden in the car & got so dizzy I had to grab the door handle to keep myself from falling. I went back into the house, yelled for Lance to take the baby from me & make me a doctor's appointment for me for first thing that morning. I went to the doctor & she said that it sounds like vertigo so to get some is over the counter. I looked at her like she was a nut job & said huh?? Over the counter medicine is going to fix this.....I don't think so, but I left went to Walmart & asked the pharmacist where the meclizine was & you know what she said......"the Dramamine is on isle 9".......MOTION SICKNESS MEDICINE is what I get?? You have got to be kidding me!!!

Anyway, I got it & it didn't help so now I am starting steroids (so thrilled about this) for the next 5 days & if I am still not better I have to go to the ENT specialist. I swear if it is not one thing it is another!

Sunday was nice, Lance's mom came over & we went out running errands & had lunch. It was a very nice & relaxing day except for the fact that I kept getting dizzy & couldn't hold the baby unless I was sitting down :(

On a happier not Brayden is doing wonderfully...he is such joy everyday & he just fills our hearts with love!! His smile is the best medicine & we are BLESSED!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Today is Brayden's 3 month birthday & I can't believe that he rolled over!! He hates tummy time normally but this morning I put him on his belly & he was actually happy with it so I jumped up to grab the camera out of the diaper bag & this is what I caught.......I am such a proud momma!!!

Brayden actually not screaming & crying because he is on his belly!!

This is him mid roll...our little boy is going to be crawling before we know it!!

This is how he ended up & I am sure that he is thinking "why is my mom screaming, clapping & yelling.....I just rolled over what's the big deal!!"