Friday, July 29, 2011

Hard At Work

Lance's whole family is in the car business (Lance, his mom & dad are all on the business side but his 2 brothers are on the repair shop side & not to mention my dad is pretty handy when it comes to working on cars too) & he always say that he doesn't want either of our boys to work in the business HOWEVER one of B's favorite places to go is to PaPa's shop at the dealership.  Every time we go up to visit & have lunch he goes straight for the shop door & goes out & runs around for about an hour.  He would stay the hours on end if we let him but we are all always hungry so we cut it short.

I told Lance the other day B picked up his tools, flipped over his Y-Bike & started acting like he was working on it so he might follow in his footsteps after all.  What do ya'll think??

Fun at JuJu & PaPa's

A few Sunday's ago we went over to JuJu & PaPa's house to cookout & play; Brayden had stayed the night the night before so he was already out playing when we got there that morning & he was more than ready for a nap a few hours later!  After nap it was back outside for more fun..........he wouldn't go without his blankie that he keeps there.........

He had a bit of a hard time waking up so h laid down on the trampoline while he made Lance & I jump so it bounced him.

He played on PaPa's tractor.

And walked dragged his Anut Cindy's dog up & down their very long driveway.  B loves Jett & we often consider getting a small dog for B down the rode (down the rode a LONG WAY!)

He walked & played & wore himself out the whole afternoon & even though it was about 98 in the shade it was a perfect Sunday.

We don't really take Colton out in the heat to much so he just chilled with his PaPa

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Water, Water Everywhere

The weather has been unbearably hot & humid & going outside is like an evil form of torture for me but B loves to be outdoors no matter the weather so I grin & bear it.  Thankfully he loves the water & a hose can keep him entertained for hours; it keeps him cool & he doesn't know it but he is a great help with watering the yard & the flowers!

As for Colton, he stays in the shade & just observes.  every once & a while he will babbles out his two cents but he mainly just watches his big brother intently!!

Prayers Please

One of my best friends in the world had her little boy yesterday; she was only able to hold him for about 2 minutes before he was taken to the NICU.  I can not imagine what she must be feeling or going through but if you could all say a prayer for her family I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


Our 4th of July

This past 4th was, I think, the best day that we have ever had so far as a family; we didn't do much really but it was a great day.  Both boys were dressed in their red, white & blue & ready for good food, family & fireworks (not really)!!

Brayden always shares his JuJu's sweet tea & the 4th was no different.  I think he just likes the cup she always uses because he doesn't drink much of it; he really just knaws on the straw!

Of course we had to do a lots of swinging!!

& Colton napped in his car seat (one of the few places he sleeps well) 

When he woke up he got lots of loving from him JuJu

& then we decided to set off the fireworks for Brayden; I know that it is still day light but it was about 7 & time for our little guys to get in the bath.  This was also a test year for Brayden; we wanted to see if the noise was going to scare him.

He LOVED the ones that had no noise but lots of color........

& this is his face of joy/fear when they got loud.  It was so sweet because he was clapping but we could tel he was getting scared!

So PaPa stepped in & protected him from the noise.

It was a perfect family day & a perfect way to celebrate the 4th of July!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

; 23 Months ;

This big guy is a handful all day everyday.  He is happiest outside & wants to be there from the time he wakes up until bed time & isn't happy at all when he is told it is time to come in.  He loves to swing, jump, play in the water, go for walks, you name it & he'll do it as long as it is outside!  He doesn't even mind that it is 100 degrees long as mommy keeps the Capri Sun flowing.  He does not know what the word "NO" means & though it is fault & we are trying to remedy the situation I don't find it funny that he laughs at me when I say it; what have we created??

He is a ham like his father & will do anything to entertain us; he makes faces & is learning to play wrestle & fight.  He loves to run around the house after Bella & she always returns the favor by chasing him for a while too.  His smile is infectious & his laugh is always from deep within.  He fake cries & runs to us for hugs & love & he will go to every person in the room before he stops it.

He gets into anything & everything & even enjoys drinking the water from the dogs water things in their crates; gross I know but he was thirsty I guess.  He loves to hug & his new thing is kisses on the cheek with a ol' kiss noise right after.  He loves that every time he gives me one of those I jump with joy.

Last but not least he stills wants nothing to do with his baby brother or talking for the matter & we are concerned.  He doesn't dislike him, he just refuses to acknowledge his existence.  As far as his talking goes he babbles a lot but the words he was saying he isn't saying anymore & we just hope that it is a phase & it will soon pass.  He has his 2 year doctor appointment August 4th so I am going to talk to him about it.

Brayden Lance Goodson you are the best little boy a mommy could have ever asked for & I feel that we are so blessed by you everyday!  You (& your baby brother) fill our hearts with love & I really can't imagine that you could even fathom just how much you are loved!  Thank you for being you & for loving me too; you make my days long & I am worn out at the end of each & every one of them but boy it is fun to watch you go, go, go..........

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

B will still not really acknowledge that his brother exists so sadly this is still as close as he will get to Colton for a photo.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

; 2 Months ;

Colton actually celebrated his 2 month birthday on the 3rd but didn't go to the doctor until this past Monday so I wanted to wait for his stats to actually I have no time to myself these days & blogging is the last thing on my list of things to do so needless to say this is late!

First of all he was a trooper when he got all 3 of his shots; he cried for maybe a second or 2 & then he was done........that probably has a lot to do with the fact that he is a chunker & had lots of legs fat to absorb the pain.

Weight: 13.2 pounds (75%)
Height: 23.5 (50%)
Head: 15 3/4 (50%)

Colton laughs, smiles, & acts like he is trying to talk all the time.  He is a horrible napper (unless he is in his car seat & in the car then he is out in about 2 seconds flat) & I am desperately trying to remedy that each & every day but it isn't an easy task.  He is sleeping about 8 hours straight at night so I guess I can't complain too much about the napping things but I'm going too anyway.  He has the worst dry skin & the poor boy is lubed up 2-3 times a day & even doing that he (his face especially) is flaking about an hour later.  He loves bath time.  He is such a laid back little guy & he melts our hearts with his gummy grin!

His head size is perfectly normal but the shape isn't.  Although the doctor said that it will most likely work itself out I am worried that it won't.  Colton's head is pretty flat on one side & I try to position him so that he is not putting pressure on the flat side he always tends to return to that position no matter what I do.  I know he is only 2 months old & he is going to be moving & sitting up so much more these next few months but a mother worries no matter what any doctor says I think.  He would have to wear a helmet to correct it & it really isn't a big deal I would just rather him not have to!

He's already in size 2 diapers & 3 month clothes.  He kicks & moves his arms like his brother used to so I am sure that he is going to be on the go from the time he figures out that he can move.  He eats 6 ozs. of Similac Soy formula every 3-4 hours & believe me NEVER misses a meal!!  He already has such an amazingly contagious happy personality & I look forward to all the changes & things he is going to be doing as he grows up.  We are blessed with not just one but two special little boys & couldn't have imagined a life so perfect!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cat Nap Hell.........

I have been struggling with our night time routine & some nights I don't think I'm going to survive.  The boys are both wonderful & are happy go lucky most of the time but when it hits 5pm & it is time for B to eat Colton starts to get fussy because he hasn't "cat napped" enough during the day & is tired but of course won't close his eyes & thus begins my night of frustration, tears & heartbreak.

Colton isn't much of a napper & even though I am working at it each & every day it doesn't seem to be changing or getting any better.  I try all day everyday to get him to take at least 2-3 good naps in his crib but I am at my whits end & am about to give up.  He is so different than B with regards to napping & it can get quite frustrating by the end of the day; B was taking two 2-3 hour naps by this point in his little life & making daytime life manageable & I only had 1 little guy at that point now with 2 little men in the house I NEED Colton to nap so that I have one on one time with B.  I am sure that B napped so well in the beginning because he was colicky for hours on end during the night but none the less he was napping & always seemed well rested.  Colton on the other hand will fight sleep during the day like the plague; I have tried to put him in his crib, in his swing, in his vibrating chair, on the sofa (supervised of course), on our bed, & just about anywhere else that I could think of to see if he would nap for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

I know that each child id different & I shouldn't compare them to each other but it is hard not to when they are from the same mom & dad but are so totally different when it come to sleep.  I am actually not much of a sleeper & Lance is so I guess I should have expected this but I just figured what baby wouldn't like sleep??  I shouldn't complain really since Colton has spoiled us up to this point with his nighttime sleep patterns; he is usually down by 8:30pm & asleep until 4am & has been doing this since about 4 weeks old but however good this is for the evenings I need him to nap so that he is better rested for the early evenings as well as (& maybe most importantly) so that I have time during the day with B.

He is not liking this non-sleeping thing that has invaded his space & is taking his mommy from him; he doesn't like this one bit & I can understand why.  He is so used to being able to go & play outside whenever he wants to that now we have to wait for our 30 minute window here & there while Colton naps & it can make an almost 2 year olds heart break.  I have tried every sling known to man with Colton in the hopes that I could just load him up in it & we could go out whenever B wanted to BUT he hates them all...........every single one of the 5 I have tried he has screamed in so that idea has gone out the window.  I am not sure if he is uncomfortable or if the fact that it is a billizon degrees outside is the cause but whatever the reason he hates them all!!  I will bring his vibrating chair out back with us in the mornings so that he can get some fresh air & B & I can play & that always works out nice until B wants to go play out front & we can't because we just can't be that mobile with Colton yet.

Does anyone have any suggestions for my non/cat napper or did anyone go through this & their little one eventually just slept better??  I am heart broken for B & hate that Colton isn't getting the rest that he seems to need.