Tuesday, February 28, 2012

9 Months Old

So much is going on with this little guy that I don't know where to begin.  He celebrated his 9 month b-day on the 3rd of this month but we have been so busy & sick again that I am just now getting around to posting this.  I swear that they have both been sick on & off since the beginning of the year & I have to admit I am over the boogers, poop, puke & all of the other yucky things that have made my normally happy & smiley boys very moody & at time down right grumpy!  Knock on wood they are both in good health & spirits at the moment & I am hoping that things stay that way. 

Colton currently has 1 bottom tooth that has come through but has the other bottom & both top teeth about to come through as well.  He has been such a trooper while getting them all in but it has made a mess of his nose & tummy.  He has slowed down on his eating; he still eats 3 meals & has his snacks but eats less at each sitting.  He is still eating mainly 2nd foods but I am beginning to transition in some 3rd foods.

He is still in 12-18 month clothes.  He is weighing in at 20.9 lbs (75%) & is 30 inches long (95%).

He is crawling all over the place & trying to pull up on everything.  It is so crazy to see him crawl because B didn't have any interest in it & skipped straight to walking!  Colton doesn't look where he crawling & that has made for a few bumps & bruises on his little head.

He has found his voice & says "dada".  He has also found his temper & gets very upset when we take the TV remote & phones out of his view or hands if he was quicker than we were to get them off the floor.

Since his tooth popped through he has been drooling less but pooping more; I think the other 3 that aren't far behind are really doing something to his poor little belly.  This belly & teething thing has also been effecting is sleep patterns.  He is back once again to waking up at about 3am; I don't go in because he is just rolling around & crying but never really awake.  Poor little guy does this for about an hour & then is back out until around 5 when he wakes again with a treat for me in his diaper.  I hate this so much for him because he is so tired during the day but won't nap any more or any longer than normal.

He had become an awesome napper & I am hoping that we get back to that very, very soon.  He is napping twice a day for about an hour to an hour & a half each time.  He nap while B sleeps & B sleeps while Colton is awake.  I get time with each individually which is awesome!!

He is wearing a size 3 shoe but hates wearing shoes & socks for the matter.  I put them on his feet about 50 times a day since he takes them off about 49 times.

Colton loves his big brother so much & although B doesn't like to share his toys & I think doesn't like the fact that Colton can now get to them by crawling; Brayden is really sweet to him.  Just the other day B walked over to where Colton was playing & knelled down just to give him a hug & a kiss.  My heart melted & I was so proud of B for being so sweet!!

Colton you are such an amazing sweet little boy & you melt my heart with each & every wrinkled nose smile you flash my way.  You & your brother have no idea just how much you are loved & cherished!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Valentine's Day.........

I think like a lot of other women (&men too) out there I am addicted to Pinterest & have been stock piling ideas for just about every occasion that comes up each year & it just so happened that Valentine's Day was the 1st to pop up & I had a great time putting some of the things that I had found to good use.  I found both the idea for the mailboxes on there as well as the 14 days of Valentine's Day.  With 2 kids Lance & I are really having to work at our marriage so every little bit counts & helps us to remember that we are are a married couple & NOT just a mom & dad to the boys...........

I am really enjoying my crafting & think that it is just what I need for my much needed me time; I don't have much of it but when I do I love it.  Here is how it all turned out & I think that Lance loved his & that B loved getting little stuff too!!

I am bummed that I forgot to take a photo on one of the days but this is what it kind of looked like:

Here are the boys that morning enjoying their cards & B his chocolate.

& here are the Valentine's that I made for the boys friends at school!

Colton's are gummy bears & teddy grahams bagged up with these cute little tags.

B's are melted crayon hearts with little "you color my world" tags.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Look.........

What do you think??  
Thank you Danielle it is perfect!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Choo - Choo

We decided that B was ready for the next step as far as beds went; he looked so big in his toddler bed & even though he still had room it was time to get him into a real "big boy bed".  As Lance took apart his crib/toddler bed we realized that his crib went from toddler bed to a full size bed & that was TOO big so we decided to get the choo-choo crazed little guy this bed..................

Let's just say that he loves it & even though he still doesn't want to do to be he falls right to sleep & has only fallen out once.  I was actually awake when it happen & was watching him in his monitor & couldn't help but laugh.  He was startled for a second but climbed right back in & was out in 2 seconds.

He's growing up so fast :(

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Boys LOVE Their Sweets.......

Here is Brayden patiently awaiting his cupcake; his love for sugary yummy goodness is something that has just popped up in the past few months.

His favorite part of the cupcake is the icing so this is how he eats it............ 

He eventually eats the all of the icing & some of the cake & then washes it down with some milk & is a happy camper for the rest of the evening.  I have always enjoyed baking but now that he enjoys the end result too it make me enjoy it even more! 

Colton on the other hand has not had the pleasure of a sweet & yummy cupcake but he does enjoy his Gerber Arrowroot Cookies............he doesn't know what he missing!! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When It's Cold Outside...........

We hit the garage to play; it's not the same as outside but it gets B's energy used up a bit.

Colton was very unsure about the ball but warmed up to them quite nicely.

Brayden shared his ball pit like a big boy........... 

& even gave his baby bro some much needed love & affection! 

Just a little flashback of December 2010 in the garage...........I was 19 weeks pregnant & B was only 16 Months Old!!

The year has flown by so quickly & as much as I am enjoying the boy growing up I feel as though it is all happening so fast!!!