Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daddy & Baby....

Lance found these shoes at Babies r us & he said that Brayden just had to have them because they are just like his.....Brayden will fit them for about a day but Lance's face was so cute when he saw them!! Brayden & daddy will of course be wearing these the day that we come home from the is going to be so cute & I am already about to cry about it so I can't imagine how I will be that day!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brayden's Room So Far....

Lance did a bunch of stuff in Brayden's room last week on his day off but I just uploaded the pictures from the camera so here is the beginning of what his room is going to look far we have painted the walls (the strips are kind of hard to see in the pictures), we have his crib & changing table but are still waiting for his 5 drawer dresser to get here & then we also have his glider in there already to go. I sit in his glider when I get home at night & just think about what it will look like completed & then how much Brayden will love it once he gets to see it. I am very proud of Lance; he has been the one doing most of the design & I think that it is going to be a very nice Georgia Bulldog baby boy room.....

His ohh so comfy glider!!
His crib; we still need the mattress though!!
His changing table; the lamp, football piggy bank & book don't go there but the damn dresser hasn't come in yet so there it sits until we getting the changing table pad!!

27 Weeks Today....

And only 91 days to go; I swear the days seem to be going so slowly but time overall is flying by.....if that even makes sense at all!! I am feeling really good & getting more & more excited as the days go by!!

Your Baby This Week:

It's official--you and your baby are starting your third trimester and are well on your way to delivery day! As growth continues, your baby weighs in at over 2 pounds and because his body is more developed, measurement no longer goes from rump to crown, but from head to toe--about 15 inches! Your baby can suck his thumb now, which is actually a good thing! It helps calm him, while also helping to strengthen jaw muscles and encourage the suckling reflex. Your baby can even cry now, but you won't be able to hear him. Your baby's eyelids are starting to open, and he can actually open and close his eyes while in the womb.

How far along? 27 weeks today
Total weight gain/loss: I have gained 23 lbs
Maternity clothes? I LOVE them & actually need to get more this weekend
Stretch marks? none yet & I am keeping my fingers crossed that none pop up
Sleep: Some nights I have no problems at all but some nights I am only getting about 2-3 hours!!
Best moment this week: going to the lake on Sunday
Movement: all the time....he still manages to catch me off guard sometimes
Food cravings: I have gotten the chocolate craving under control but it is still there
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs: NONE
Belly Button in or out? still in but stretching out to be pretty flat
What I miss: the energy level I used to have
What I am looking forward to: just waking up everyday & feeling him move around makes my whole day!!
Weekly Wisdom: rest, rest, rest....
Milestones: Lance seeing the baby move without me pointing it out to him!

26 Week 6 Day Belly Pictures

These are a day late but here they are.....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wonderful Weekend.....

Mondays are starting to stink more & more now that the weather is getting better; I mean who wants to be in a building working when it is 85 & sunny outside?? Not me that is for sure...actually today I just wanted to be at home sleeping since I think I over did it a bit this weekend.

The long weekend started with Friday night; we had to get everything ready & in the garage for the neighborhood yard sale that was happening Saturday from 8-2 so we were pulling out everything we wanted to sale & then Saturday morning I got up early (5:30am) to get everything priced & ready to be put out. Lance had to work at 8 on Saturday as usual so I sat out with the stuff all day (in the heat) was kind of relaxing, I would just read in between people stopping by the sale. I would say that it was an overall success & we were happy with the money that we made from it. I have everything that didn't sale ready to go to goodwill & Lance is going to drop it off on Wednesday. We had bought tickets to go see the Gwinnett Braves play on Saturday night but Lance didn't get home until around 8 & the game started at 7 so we just went to a late dinner (Japanese yummy, but full of salt!!) & then came home to rest for our big Sunday on the lake.

Sunday is always lake day, it has been for a few years now ever since we bought our first ski boat; if it is not raining we are there...& sometimes if it is raining we are there too!! This past Sunday was the perfect day to be on the lake; it was 85 & there was a nice cool breeze coming off the water. We had such a good time but I paid for it today!! Lance kept telling me that we needed to put the bimini top up on the boat so that I could get out of the sun but I kept saying I was fine & I had put on sun block so there was no need for the top to be up....well I think that I should have been in the shade for at least half of the day because I was whipped today!! I have to realize that I can't be in the sun like I was all the past years, I have to realize that things are body is different, my skin is more sensitive, I may feel fine but I am wearing my self out without even realizing it. When will I learn?? Overall it was an awesome day on the water & we are loving our new boat, we have more room on this boat than we ever did on our ski boat & I would have to say that I think this boat is perfect for our growing family :)

***SIDE NOTE*** Make sure that when you are applying the spray kind of sunscreen that it is actually misting out of the bottle & not streaming! Apparently if there is a small clog on the sprayer it doesn't spread as well!! I have a streak up the back of my right arm that is burnt to holy hell.....if only I would have listened to Lance about putting up the top!!

Friday, April 24, 2009


was such a good day; until I burnt my arm last night pulling the garlic bread out of the stove...what a dumb ass I am. I haven't burnt myself like this in quite a long time!!

The day started with a surprise breakfast for my boss who turned 50; so of course I always plan the parties & luncheons that we do here but now that I am pregnant I really wanted to eat something yummy so I ordered from JR's & all I can say was I skipped lunch yesterday because I was still full from eating breakfast at 7:30. It was so good though; for only $7.50 a person we got scrambled eggs, grit, biscuits, sausage gravy, sausage, bacon, their famous & delicious blueberry muffins & drinks.....holy crap was it awesome! I tried to be good & just make a small plate so I just had a little bit of eggs, 1 piece of bacon & then 1 biscuit with some gravy....well the biscuits are huge & the first was so yummy that I had another one about 30 minutes after I ate the first time. To my defense though I had to go back downstairs to the break room to clean up & put everything away & they were calling my name & who am I to deny them what they wanted?? So then because it was a birthday of course we had cake & I had to have that as well so I id & it was delicious as well. I had eaten all of this by 10:30 in the morning & when 12:30 rolled around all I could eat was my green beans & peas that I brought for lunch.....I figured that I needed to eat something healthy!

I have to admit that breakfast was good going down but I was crap the rest of the day....I couldn't think right & I was so tired for being so full, please all the salt was starting to make me swell worse than I already was so all I wanted to do was go home & be with Lance who had the day off! He was busy all day doing stuff to get ready for our neighborhood yard sale & for my parents visit in May. When I got home at 5 he was in Brayden's room hanging his picture; it looks so good & I am happy to have stuff on the wall finally! We are going to hold off on hanging anymore stuff on the wall until we pick out some curtains & get them up.....for some reason I just think that the curtains will change the way the whole room looks & where things should be hung might vary as well. Lance didn't understand my logic but went with it anyway, plus I wanted him to be done doing stuff around the house so that we could spend some time that is when I was making dinner & burnt the skin right off of my arm. This damn burn is still throbbing & still really hurts; but I do have to say Lance was so cute last night taking care of me & my burn....I have such a wonderful husband & cherish every minute I have with him; I just hope he knows how much I love him!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birthing Plan....

So, I printed out the birthing plan that the bump offers online yesterday & took it home so that Lance & I could look it over & see what exactly we have to tell the doctors & midwives to make sure things happen the way that we are planning. Lance didn't have a chance to look at it since he had another late night at work :( but we will look it over together tomorrow on his day off!! What I know for a fact right now though is that I want Lance to be there with me through the whole birthing process & then my mom & his mom will be there (in the room) as well but I am not sure about them being there for the whole thing...that I am just going to decide when everything is happening; I might care or I might not, I have never done this before so I just don't know how I am going to feel about them in the room with so much going on & I am sure that I will just be trying to focus on Brayden & the labor so too many people might be a distraction. I also know that I want to deliver naturally; no drugs (epidural or IV), no induction medications, I would prefer no episomity & I do want the baby to be in my & Lance's sight at all times so no leaving the room for any reason (my only exception to that might be when Brayden is circumcised; not sure if I want to witness that or not...but again I will see how I feel at the time).

I know that every woman is different & I don't knock anyone for the choices that they have made for themselves....everyone makes the right choices for themselves & their family. I know that everything that I have just said about how we want the day/days of labor to go are all just WANTS & things could change, but they are mine & Lance's wants & desires for the deliver of our child & I think that they should be respected by all doctors, nurses, midwives, family & friends. With that being said, I am shocked at the reactions that people have when I say that I want to go natural.....just because you did it one way does not mean that, that is the only way it can be done & I would appreciate it if everyone would get behind these decisions & support us & not say "ouch, are you crazy" or I really love this one "you are just saying that now but you just wait until the pain starts" you really think that I am sitting here thinking that everything is going to be pain free & feel awesome, that delivering our baby is going to be a walk in the park?? I know that it is painful to deliver a child & I am preparing myself to deal with that pain using different methods, but I also know that with Lance by my side supporting me through the whole delivery that he & I can get through the pain & delivery together, as a couple & as a team. He is my rock to lean on & I know that we can do it!!

Like I said before we also do know & realize that things happen & things could change during delivery but WE, (LANCE & I) will deal with those things when & if they arise the day Brayden decides to join us but until then BACK OFF....Lance & I can make our own decisions about OUR child!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

26 Weeks Today.....98 Days to Go!!

We are still an eggplant this week but we are moving right along & are now 26 weeks along!! My god where has the time gone?? Some days I feel like it was just yesterday when I found out I was pregnant but then there are days like yesterday where it seems like the day is never going to end. Brayden is doing really well; he is moving around like a wild man in my belly & except for the doctors issue with my weight & my placenta issue everything has been awesome. I feel really lucky to have had such an easy pregnancy because I have heard some horror stories & was kind of worried in the beginning! I have decided that I am going to fill out theses blog questions every Tuesday so that I can look back later at them & remember every detail; hopefully I will be able to remember on my own after Brayden gets here but my fear is that pregnancy brain might stick even after he is born.....I mean I used to have the best memory & would never have to make a list for anything, now I have to make a list for my lists!!

How far along? I am 26 weeks today
Total weight gain/loss: I have gained 23 lbs & believe me I will be watch what I eat like a hawk; just like the doctor ordered.
Maternity clothes? Yes & I am needing to go buy more.....I hate to buy so many things that I will never use again but I have to wear clothes; I don't think anyone wants me to come to work in my birthday suite!!
Stretch marks? none yet & I am keeping my fingers crossed that none pop up; plus I am applying a ton of lotion & drinking a ton of water & that is what the doctor says helps the most so we shall see!!
Sleep: What is this sleep thing? I am waking up every morning between 2-3 & can't fall back to sleep to save my life!!
Best moment this week: Walking into Brayden's room & seeing the progress that we have made; he will be here before we know it.
Movement: He moves around so much & I love the feeling so much! Lance gets to feel him move more now too & his face when he does is priceless!!
Food cravings: still chocolate...chocolate...chocolate. But because of my lecture at the doctors office at my last appointment chocolate & I have parted ways!!
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs: NONE
Belly Button in or out? still in but stretching out to be pretty flat
What I miss: my old body; I think this is just because it is lake season & going on the boat in my lovely tankini is not a comfortable feeling for me yet!
What I am looking forward to: holding our beautiful baby boy in my arms for the first time....I am not wishing for it to be now since I am loving how close I feel to Brayden right now but I can't even imagine how it will feel to see & hold him for the first time!
Weekly Wisdom: cherish every moment of is short & precious
Milestones: Lance putting together Brayden's crib & seeing it in the nursery!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I REALLY Hate Mondays Sometimes....

Not all of the time just sometimes; today I hate Monday because I want more time with my hubby. We had such a great day together yesterday & I want more!! Sunday is our day with each other since he works Saturdays & I work Monday thru Friday & I always want the day to NEVER end. We went out & about yesterday morning to get some shopping done; we went to Home Depot & Kohl's. At Home Depot we needed anchors & screws to hand the picture in Braydens room & then we went to Kohl's to look at some shelves that we saw in their ad for Brayden's room as well. We looked at so many different types of shelves & we then we finally made a decision on the ones we wanted & purchased them; so now Lance has some work to do on his day off this week :) While at Kohl's I had a bit of a breakdown.....we were looking at the shelves & Lance & I started bickering back & forth & then before I knew it the tears were flowing. I have never experienced such sensitivity to things like I am experiencing right now; I have to admit that my emotions are getting the best of is just crazy!!

Anyway, after we got home we had to shower & get ready for ours friends little girl's 7th birthday party. It was so cute to see all the kids running around & it just made me start thinking about doing that type of stuff for Brayden in a few years. Then we went to the movies to see "Fast & Furious" & loved it (of course we had to eat all the crappy food at the & then we went home & watch "Yes Man" on pay per the time that movie was over it was 9 & way past my bed time so we went to bed. We had such a good day & so many good laughs that I just didn't want the day to ever end & when it did it made me sad. I know that Lance has a busy week at work this week since one of the other guys is on vacation so I just know going in this week that I probably won't get to talk to him much during the day & most of the time by 8:30-9 (which is when he usually gets home) I am dozing off on the sofa trying to wait for him to get home! I hope he knows just how much I love him & how much he means to me forever & always....

Here is my 25 Week 5 Day Belly pictures that we took belly is growing & growing & growing!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

24 Week Check Up......

Let me start this by saying that Brayden is healthy & his heartbeat was 158 & he even woke up & moved around for the doctor so she said that he is doing great & everything is progressing nicely with on the other hand; I am another story. I have gained 6 lbs. since my last visit; this puts me at a total weight gain of 23 needless to say I got the "you need to watch what you are eating better" lecture from the doctor today & it didn't really make me happy. When I first found out that I was pregnant they told me that I was under weight & I needed to gain weight to make sure that the baby & I were both healthy & I am sure that they didn't mean to eat the way I have been over that last week (we went on vacation & my sweet tooth has really kicked in) but I don't think that I have been doing that bad. The picture in this blog is me today....23 lbs heavier than I was 25 weeks & 3 days ago! Which by the way I am 25 weeks & not 24 weeks so if I was to only gain 1 lb. per week & it has been 5 weeks & not 4 I am only 1 lb over what I should have gained this last month right?? But I guess even that logic doesn't mask the fact that I have gained 23 TOTAL lbs & she said I should have only gained a total of 15 lbs all together.....THIS SUCKS!! I was looking forward to going to the doctor today & don't get me wrong; I loved hearing Brayden's strong heartbeat & is doing well & he is healthy but to hear that I need to watch my food intake & weight is kind of depressing & it's not like I wasn't already having a really emotional day!! Veggies here I out!!

Doctor's Appt. Today....

Today I have my 24 week check up but I am actually 25 weeks; from having to go to my regular doctor & also the specialist I guess we got a week off somehow & we will have to fix that today!! I know that it will be business as usual but I am so excited to hear Brayden's heartbeat; it amazes me every time that I hear it. I am hoping that there will not be a comment about my weight like there was at my last visit but I guess I will just have to listen to it if there is. I don't feel that I have really put on that much weight; well until this last legs & feet are swelling & feel like they each weigh 100 lbs each (note to self - REMEMBER to talk to doctor about this)! I am so forgetful these days & it is really killing me; I have always been the one that remembers everything & now I forget what I need walking from one room to the next & it is driving me crazy!

On a side note I am again having one of my "everything makes me cry days" & I just can't shake it today. I just feel so emotional & it is not even that I really mind it so much but crying at work is just so inappropriate & I hate people seeing me do it. I know, I know I am pregnant & it is normal but it is not normal for me!! I will just have to think of our little lovebug growing in my belly, which makes me smile & then I can also think of his room that is coming along so nicely & smile again. My wonderful husband was off work yesterday & spent the whole day doing things around the house....this included putting together Brayden's crib & glider & when I got home & could actually sit in his room & look at it all I got a bit emotionally overwhelmed (SHOCKING...really)!! His room is starting to look like a nursery & I love we just need his final piece of furniture, the bedding, to finish buying everything for the walls & then once everything get here we need to hang everything on the much to do in 15 weeks!!

WOW....only 15 more weeks until we meet him!! **here come the tears again**

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So In Love With My Hubby, Our Pups & Brayden....

Last night was no different than any other really; I got home from work, fed the dogs, changed clothes, poop scooped the back yard, came in & started to make my dinner, played with the pups & then sat down to relax & wait for Lance to get home....when he got home he wasn't in the best mood but whatever we all have those days right? So Lance got home & was telling me about everything that was stressing him & I listened & tried to make some sense out of it all & talk to him about it so that we could get things figured out & as we were talking & sitting on the sofa our bulldog, Georgia (Go DAWGS!!) crawled over to me & laid her head right on my belly.....when she did Brayden started to kick & she just looked at me like she knew he was in there & it was the sweetest thing. When Lance asked what I was smiling about I told him & his face lit up like a light bulb....he asked if Brayden was still moving & kicking about 5 minutes later & I said he was & just about then Georgia had had enough & went to lay with her daddy (her favorite place to be).....soooo I told Lance to look over at my belly & when he did I swear I think his eyes about popped out of his head.....the blanket that I was covered up with was moving & he was amazed that his son was doing that much moving already!! We both just watched my belly for a while & looked at each other in aww & was such an overwhelming blissful moment & I am so happy that I got to share with the love of my life!! I sometimes forget that the small stuff that happens is most of the time the best stuff!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

25 Weeks Today

How far along? I am 25 weeks today
Total weight gain/loss: I have gained 16 lbs
Maternity clothes? I had to give in about 2 weeks ago & bought some pants from Kohl's & I have to say I LOVE them.....what was I waiting for?
Stretch marks? none yet & I am keeping my fingers crossed that none pop up; plus I am applying a ton of lotion & drinking a ton of water & that is what the doctor says helps the most so we shall see!!
Sleep: I have no problem falling asleep it is the staying asleep part that is hard...I am up every morning about 3 so I have started to do my workout video in the morning before getting ready for work
Best moment this week: going on our babymoon over Easter weekend & then going out on our boat on Easter day.....we had some much needed alone time!!
Movement: he is a very active little boy & I love feeling him but get really nervous when I don't feel him now!
Food cravings: chocolate...chocolate...chocolate. I have to get my sugar craving under control before I blow up like a balloon
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs: NONE
Belly Button in or out? still in but stretching out to be pretty flat
What I miss: this past week was the first time that I missed my favorite wine....Ravenswood Red Zinfandel
What I am looking forward to: I have a doctors appt. this Friday & am excited to hear Brayden's heartbeat!!
Weekly Wisdom: don't wish away the time that you have with your baby now; once they are here time will fly by & they will be grown before you know it!!
Milestones: Lance feeling the baby move; his face just lights up every time!!

I guess I would have to say that at 25 weeks I am finally showing & excited that we have started on the nursery. we had it painted last week while we were out of town & it looks awesome; there are a few of the lines that need to be touched up but once they come out & do that we will be able to put the crib together & get everything else set up. Lance's sister is throwing my 1st shower on May 9th & I am happy to say that my mom & both of my sisters will be able to be here for it so needless to say I am feeling very blessed & excited about just about everything. I will say that I am having one of my "emotional" days but I am even getting used to this. I have loved everyday of my pregnancy & hope that it continues to go as smoothly as it has so far!!

Babymoon Photos

These are some of the pictures from our babymoon; the dogs had never been to the ocean before so it was fun to watch them play in the water. Lance & I went to dinner at this wonderful place called JC's Tavern & a tradition started a long time ago with the fisherman stapling money on the wall with their names on it for their tabs before they went out to fish & it stuck so now they let people sign their dollar bills & put them on the of course we left our mark on the wall & little does he know but Brayden left his mark there too!! It was so nice to get away & have Lance all to myself for a long weekend; I couldn't have asked for a better Easter weekend.

24 Week 5 Day Belly Picture

I look horrible in these pictures but oh well....these were taken Sunday evening after a day on the lake & we had just gotten back Saturday night from our babymoon to South Carolina so I was exhausted to say the least! We had such a wonderful time at the beach the thankfully the weather was beautiful. I can't say that I was completely comfortable in my bathing suit but got over it but day 3!! Lance, the pups & I had such an awesome & relaxing time; we laid out, went to dinner, took long walks & just spent quality time together.....IT WAS PERFECT!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

24 Weeks Today; Last Week of Being A Papaya....

Today is my "V Day" & I couldn't be happier; I know that our little lovebug is safe in there but just knowing that if (God Forbid) something did happen Brayden would be alright. I am having all these thoughts about what he is going to look like & if he will have my nose or Lance's...will he be tall like his momma (5 10.5) or not so tall like his pops (5 7).....will he have my hair & skin tone or will he get Lance's (keeping my fingers crossed for Lance's). I get so excited & nervous all at the same time it is the greatest feeling ever.

Then there are those times when I feel like a horrible mother already; I know that I am going to gain weight & I know that the stress on my veins & body will cause things like spider veins & stretch marks but is it bad that I look over my legs, belly, boobs....basically my whole body every morning & night to see if I have more spider veins or if I have any stretch marks yet & when I see that I do have more spider veins (no stretch marks yet, but I am sure that they are coming) I get upset & yesterday even cried? Everything that my body is going through is worth it because of the gift that we will receive when it is all said & done but I mean really my legs aren't going to need a tan this summer they are going to be reddish purple from all the damn spider veins that are popping up. I cried last night because we are heading to the beach for a babymoon Wednesday of this week & finding a bathing suit was hard enough but knowing that people are now going to see me in it upset me to the point of tears. I should not feel this way I know but I do & I can't make the feelings go away......maybe once I actually get some sun on my really pale pregnant body it won't be so bad...RIGHT??

Although I am dreading the first time I am seen in my bathing suit; I am very excited about getting away for an extended weekend. We are leaving on Wednesday for SC & just can't wait to leave all of our stresses in GA. While we are gone Brayden's room, the hallway, & our spare bathroom are going to get painted so it will be nice to return to all of that being completed!! I want all the rooms to be done but mainly Brayden's room; this way when we get back Lance can put together his crib & glider that are both still in the boxes. It is all coming together & I couldn't be more ecstatic about everything.

Monday, April 6, 2009

23 Week 5 Days Belly Picture

So our little lovebug Brayden is getting bigger & bigger & showing himself more & more everyday!! I am so excited that my precious little angel is starting to show himself more & is so exciting!!

We had a great weekend; yesterday we went to lunch with all of Lance's family to celebrate Max & Morgan's birthdays & then we went back to mom's for presents & was so awesome so see everyone; I love family!! Cindy is throwing my shower on May 9th & I think that my family is going to be able to make it down for it so that is AWESOME.....I know that my mom feels like she is missing everything & I would love for her to be here for the shower, plus Lance needs dads help with a few projects in the house. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that the dates work out for mom & dad!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hard & Emotional Times...

So I woke up yesterday feeling horrible & swollen & was hoping that today i would feel better but even with working out this morning I am still not feeling 100%. I think that I am still recovering from my salt overload but I am having a few emotional issues that are dragging me down too. Lance is having such a stressful time at work these days & it is really effecting me as well. I know that work can be consuming but our son is growing inside my belly more & more each day & someday I just don't want to hear all the negative crap about that damn place. I work too & have bad days too but the joy of Brayden gets me through with a smile on my face no matter what. I keep telling Lance that I need him to be more attentive & loving towards me & the baby but I keep repeating myself for what seems like no good is not happening! I know that he loves Brayden & me very much & I know that he handles things differently than I do (we all handle stress differently) but all I am asking for is for him to put his feelings aside for a bit & be understanding of the fact that I AM PREGNANT & CAN"T CONTROL MY FEELINGS & EMOTIONS so please be there for me!!

Needed to get that off my chest & hope that doing this helps these feelings go away so that I am not a tearful mess like I was yesterday! I don't want to be seen as "that" pregnant woman :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No More Mexican For Me.....

Mexican has been the food that I crave all day everyday so last night Lance & I decide to made homemade steak & chick fajitas & they were so unbelievably good. I am getting chills just thinking about them...YUMMY! Of course Lance stopped & got me the yummy white cheese dip & chips from the Mexican restaurant up the street to so I had that as well as the fajitas; well this morning I woke up feeling HORRIBLE!! I think that my salt intake was way to much & I have felt crappy & swollen all damn day. I am hoping that i feel better tomorrow; keep your finger crossed!!