Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween ;

Hope everyone has a fun & safe night Trick or Treating.......I know we will!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

where are you????

Can you see B in this picture??  I know that you can pretty easily but he is still buried under all of the stuffed animals asleep.  He has started to put all of the stuffed animals that are in his room on the floor (well almost all of them) in his bed with him at night & then proceed to fall asleep with them all; I of course go in & take them out & cover him up but geez kiddo how many "friends" do you need in there spending the night??

& then there's baby C snoozing; so precious & peaceful.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Potty Training

It's going better than I thought it would when we first started & although B is still not using it very often he sits there every 2 hours & is using it more & more as the days go by.  He actually likes to sit down & pee out of the potty if you must know.  Even though it is quite annoying to watch him pull his pee pee out of the potty on purpose & do this I guess we are just one step closer to him doing it in the potty............RIGHT??

Monday, October 24, 2011

Corn Dawgs

We took the boys to Corn Dawgs & it was a completely different experience than it was last year for sure.  B was old enough to play things & boy did was colder & very windy this year so we couldn't stay as long nor walk around & see everything like last year so I was a bit bummed but B & C had a blast & that is all that matters right??

He is a bit obsessed with rock..........not sure why

This is where we spent the majority of our time

& Colton watched his big brother very intently; he also borrowed his hat until I got back from the car with his......

Cute right??

Brayden realized that the jumping tube had sand all around it & quickly got off to inspect it for a while

Once he was tired of jumping we just let him lead up to the next destination

& of course he went to the car...... "nud, nuds" are one of his favorite things to play in & he loves to pretend to drive them too

We ended the day in the zip line swing & it was laughs & belly giggles the whole time.

It was such a fun day & I can't wait to go again next year; Colton will be old enough to enjoy it too & it will be neat to see both my boys running around & playing.

Here's the family last year.......

Kickball w/Daddy

I am so happy that B loves to play outside & I know that his daddy is too; these are from a few weeks ago but are so adorable.  B learned to play kickball with the neighborhood kids & daddy got to play too which was a treat itself!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Weather & Pumpkins

The weather has been colder (in the mornings & evenings at least) so it was time to break out the winters hats for Colton...........I think he looks just adorable in a hat.

I picked up some small pumpkins at the store & really didn't think that B would care much about them but he was so excited to see them & thought they were so neat because they we his size.

He picked out the ones that he wanted to have for himself, 

& then picked again............

& then picked again..........

& then really thought about it again before he finally picked which ones were just right for him.

& then he carried them around with him for the whole night.  I had to pry them away from him before bed that night & he quickly look for them the next morning........I love that something so simple can bring so much joy & so many smiles to his little face.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fake Smiles

A few months ago B started hating when he would see the camera come out; he would look at me nor would he smile for me.  I wasn't sure it if it was just because I had been taking so many pictures or if he was just being a typical 2 year old BUT thankfully he has come around to liking his picture being taken again.  

When I say smile though this is what I get..........

I guess beggers can't be choosers right??