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Coltons Newborn Photos




All photos were taken by CK Photography 

Colton's Birth Story

It all started Friday April 29th; I went to my normal doctor's appointment & was expecting to hear that I had not progressed at all & there was no  way they could strip my membranes to try to get things moving BUT that was not the case!  They checked me & I was 2cm; this news made me so happy & got my hopes up that I would be meeting our little guy over the weekend but just in case I had another appointment the following Monday & I was told that if I made it to that appointment then they could strip them again & we could go from there.  I was 39 weeks exactly that Friday & was beyond ready to meet Colton Lee so I walked & walked & walked the whole weekend.  I walked our neighborhood in the heat & when that got to be too hot I made everyone go to the mall that Sunday & walk with me.........I mean misery loves company & I was miserable because nothing seemed to be happening no matter what I did; I ate the pineapple, ate the eggplant, ate the yummy spicy food, tried nipple stimulation & nothing (well I was slowly loosing my mucous plug but nothing other than that).  Needless to say I got up Monday & went to my appointment.

When I got there I again expected to hear that I was still a 2 & nothing was going on but I was actually a 3 so that was something & I was happy with that & just figured that Colton needed more time in there.  They did strip my membranes again but I really just figured that I would go home & see them again that Friday at my 40 week appointment.  I called Lance with the news & met him for lunch where I told him I didn't want to talk about his impending arrival anymore & just wanted to let it all happen when it was supposed too.  I went home & started to clean the house when it all started.  I started to cramp up a bit & just thought that it was from the doctor stripping my membranes & not actually contractions starting.  With Brayden I only experienced contractions with pitocin since I was induced so I didn't know how they felt just starting out.

I kept cleaning & my MIL called around 1:30 & offered to pick Brayden up from school later that afternoon.  I sat down at around 3 because the cramping was getting worse & I decided that I would time my "cramps" just in case they were contractions.  I decided at that point not to tell anyone what was happening because I thought that with some rest they would stop & there was no reason to get anyone worked up & excited for nothing; at this point they were very irregular but they continued to come about every 7-10 minutes.

My MIL arrived at the house with Brayden around 4 & I think that she could tell that something was going on with me but she never asked me; I finally had to tell her what was going on around 5 because they we getting stronger & coming about every 5-7 minutes.  I still thought that they were going to stop so we decided not to call Lance just yet.  We ordered Chinese food for dinner & continued to time them.  I finally called Lance to tell him what was going on at about 7:15 & told him that I was going to call the advise nurse to see if it was time to go to the hospital or if I needed to stay home & see what happened.  While on the phone with the nurse I had two contractions within 9 minutes & they were painful enough to get me down on my knees so she said that she would call the midwife on call & see what she wanted me to do.  I was so happy when she called back & told me that my favorite midwife was on call & she wanted me there ASAP!!

I text Lance at 8:02pm to let him know that it was time to head to the hospital & he headed home to get me & we were off about an hour later.  I was so thankful that my MIL was there to care for B & to get him down for the night because I had to pack my bag still..........I really thought that I was going to have to be induced so I never packed it.  I pulled the suitcase down from the attic but it just sat in our bedroom waiting for stuff to be put in it; I wish I would have packed it sooner because at this point I couldn't think of what I needed to put in there & Lance was no help when he got home because he thought that I was going to give birth right then & there & was kind of in a panic.

We got to the hospital in no time at all (around 9:30pm); I filled out a few forms while having contractions & then waddled my way back to the triage room to get checked.  I was a "good 5" at that point & was immediately taken to a room where they started my IV & ordered my epidural.  My contractions were 5 minutes apart & coming on strong & they were thinking that this was going to happen pretty fast so I got prepared for it all in my head & tried not to get to nervous.  The feel good doctor arrived to give me my epidural & once I had that my contractions slowed to every 8 minutes but I kept progressing so they weren't to worried about it at that point.

My MIL & SIL arrived at the hospital (my FIL was at our house for the evening while Brayden slept) before I got my epidural so we were cutting up & having a good time while we waited but then things started to get a bit worry some with Colton; his heart rate was dropping drastically with each contraction & they were concerned that he wasn't going to be able to handle the stress of the labor.  They started me on piticon to get my contractions regulated & to hopefully speed things along & that is when I figured out that my epidural wasn't working 100%.  I told them that I could feel my toes & with B I felt nothing at all but they said that they wanted me to be able to feel the pressure so I was good & they didn't want to up the epidural due to the fact that Colton's heart rate issue so I felt some pain but it wasn't too bad YET.

They put the oxygen mask on me to try to help Colton & his ever dropping heart rate but even with that it dropped with each & every contraction.  They monitored Colton & I very closely & told us that they were going to call & have the NICU team on standby just in case.  I got very nervous at this point & did nothing but stare at the monitor for the rest of the time I was in labor.  All of the thoughts that were running through my head were awful & I was so afraid that something was going to happen to Colton; thankfully I progressed pretty quickly with the piticon & was able to start pushing around 1am.  Pushing him out was VERY painful & nothing like my labor with Brayden; with Brayden I only felt a tad bit of pressure but with Colton I felt everything & almost couldn't bare the pain.  Thank God I didn't have to push for very long & he was born at 1:27am on May 3rd (Lance is thrilled about it being the 3rd because that is Brayden day too......August 3rd; making them exactly 21 months apart) & the reason that his heart rate seemed to be dropping & the reason it hurt so bad as he came down the birth canal & out was because he was sunny side up........OUCH!!!!  Even with him being upside down I did not tear & did not need stitches so that was a plus.

They placed our beautiful little boy on my chest, all the pain I just went through quickly disappeared & just like with B I counted his fingers & toes & then just stared at his little face.  He was & is perfect in every way.  I couldn't believe that he was here & I was holding him; Lance cut the cord & after a few minutes the swooped him away to weigh him & wipe him down.  They got him wiped down & wrapped up but they couldn't bring him back over to me because my midwife was still trying to get my placenta to come out.  It took forever for her to get it out & it felt like I gave birth all over again once it finally came out; once it was out they decided to send it off for testing because it looked really weird.  Every doctor & nurse that looked at it seemed puzzled & one nurse even said that she was surprised that I didn't have issues through out my pregnancy & even went so far as to say she was surprised that the baby didn't have issues getting nutrition because of the way it looked & also because the umbilical cord placement & the was it was inserted into the placenta was "weird".  I just counted my blessings & told Lance to bring the baby back over to me so that I could love all over him!!

I held him for about 30 minutes & then it was time for him to go to the nursery for his bath, length measurement & routine monitoring & Lance followed them & stayed with him the whole time.  My MIL & SIL left to come back to our house so that they could rest for a while before they came back up later that morning & I just sat there waiting for them to bring Colton back to me.  While I was waiting for Colton & Lance to return they removed my epidural & brought me a sandwich to eat.......both of things happening would come back to bite me in the ass about 10 minutes later!!

My midwife came back in to check me & make sure that everything was going well since my placenta gave her such an issue but she found that it wasn't.  I was bleeding pretty badly & every time she would push on my stomach very large clots of blood would gush out of me & she became very concerned.  This continued to happen & she continued to have to check me for a very long & painful 45 minutes to an hour; she kept saying she wished I still had my epidural & I did too.  They thought that because my placenta was stuck & funky shaped that there might have been a piece that didn't come out with the rest of it & that was causing this issue so they waited for Lance & the baby to get back to my room & then told us that I had to have surgery to remove the piece; I had to have a DNC.

This fact did not bode well with us at all & we even though it is an easy procedure it had been a very long & emotional night & we were caught off guard by the fact that so soon after giving birth I had to go through another procedure & be put under.  Lance called & asked his dad to come to the hospital & sit with him & the baby while I had the procedure done; Lance can handle a lot of things but when it comes to our family he gets really stressed & worried when something goes wrong & it was just amazing that his dad was right there when we needed him!  The anaesthesiologist was also unthrilled & very upset about this procedure since my epidural had already been removed but more because I had eaten & everyone knows that is a no-no before having to be put under.  He was actually a really big jerk about the whole thing & made me cry with his harsh attitude; this is turn caused Lance to get really upset & almost hit the guy.  We actually filed a formal complaint before leaving the hospital & hope that they reprimanded him for him lack of bedside manners & for overall being an asshole!!  The procedure didn't take long at all & I was out so I didn't feel anything at all & when I came too I was really out of it but just wanted to finally get to a room & hold & snuggle my little boy!

We finally got taken to our room & I finally was able to hold Colton for longer than a few minutes; he was so peaceful, adorable & I loved him so much already.  He looks so much like his big brother.........he has more hair & it is darker but he & Brayden have so many features about them that are almost identical.  Thankfully we didn't have to stay in the hospital any longer because of the DNC & we were home by 1pm on May 5th.  My parents were here from NM for a few weeks & they sadly left this past Sunday so this past week we have been getting settled in all on our own; the boys (that sounds so funny to say) are both doing well & I am hanging in there too!

We had our 1st doctors appointment Friday, May 6th & Colton had lost more weight (at birth he weighed 7lbs 15 ounces, when we left the hospital he weighted 7lbs 11 ounces & then at his appointment he weighed 7lbs 8 ounces) so they got a little concerned & we had to go back on Monday, May 9th for another weight check.  He was back up to 7lbs 13 ounces so we were good to go.  We just went back this past Wednesday for his 3 weeks check up & he now weighs 9lbs 5 ounces & grew an inch so is now 22 inches long; looks like he is going to be long & lean like his big brother & hopefully like his momma will be soon.  I have 13 more pounds to lose & am at the stage where maternity clothes of course don't fit but my normal clothes are too tight & I HATE IT!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday..........

I promise we are alive & I will be blogging again very soon...........when someone is sleeping in the room with your computer it is hard to get things done when you want too!  Like when you are awake feeding your newborn at 2am & can't fall back to sleep when he does.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011