Saturday, January 30, 2010

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6 Month Check Up

Brayden had his 6 month check up yesterday; it was a few day early so I will not have his 6 month pictures until February 3 but here are his stats!!

Weight - 17.5 lbs - 56th percentile
Height - 29 inches - 99th percentile
Head - I forget the # but he is in the 64th percentile

The doctor said that he is doing wonderful & we should be very proud! We were a bit concerned because of his cough & runny nose but he just has a cold so he said we shouldn't worry.......but then he said to keep an eye out for ear infections & RSV both of which can develop from a cold.

We also talked to the doctor about other veggie options & we were shocked by his answers.....he said that he can have anything except for nuts, eggs & dairy. I said anything else & he said yeah even meat; he said that since I am making everything myself that I can puree whatever I want to.........UMMMM not ready for the meat just yet buddy but we will get there soon enough. He did tell me to also start leaving his foods a bit "lumpy" so that he can get used to different consistencies & teeth or no teeth he can start snacking on things like cheerios in another month! Really my little boy can eat all that...are you sure doc?? I am just going to play it all by ear & see how comfortable I feel with the food options as they come!

Brayden got all of his 6 month shots & he did so much better this time than he has the past 2 times; he only cried for about 10 seconds & then he was good to go & happy as can be. Lance says that our little boy is growing up & is going to be a tough guy :) Lance was so proud of Brayden so on the way out of the doctors office he grab him a sticker.

B always has a rough night for some reason after his shots; I am not sure if it is his legs being sore or what but needless to say mommy is tired today BUT so happy that our little boy is doing so well!! Here are some random photos from the past few days.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Sippy Cup!!

We are giving it to him at every meal to get him used to it; he won't hold it & just kind of bites at it so far but today was better than yesterday & I am sure that tomorrow will be better than that!! I mean the boy has to be thirsty after eating all regular food & formula can't be enough liquid for him; especially since when he was on formula only he was constipated all of the time. Every time I make it & set it on his highchair tray I look at my little man & wonder.......where did my little baby boy go??

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Voted the 7th City for Depressing News!

While driving into work this morning I heard this little tid bit of information & just thought it was too funny not to share. Atlanta was voted to be the 7th city to have the most depressing news. Why you might ask; is it our crime, traffic accidents, corruption, deaths........NOPE it is because of how the weather & travel conditions are reported!! HUH, REALLY??

Overview: Everyone freaks out about an anticipated snow dusting. The news team covers the story from every angle, real or imagined. Everything else -- combined -- is secondary.

Weather: One news team is panicking, but they don't want viewers to panic. Here's a sampling: "Be aware"; "There may be a dusting to a few inches of snow"; "Not wet [snow], likely it'll blow around. It won't stick, just kind of to the side of the road maybe. Just the kind I like"; "Look at these beautiful grains of snow."

One anchor comments amid all the snow hoopla, "I know the Northerners are making fun of us. We're just Southern pansies."

Wow, if this is all we have to be depressed about in Atlanta we are doing much better that some I guess!!

Have You Ever.....

had one of those days that feels like perfection; I don't think I ever have until yesterday!! I don't know what it was about yesterday but everything was amazingly perfect with Brayden, Lance & I; it was the kind of day that reassured me that I am a good wife to my husband & mother to our beautiful little boy & I can only thank god for knowing that I needed that feeling & reassurance just then & there!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our New Living Room!!

Lance has been wanting a new sofa for a while now & I kept telling him that the one we had was still in great shape & it made no sense to go out & spend the money on a new one......I mean the one we had was only 3 years old & sofas last a lot longer than that right?? Yeah, the sofa was a big sectional & the spots that Lance & I sat in all the time on the sofa needed to be re stuffed but I was perfectly content with the way it fit in our living room.........

Lance kept bringing up the sofa so about 2 weeks ago he convinced me to at least go to the American Signature Furniture near the our house to "just look".......needless to say our new sofa

& my new beautiful blue chair were delivered this past Saturday!!
& I love the way they make our living room look. We have so much room & space in there now. American Signature got everything set up & then they gave me a $50 off coupon (you have to spend $100) so Brayden, my MIL & I went there too look for a little table to go beside the chair & found this one. I LOVE it!!I & doesn't it look great beside my beautiful chair??

American Signature is right near the TJ Maxx Home Goods store & my MIL & I never pass up a chance to go in & see what they have plus I had to find a small pillow to put in the blue chair. We found a pillow that would fit it perfectly & also found this chair......

& not only does it fit perfectly beside the TV BUT it was discounted from $325 to $120 so who could pass up a deal like that?? It is more decretive than anything but it can be pulled over to the sofa for extra seating anytime we need it!!

The pillow in the decretive chair came from Pier 1 Imports & I know that it is fru fru but I LOVE it!! While at Pier 1 we also found these little votive candle holder that we put behind the sofa. We originally had this shelf because we didn't have coffee or end tables with our other sofa so we would put the remotes & stuff behind us.

All in all I think that the room looks great & is very comfortable; it works for us & for Brayden. Brayden has plenty of room to move around in & eventually crawl & walk too. The space if baby friendly because there aren't really hard corners or surfaces & the few that we do have can be baby proofed pretty easily. We did sell our old sofa on Craig's List so we did get some of our money back which was a huge plus too. I think I am just trying to make myself feel better about giving in to this purchase (& the many others that followed) but it turned out better than I expected & even our little man approved so I guess we made the right choice!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Colts Made It To The SUPERBOWL......

& my hubby couldn't be happier. Lance was worried in the beginning of the game yesterday but they came back like they always do & they beat the Jets to make it into Superbowl XLIV; I am a Giants fan but will cheer for hubby's team since my Manning didn't make it & his did!! We had such a good time watching the game as a family & even Brayden cheered on daddy's team!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Holy Blow Out Brayden....

He blew out 3 diapers this past weekend & I think that it happened because he is teething.......he has his 6 month check up & shots appointment this Friday (holy cow where did the time go) so I guess we shall see. I swear he went from no poops to poops that go up, down, & out of his diapers.......I cracked up each time it happened & the last time it happened I laughing said to Brayden (like he understood me) "mommy asked for you to be able to potty with ease but this is a bit much don't you think buddy?". He just looked up at me from his changing table laughed & kicked his legs.......I am pretty sure that he felt much better after he got all of that out :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Is This Day Over Yet??

Little Brayden had a horrible nights sleep; he was whining & fussing last night from 1am on. We finally picked him up at 3:30am changed him & gave him a juice bottle (well a water bottle with a splash of juice for flavor) & he finally feel back to sleep around 6am which is right after he took a huge poop! Why does going potty have to make my sons poor belly twist & turn to the point that we all have sleepless nights? Why can't my poor little man just eat, pee, poop, & sleep like other kids do?? I could care less about the fact that I am tired but it really breaks my heart that there seems to be nothing that I can do for him sometimes. I feel so bad for him when this happens & just pray that as he grows he will eventually grow out of it! For now all I can do is give him the prunes everyday & pray that they will keep him regular!!

My head is going to plop down on my desk today........I just know it. I am looking forward to the weekend though; Lance's parents are going to come over & watch Brayden so Lance & I can have go on a date tomorrow night!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Randomness & Prunes

Brayden tried prunes for the first time last night & although they were very messy & he got them all over himself he really seemed to like them & I liked the fact that he liked them because today he FINALLY worked out his 5 times!!! Woo Hoo!! Now I am praying that he gets a good nights sleep & so do I.

Here are some other random photos of our little man.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We tried bananas last night for the first time & he loved them. I think the flavor has been the best for him so far & every once & a while he would take a spoonful & get a little body shiver of was so cute! We tried to get a picture of it but no luck.

He is eating so well but unfortunately I think the peas clogged up his belly this past weekend. He has been struggling to potty for the past few days which has been causing sleepless nights for both Brayden & mommy.......HOWEVER as I am sitting here typing he is still asleep so maybe the bananas did he trick & are helping with digestion like they are supposed too!!