Thursday, November 24, 2011

; Happy Thanksgiving ;

From our family to you & yours.............Happy Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

So Excited.........

We already have almost all of our Christmas decorations up this year & we actually did a tree upstairs & a new one downstairs...........I can't wait to put all the finishing touches on the house this week & share it with y'all.

The "Fun Bus"

Last weekend our next door neighbors celebrated their daughters 3rd birthday & Brayden was invited to enjoy a fun filled afternoon with her on the Fun Bus...........too bad he was afraid to get on the darn thing :(

All he would so is stand next to it & point at it......... 

thankfully they had their trampoline out & also some golf clubs cause we all know B loves golf!!

They also had a little slide out & B enjoyed that too while all the other little people were on the bus having a blast. 

BUT then it happened; they opened the back of the bus & attached a slide & suddenly B had no fear & on the bus he went. 

He saw what everyone else had seen for the last hour & had a blast for about 5 minutes........ 

I hate that he missed out on 95% of the fun & only got to play for a few minutes but I bet the next time he sees a big green bus he'll jump right on it to play!! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Speech Therapy & the Word "NO"

In case anyone still reads my blog I thought I would explain why my posts have become short, sweet, boring & loaded with photos............I am slowly but shirley getting caught up on the happenings in the Goodson household but it is taking some time due to the fact that we have started speech therapy with B & it is quite a change for him & us 24/7.  We have been going to his therapist for 5 weeks now, we go twice a week & each session is 30 minutes long but that is only the beginning of what we have been doing.  In each session we work on & I learn new ways to challenge & try to initiate B into talking & I have to do these things day in & out & honestly it has not been easy.  I (Lance too when he is home but with work he's not here all that often when the boys are awake) have been having to change most of B's daily doings with a quickness.  I have had to tell our 2 year old boy that after doing said thing for 2 whole years that he can no longer do it & that he now needs to do it this way & B isn't liking the huge overhaul at all.  I can understand where he is coming from since things that he has done for the last 24 months of his life are now changing in an instant; BUT things have to change for his sake & one day he will realize that I hope!!  The main things that we are working on & learning how to focus, wait, listen to direction & not scream bloody murder when he doesn't get his way..........not too hard right??

In a nutshell we made life easy for B so he never had a need to talk so he just didn't & now that we have started learning the error of our ways & he is hearing "no" a lot more, getting put in the timeout stool & has to at least try to say a word before getting what is is asking for.  I know I should be thankful that the only "issue" he has is the fact the he is hard headed & stubborn (& I really am.......REALLY) since we thought that maybe is the reason he wasn't talking was because he was autistic or something like that BUT this is the hardest thing I have had to do as a mother & most days I feel like a failure.

I feel like this is all my fault & I created this problem & now B is the one suffering for it.  I spoiled him so it is my fault is my basic feeling each & everyday that he looks at me crying & trying to understand why everything has suddenly changed.  I have been told that most children are spoiled but it has no effect or doesn't delay their daily learning BUT B is different he thinks about things in a different way & processes things to his advantage so free play has now become structured & Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street & the Movers have become a thing of the past for the most part.  Structure, Structure, Structure is the way of the Goodson household these days & although it is very hard for B to adjust I see so many positive changes in him & he is starting to talk more too.

My life & every one & thing in it is a blessing.  I hate to admit it but some days I forget that & have to remind myself just how lucky I am to have such an amazingly awesome family.  On the nights (after a very LONG day) when I am feeling defeated & guilty for what I feel is my fault I have started to stare at their monitors & look at their sweet little faces dreaming away & realize I am lucky & we are blessed & this too shall pass & soon enough B will be talking so much that I (& hopefully he) won't even remember just how hard this part of his life was!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Family Photos

Now I have to pick out 1 or more pictures for our Christmas's going to be hard this year!!!

6 Months Old ;

I'll start with Colton's stats; he had his 6 month check up on the 9th & I have to say he did very well throughout the whole appointment (unlike his brother who was there to only get his flu shot & was a complete disaster the WHOLE time).  Colton got 4 shots plus his oral vaccination. He weighed in at 19.4 lbs. (75%), height 28 (95%), & head measured at 17.5 (75%) so my assumption was right.............he's a big boy!!

He is solely in 12 month clothing & wears a size 2 shoe.  He is sitting up & rolls to get where he wants to go.  He was sticking his booty in the air like he was going to try to start crawling but now that he has figured out that he can just roll there the crawling attempts seemed to have stopped.  He is eating 3 meals a day & LOVES food; he will not miss a meal & if I am late getting it to him he lets me know that he is very upset by that fact.

He was sleeping like a champ until the time change & now is up at the crack of dawn but still sleeping through the night so hopefully with time he will get back on track (I am actually praying that both boys readjust this week).  Colton seems to have teething symptoms but there are no signs of a tooth so I am not sure; B never had swollen gums or anything either but there would be 4 teeth in his mouth in a week so I guess only time will tell.

Colton is a happy & loving little boy that laughs & coyly smiles at everyone.  He is such an amazingly happy little guy & other than the early mornings we have been having is PERFECT!!!  We are blessed with joy, laughter, tears, crying, smiles, & love by both our boys & are just in heaven watching them grow & change.

The boys are starting to get closer because B is coming around to loving his brother & no longer ignores him 24/7!!  He really loves him, gives him kisses & hugs daily, tries to feed him his bottle & even tries to pick him up off the floor so that he can play too!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day Light Saving Week from Hell

My boys were both on the best schedule & I was beginning to feel like we were all getting into the perfect routine since Colton's birth & then it happened...........time changed & my boys took it seriously.  We kept them up in the hopes that they wouldn't be too effected by it & get up at 6 & 6:30am instead of their regular 7 & 7:30am times.  NOPE........they decided to get up at 4:30 & 5am & have been on that schedule (or very close to it) for the past week & I am at my wits end on what to do to get things back to normal.

I am struggling to keep the baby up at night but am doing it & B is happily staying up but he is the on getting up between 4:30 & 5am; he is tired too but refuses to go back to bed so this makes for a very long day with a somewhat unhappy little guy.  Plus he has a little cold so that isn't helping his mood either.  Colton seems to maybe be getting back into the groove of his sleep schedule because this morning he didn't get up until 6 so maybe tomorrow will get better & the day after that will be even better.

I am tired & irritated & am at a loss.........I am struggling with both boys in the mornings & evenings so if anyone has any suggestions on how to return them to their regularly scheduled sleeping patterns I would greatly appreciate it!!  All that being said; I did have the best day with them yesterday & still want to eat their adorable little face off.......even being as tired as I seem to be they are the best little guys a momma could ask for!!

On the up side we did Colton's 6 month photo shoot & our family photos last week & here is a sneak peek of the amazing photos CK Photography captured.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

It Has Returned..........

The duck tub is back & blown up in the Goodson household; Colton is sitting up (not perfectly but pretty well) so I decided to get it ready yesterday for last nights bath.  Colton seemed to really enjoy his bath but that was probably because he could grab his feet & hold them the entire time.

I was unsure if B would remember it but he did & as you can see he was was excited to see it!! 

I was hoping that I could get B to sit in the tub & take a bath too but he was too busy entertaining his brother to even think about that.

Colton just watch B as he played the duck head like a drum & sang a little song...... 

It was the cutest moment the boys have had since the day Colton was born; B has been taking his time warming up to his baby brother but we are slowly watch them become friends! 

Colton couldn't take his eyes off B. 

I was a special night for me; I love watching them interact with each other in such a touching way.  We have to work on B being a tad bit more gentle around Colton but things are looking up & getting better with these little guys & it couldn't have come at a better time.  Things have been a bit stressful so seeing this a moment like this between my two favorite boys made all that disappear!!