Friday, July 31, 2009

Brayden is Posterior or "Sunny Side Up"

& that is why he has not made his appearance yet!! I just got back from the doctor & am in tears of all the things that I was told today.....everything could go fine with my labor & delivery, we could check into the hospital on Sunday to begin with the cervadil or foley to ripen/open my cervix & then labor progresses normally & Brayden arrives as planned. BUT I could check in on Sunday & I go through the whole induction & vaginal labor process only to end up with a c-section. Because Brayden is facing the wrong way & because he has been in the head down ready position for so long I might not be able to get him to turn which means that labor could go 1 of 3 ways....

1. We induce & he turns on his own when labor progresses & everything is good
2. We induce & he doesn't turn but with extra help (vacuum, forceps, extra pushing time & pain) he is still delivered vaginally
3. We induce & because he is facing the wrong way he is not able to descend into the canal so we go through hours of labor & end with a c-section

I am getting ready to go down stairs, get on my ball & do the pelvic exercises that I have been instructed to do to try to get him to turn but how will I know if he has turned?? This sounds stupid but what if I just keep making him turn & turn & turn in there OR what if what the doctor said happens. There are so many what ifs that could happen that I am just scared & I know that Sunday is only 2 days away but the unknowing & uncertainty is going to drive me up the wall. At this point screw my birth plan I just want my son in my arms & healthy!

I feel helpless & lost & can't wait for Sunday night to get here!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Bump Post Today....Why Do People Have To Comment Like This??

I put the following post on "The Bump" this is just a vent of my frustrations.......

Patience is a virtue.....(vent)

says who?? Why give me a 40 week due date if when it comes you are going to let it go by? I know, I know it is not an exact science BUT damn it I am so ready to meet & hold our son & I am so done with being pregnant!! I have had an amazing & wonderful pregnancy so I shouldn't really complain but about 2 weeks ago I started to feel like I had been hit by a car so I am just over it! We will be admitted to the hospital on Monday night to begin softening my cervix & then Tuesday morning (I will be exactly 41 weeks) they will begin the induction!!

Come on little buddy momma doesn't want them to have to use all of those nasty drugs to get to join the outside world, PLEASE for momma come out, come out where ever you are

This is what one person replied.....

... a little selfish. Just saying.

How am I being selfish?? Where the hell do people get off?? I am over my due date & want to hold my son in my arms & not in my is that selfish? How long should I carry him before it is NOT SO SELFISH for me to want to hold him in my arms?
Is it so horrible for me to voice the fact that I am tired & just want to give birth? I don't know why I let this woman's comment bother me so much but it has!!

This was my reply to her reply:

You are entitled to your opinion but until you are in my shoes on this one keep it to yourself....just saying!!

Still Here & Still Waiting.....

I am OK with it more & more as the time passes (I am trying to convince myself of this, can you tell?). Of course I would prefer that he comes on his own & that we avoid all of those yucky drugs that they will have to use to induce next week....& it could happen, we still have 4.5 days until we go to the hospital Monday night. I am keeping my fingers crossed but trying NOT to get my hopes up. We have an appointment tomorrow to check & see if I have dilated at all; if I have they can at least strip my membranes & see if that gets things going before the weekend gets started. all I can say is we shall see what happens & hopefully God has heard all of my prayers & maybe a miracle will happen!!

We do have a poll going on here at work & my boss did pick today & he has been right on twice before so I am just hoping & praying that he is again this time!!! I am working half a day today & then heading home to rest & relax for whatever that means. I did have a good day off yesterday but I didn't really sit down & relax much; that is a hard thing for me to do. But it was nice to go have lunch with Lance & then got home & did some cooking & baking which was very calming & at least took my mind off of the waiting!!

I am not sure what I will do this afternoon but I do know that I need to clean our floors & clean the bathrooms so I guess after that I will do some scrap booking.....that always puts a smile on my face!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Taking A Day To Rest & Regroup

I had such a hard time with the no progress news that we got yesterday so I decided that I needed a day to myself....I am at home today & think it is the best think for Brayden & I. I am a workaholic to say the least & the doctor mentioned that I could be working myself to the point of exhaustion between working 12 hour days, the fact that I don't sleep more than 5 hours a night (even before I was pregnant, now that I am I only sleep about 1-2), taking care of the hubby, house & pups, walking twice a day to try & get Brayden to progress & just the fact that my body has created & sustained another human being for the last 40 weeks & 1 day is a lot for one person even me who thinks that she can do it all. In case you couldn't tell I am a planner, the organizer of life the woman that has to make sure that everything happens just the way it is supposed too & last night I had to take a deep breath & realize that this is one thing that I don't get to control or plan out perfectly.

Our amazing boy is going to enter the world when he & God say it is time NOT mommy & daddy. Brayden is going to live his life to the fullest & we are just going to be able to watch him grow & lead him down the right paths.....what happens down those paths is going to be wonderful & life changing I am sure but we have to realize that WE CAN'T CONTROL EVERYTHING! Brayden is going to have his own personality & way bout him & we are just going to have to sit back & enjoy the ride! I can't wait to be a mom & see my son grow into he chooses to be; it is going to be an amazing journey & Lance & I are truly blessed!!

I do want to point one thing out though.....I was born exactly on my due date so from the beginning I was a control freak & so I don't think I can be blamed for wanting Brayden to be punctual like his momma! Lance on the other hand was 2 weeks late & didn't want to leave his mothers womb either & all I can say about that is if Brayden loves me the way that Lance loves his mother than I have a great future ahead of me with my son!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

40 Weeks & No Progress.

Just got back from our doctor's appointment & I am still not dilated.....NOT AT ALL!! They did an ultrasound & hooked me up to the monitor for a bit & Brayden is doing awesome & he is a healthy little boy so that is great, amazing, wonderful; so why do I feel so sad & upset?? It is so very hard to describe how I am feeling at this very moment; I am of course with out a doubt happy that our son is VERY healthy & thriving in my belly but I am so tired & ready to have him in my arms that I started to cry when there was nothing . I don't think I would say that I am disappointed but in a way I am; I have an appointment on Friday to check & see how things are going & then if still nothing I am scheduled to go to the hospital on Monday night to begin ripening my cervix & then start pitocin on Tuesday morning. All along I have known that things could change & my birth plan was just that a plan not a given....just like your due date is a guesstimation BUT I mean really why give it if it means you can go to 41 or 42...just give me the damn 42 week date & tell me that is the day..........

I am done complaining; Brayden is healthy & there is still a chance he could come before the induction date so maybe my birth plan will still hold true. All we can do is wait right????

40 Weeks Today......

So we have to wait until 10:40 to see if there is going to be a baby born any time soon of if we are still playing the waiting game; Lance is meeting me there today & hasn't been able to be at a doctors appointment in a few weeks so he will get to hear his heartbeat & I just can't wait to see his face when he does!! I am really hoping that this is my last weekly survey & that I will be holding my baby boy in my arms very later today!!

How far along? 40 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 28 lbs. - not too bad I guess
Maternity clothes? yep
Stretch marks? not that i see but who knows what my stomach will look like once deflated
Sleep: still have no clue what this word means...BUT I have really gotten used to not sleeping so I guess that is a good thing
Best moment this week: Lance laying his head on my stomach & talking to Brayden; it is so sweet to see the man of my dreams in this brings tears to my eyes just to think about it
Movement: oh yeah.....he loves to beat up his momma
Food cravings: the chocolate craving has returned this past week but thankfully I am still craving the fresh fruit & veggies as well
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs: braxton hicks all day everyday & maybe a few cramps but nothing to make me think the doctor is going to have good news for me today
Belly Button in or out? flat in the morning but as the day goes on & I guess I eat & fill up it tends to poke out
What I miss: the days & weeks back when carrying Brayden was easier & I didn't feel so tired or ready to be (for lack of a better word) "done" carrying him; I just want to be holding him at this body is tired all the time
What I am looking forward to: my 40 week doctors appointment today; Lance is meeting me there & hopefully we will have some good news
Weekly Wisdom: patience is a virtue; I myself can't remember this wisdom but it is good wisdom none the less.
Milestones: I have reached 40 weeks & have enjoyed carrying our baby boy everyday....even if I have complained a bit here in the last week & a half.

What is going on with Brayden during week 40?
The time has finally arrived! You and baby are ready to be a team. The day you two meet will be here in a heartbeat! Your baby weighs about 7.5lb and its total length is 21.5in; from crown to rump baby measures at 37-38cm. Brayden is about as big as its going to get. He now fills your uterus and has very little room to move. Before Brayden is born, bilirubin is transferred easily across the placenta from the uterus to the maternal circulation. Bilirubin is a breakdown product from red blood cells; through this process your body is able to get rid of it from the baby. Once your baby is born and the umbilical cord is clamped, the baby is on its own to handle the bilirubin produced in its own body. Scientists believe once baby is ready to be born, it sends out a series of biochemical and hormonal signals that indicate its time. These cause the mother's body to trigger a series of biochemical and hormonal changes which will ultimately culminate in labor. Brayden is ready to make his grand entrance any time now. All of his organs are fully developed, and he has reflexes and more coordination. Brayden can grasp and hold onto things, turn his head, and respond to outside cues, including the sound of your voice. Most of the lanugo hair has fallen out, but some may still remain on the shoulders, neck, behind the ears and in the deeper folds of the skin. It too will shed in the weeks immediately after birth.

What is going on with ME during week 40?
You are not going to grow much bigger. You feel ready to have your baby, and very soon you shall. After all you can't be pregnant forever. Before you became pregnant your uterus weighed 2 oz and was capable of holding an oz of liquid. Now it weighs over 2lb and can hold a quart of amniotic fluid. Your baby too has grown a lot; from an egg to an 8lb baby. Much of baby's weight gain occurred during the last few months; they double their weight during the last 2-3 months of pregnancy (the final trimester). If your due date has passed and no baby has arrived, you are going to wonder how much longer. The stress and anxiety is going to get to you. Depression is another feeling that's going to set in. If you are not too thrilled with your pregnancy dragging on, here are few tips to help you stay sane:

• Keep yourself busy. Don't be afraid to make plans just because you might go into labor
• Pamper yourself. Enjoy all those indulgences which you won't have time for once baby arrives
• Realize that your doctor cannot pinpoint the exact day and hour of delivery

Thank you for the tips silly website.....I am still working full time so I am staying busy but do you really think that even a full & busy work day means that my mind is not on delivering this beautiful miracle I am carrying in my belly???? Thank again!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Preppy for Breast Cancer Awareness

I think that this is just wonderful....visit Misadventures of a Newlywed

This week's Preppy Princess Item of the Week is the Scout Original Dean-O Gingham for Breast Cancer Awareness Tote.

At only $32.00, this tote is a steal. Plus 30% of the cost goes to raising money for breast cancer awareness. A cute tote and a great cause! With so many people training for the various breast cancer walks in the fall, this seems like a great gift to honor their participation...or a great tote for yourself to carry your items to the walks!

Breast cancer has touched so many of our lives. It seems only right to give to the cause in any way we can...including through shopping

Weekend Review....

We had a great weekend & the only thing that could have made it better was Brayden's arrival but it seems that the doctor was right last week & he is comfortable in my belly. We have our 40 week appointment tomorrow & I can only hope & pray that there has been some progress made otherwise I see an induction in my future.....we are saying our prayers that Brayden comes on his own though!!

Friday I left work a bit early since I had a headache & was basically over it. I ran to the grocery store & Sam's to get that shopping out of the way so that I could just stay in on Saturday & clean & hopefully get some rest. When I got home from my errands I laid down & was out right when my head hit the pillow. I slept for a good hour & felt so much better when I woke up so I took the pups for their walk & then we just waited for Lance to get home. He got home & he ate some dinner & then it was off to bed.....only to wake up at 4am & not be able to fall back to sleep.

I got up fed the pups, decided that it was too early to walk them so just curled up on the sofa with my blanket & tried to know being up that early really sucks, there is nothing to do except watch infomercials or read, which I did but all I wanted to do was clean but I couldn't since Lance was still sleeping. I just sat with the pups, read my book & waited for the sun to come up so that I could get Lance up for work....once 7am hit & I got him up the cleaning began....I was a mad woman all day in the house. I got so much done & even ran out to Walmart & Michael's to pick up some much needed scrap booking stuff & a few things for Lance as well. I finally sat down to relax for a bit at 4 but then had to get up & get in the shower so that I would be ready for my dinner date with a really hot & attractive man. Lance & I decided to go to dinner & it was so nice to get out just he & I since we won't have too many nights like that soon. He got home around 6 & brought me a was so sweet.

However sweet it was, the rose was forgotten & tears ran down my face when I went to put on my rings & couldn't get them over my knuckle....not even with the little bit of force that had worked in the past few weeks. I have been swelling up a bit more lately but have still managed to wear my beautiful engagement & wedding rings.....I was sad to not be able to wear them & still today (2 days later) almost cry when I look down at me ring finger & see them not there.

We then went to dinner at Provino's & I again tried the Eggplant Parmesan old wives tale......IT DIDN'T WORK!! But dinner was nice & then we got home, i took the pups for another walk & then I was out by about 10.

Sunday morning we were up & doing stuff around the house & in the yard around 6:30.....I promise I didn't wake Lance up he got up on his own :) We watered the yard, pooped scooped & sat on the back porch & talked until around 9 & then got dressed & ran our errands. We dropped Bella & Georgia off for their day of beauty, ate breakfast & then had to run to Home Depot & Lowes. Lance loves both of these stores & I swear he could walk around in them all day if I let him. We got a storm door for the front door & also a new sink for the kitchen at Home Depot & then ran to Lowes to price a new door for the back door; we want to get rid of the storm door we have on the back door & replace it with just the heavy duty door & have the doggies door in it so that way the girls can go in & out at any time with out me having to get up & open it for them (we don't feel comfortable leaving the big door open & just having the storm door we are going to remedy that ASAP!!) We are getting all of this stuff done now because my dad will be here to help Lance do it as of next Monday.

My mom & dad decided to wait until Monday, August 3rd to drive down from VA; they might miss Brayden's birth but this way they will (hopefully) have 2 whole weeks with him. I wanted to be selfish & tell them to just leave today & come so that I could have my mom with me in the delivery room but I guess I have be a good mom for Brayden & let him have his 2 weeks with his Puddy & Grams; I want to make sure that Brayden has as much time with my parents as possible since they live 9 hours away & we can't just jump in the car & visit at any time.

I took some new pictures of Lance & the puppies yesterday too.......enjoy! Georgia & Bella were & will always be our first babies & we just can't wait to meet Baby Brayden......they are going to love him soooo much!

Here are our 2 girls cuddled up together...

Bella & her daddy....her lip gets stuck like that all the time & we think it is the cutest thing ever.

Bella & her daddy....

Bella LOVES beer & always stares at Lance's when he is drinking it.

Georgia Love Goodson.....need I say anything else??

Georgia was our first puppy & she has been a daddy's girl since day 1.

Such a sweet BIG baby; I can just see Lance holding the baby while Georgia is laying on his lap.....I can't wait!

39 Week Belly Pictures...

Well, I was hoping that last week was going to be the last week that I posted my weekly belly pictures BUT no such luck!! Here I am 39 weeks & 5 days along......come on Brayden mommy wants to post pictures of your beautiful little face not you in her belly!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Finally......It Is Friday!!

I am so ready for this week to be over & to have 2 days to get rejuvenated; I would love to be in the hospital all weekend but I am not going to push Brayden since he is so "comfortable" in there as the doctor stated this past Tuesday. I did go into see the doctor yesterday; my belly was staying tight for 30 minutes at a time & this would happen about 30 minutes apart PLUS I wasn't feeling him moving as much throughout the morning & it scared me so I called them & they told me to come in & we could monitor him. Of course when I go there Brayden showed the doctors his active playful self & made him momma look crazy. I was having contractions but of course nothing timeable or consistent so we wait & see what happens & what they say at my next appointment this coming Tuesday.....MY EDD!! Lance wanted me to have them do an internal but what would the point have been?? I would just wait until Tuesday & hope that there is so kind of good news then.

Because the doctors have said that he is so "comfortable" my mom & dad decided to wait until next Thursday to head down in the hope that we will have something going on after my appointment on Tuesday. They were going to get here on Monday but I put it on my mom to decide if she really wanted to be here for his birth (which is my selfish choice) or use there 2 weeks here & spend them with Brayden after his birth. I think that they made the right choice to wait until we see when he is going to join the outside world, I want Brayden to have as much time with Grams & Puddy as they can since they don't live here & VA is a 8-9 hour drive that Lance & I won't be taking anytime soon. I am sad that my mom won't be in the delivery room with me but the time she & my dad will have with Brayden is better than the time they would spend with a grumpy mom pushing & breathing!!

Dear Brayden,

Mommy & Daddy are ready to meet you anytime that you are ready to meet us. I know that you are having a good time in my belly & I have been so very happy to have had all of this time to spend with you but I don't think that we should be selfish anymore....daddy really wants to hold you too & he is getting so anxious & kind of becoming a pain in mommy's booty about the whole thing.....SO if you could help me out & come soon I would really appreciate it very much. I promise that you will love it out here with your dad & I (& your sisters too, they don't look like you but you will love them non the less). We love you very much & hope to meet you very, very soon.

Love always,
Your Mom

Looking Back On Our Wedding Day....

Kelly over at is hosting a "Show Us Your Wedding Dress" party today. Here are a few pictures from our wonderful wedding day, September 15, 2007 on the beach in VA Beach where I was born & raised.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

At Work & Only Slept About An Hour!!

WTF?!?!?! I am so sleepy & not feeling very well; my stomach hurts like I ate something that is not sitting well so with me but I am sure that will pass after I drink my delicious hot tea. I am hoping that today flies by & I can get home & do some much needed cleaning done. I am hating that I am here at work & I have to watch someone else do my job & they just don't do things the right way....I know I need to let go but damn can you at least pretend that you care about what you are doing & want to try to make my return pleasant & not 3 months of cleaning up what you have screwed up...........

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No Progress To Report.....

I felt like a dumb ass yesterday at my appointment; I actually started to cry when she said that there was still no dilation. I don't know what came over me but I just got so overwhelmed by her words; we talked before she actually did the exam & she said that she would strip my membranes if I was dilated so that we could maybe get things headed in the right direction & that got me excited but then she did my internal & no dilation so no membranes were stripped. Then we talked about what we would do if there was still no progress at my 40 appointment next week & she looked at me straight in the face & said that we wouldn't even really worry about doing anything until I was 41 weeks & all I could say was OK......well I got dressed, walked out to the receptionist made my appointment for next Tuesday (my actual due date) & then walked out to call Lance & I just lost it on the phone with him. I was so upset; I am not rushing Brayden but my goodness I am so uncomfortable & so tired since I am only sleeping about 2 solid hours a night..........all my midwife had to say was you had dilated to 1 & I would have been A-OK; all the thoughts of shooting pains & uncomfortable contractions would have faded away & I would have smiled from ear to ear just for 1 tiny cm.

I am happy that Brayden is comfortable & that his little heartbeat is so strong BUT I am ready to deliver, meet & hold him. I told Lance last night that I don't want to talk about it anymore like we have been, I just want to go day to day & when I am having contractions I will let him know & we will go from there; I then of course proceeded to say sorry to him & cry because I was being unreasonable & silly.....I am not even at my due date & I am like this; I am sure that Lance is not looking forward to having to deal with me if I go over our EDD :)

I am still going to continue to do what I have been doing if not more; I have to keep myself busy & preoccupied for the next 7 days & I have actually been really enjoying all the walking that we have been doing SO I am going to try not to think about D-DAY & just stay as busy as possible & hope for the best!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week 39 & Hoping To Have Good News At the Doctor's Office Today!!

So I am ready & willing to have Brayden anytime he is ready to come; I have my 39 week doctors appointment today & am hoping that something has started happening down there. Last week I had not dilated at all & I know that I am not even 40 weeks yet but PLEASE GOD let me have dilated some....PLEASE!!!

How far along? 39 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 30 lbs. & I think I am done!
Maternity clothes? yep
Stretch marks? none yet
Sleep: no more than 2 hours at a time...then I wake up & can't get back to sleep
Best moment this week: shopping on Sunday with Lance & his mom
Movement: he is a very active little boy
Food cravings: fresh fruit & veggies
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs: braxton hicks all day everyday....& shooting pains in my vagina that feel awesome as well as the occasional cramping
Belly Button in or out? out; as Lance says my popper has popped so doesn't that mean that I am done??
What I miss: my old body
What I am looking forward to: my doctor's appointment today; I really hope that I have progressed
Weekly Wisdom: DON"T EAT PROCESSED FOODS; swelling stinks
Milestones: giving birth is the only milestone I want to talk about at this point!! I am not rushing my baby boy but I am defiantly ready to meet him.

What's Going On With Brayden Lance Goodson This Week:
If you're not in labor at this very moment, you will be soon! And as anxious as you are to meet your little angel, he is just as excited to enter the world. Brayden is now considered full term - its skin is plump, the lungs are mature, the mammary glands and external genital structures are visible. There is some lanugo on the shoulders and back; some of the vernix remains in the folds of the skin, especially around the groin and armpits. There are creases on the soles of the feet. Baby now fills most of the uterus and it moves into the birth position. The head points down toward the birth canal while the arms and legs are pulled close to the chest. Like the newborn, the fetus spends most of its time sleeping but its body rhythms, responses and activity patterns are established. Its intestines are filled with meconium - a sticky greenish black substance that is made up of alimentary gland secretions, lanugo, pigment and cells from the wall of your bowel; this will be passed during baby's bowel movements after its birth. Even at this late stage, your baby is still growing, now to around 7 pounds and 22 inches. All of baby's organs are fully developed, along with toenails, fingernails, and muscles in his arms and legs. At this point, babies can become entangled in their umbilical cords. If this should happen, don't worry. In most cases it's not dangerous.

My Body This Week:
Although your tummy is larger than you could have imagined, you may actually feel more comfortable in your body than you have in a while. That's because your baby has dropped further down into your pelvis, relieving additional pressure. This change has also caused your center of gravity to shift suddenly, so you may lose your balance more easily or have difficulty standing upright, particularly when getting out of a chair. Take extra care of yourself - you have a baby to deliver very soon!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Review....

Well since I am blogging this early I guess everyone can assume that I did not have our LO this weekend like I had hoped & I am alright with that. We had a wonderful weekend & we are attempting to be patient & await Brayden's arrival (as hard as it waiting is). Friday came & went with not to much to report. I worked all day & then when I got home took the pups for a walk & awaited Lance arrival home. I have this overwhelming need to be close to him; I need to be as physically close to him as I can. It is a very strange feeling that I have been having for a few weeks now & I just tank God that he is so understanding & loving because every time he just gets up to leave the room I jump up to ask "where are you going?" or "what are you doing?" & when I do this he just looks at me with his loving eyes & says everything is OK & he will be right back!! This pregnancy has really made me appreciate how wonderful my hubby is; not that I didn't before but I have just seen a different side of Lance & it is amazing!

Saturday I ran errands & got my nails & toes done & then when & walked around Kohl's to see what they had on sale....more so just to walk but also to see what they had sale wise for Lance. After I walked around for a few hours I went home & finished up some cleaning & then laid down for a nap before I had to jump in the shower to get ready for my date with Lance. I didn't sleep really well but at least I rested for a good hour. We went to the mall & walked around for a while & then we went to Target so that I could get my birthing ball & a few other things & then it was off to dinner at Provino's..........they have the best Eggplant Parmesan that I have had in a long time. And yes I ate it before I was pregnant but now that I am so close I thought why the hell not...maybe it would work on getting Brayden out! I packed up half of my eggplant (the portion sizes are HUGE) & then decided that I wanted some dessert so I had the biggest piece of strawberry cheese cake & it was so delicious. I have been trying to lay off of the sweets but I am so happy that I indulged that night!! After dinner we went home & I fell asleep on the sofa & woke up about 1 & was really confused.

I guess that when I fell asleep on the sofa Lance just decided to let me sleep because the whole family was out there. Georgia & Bella were all curled up with me & he was on the opposite end of the sofa snoring was so sweet of him to let me sleep & to stay out there with me; even though I know he doesn't sleep well out there. Anyway i got up to pee of course & then tried to lay back down but I just couldn't get back to sleep for all that long. At about 3:30 Lance got up to pee & get a some water so I told him to go into the bedroom & get some "good" sleep. I could tell that he hadn't slept well through out the night & he was so happy to be in our bed. I tucked him in & went to get all curled up on the sofa with the pups again. I turned on the TV but there really isn't much on, on Sunday mornings at 3:45 in the morning so I watched our Big Brother (Lance's & my guilty reality TV pleasure) Afterdark episodes that had been recording on the DVR. Lance got up around 9 & we took the pups to Petsmart to get all pretty & then stopped at Atlanta Bread Company for breakfast.....we shared a fresh fruit bowl & I had an Asiago Cheese bagel with veggie cream cheese & a decaf Vanilla Bean coffee & Lance had OJ & a plain bagel w/strawberry cream cheese. We sat outside & enjoyed the beautiful morning weather.

We went back home to shower & then his mom came over & we went shopping. I really just wanted to walk & walk & walk & then walk some more & that is exactly what we did until we got hungry about 1:30 & then we ate at Red Lobster. I had the yummiest Crab Cakes & couldn't have been happier :) We then had to go pick up the pups & head home. After Lance's mom left the house I took Bella for a walk & then got back to the house & rested & we watched "Push" (Dakota Fanning has really grown up) on pay preview....not a bad movie, I think. I dosed off at the end but thank God for DVR because we recorded the movie & I can go back & watch what I missed. after the movie it was Big Brother time & then we walked the dogs at about 9. I can't believe how awesome the weather was this weekend the early mornings & evenings were actually cool & perfect for walking.

After our walk it was off to bed; but not before our nightly prayers & talks of how we hope to be awake in just a short few hours because of my labor pains......alas labor did not begin & I am here at work. We can hope & pray for Brayden's arrival all we want but only God really knows when he will be here so we are just going to try to be as patient as possible!! Lance is off today (which would have been perfect for us having to head to labor & delivery in the early AM hours..hehehe) though so it was really hard to get out of bed & leave the house but I did it & now I am here & can't stop thinking about how I want to be at home.......tell me again why I didn't take time off before my due date. Oh yeah, because the weeks of maternity leave that I wanted to take off aren't paid!!

38 Week Belly Pictures.....

Here's hoping that these are the last Sunday belly pictures that we will be taking!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

9 Days Until Our EDD!!

I can't believe it; there are only 9 days until Brayden is supposed to arrive. Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was peeing on a stick with was only a month ago that we found out we were expecting a little boy......and now were are almost at the end of our 40 week journey; I feel so amazingly happy & ready to hold Brayden Lance Goodson in my arms. To see my wonderfully amazing husband gazing down at our baby boy is what I am really waiting for too though; he is trying to be so patient but he asks everyday like 10 times a day how I am feeling & if today is going to be the day!! I have to admit I have been trying some of the old wives tales (walking like crazy, eggplant parmesan for dinner last night, pineapple for breakfast for the last week....silly I know) but nothing seems to want to work so I guess we are just going to have to be patient & wait.....or do what we are doing today & meeting up with Lance's mom & walking the mall, Walmart, Target, the dogs you name it & I am going to walk in it, on it, through it!!! We really do have to go shopping; Lance has been working out & has lost so much weight that his clothes literally fall off of him..........I swear every pound he has lost I have gained & it just doesn't seem fair!!

Any hoo......wish me luck today; I really don't want to go to work tomorrow!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sometimes People Confuse Me!!

A little back ground first.....When I met Lance he worked with a guy named Justin & so of course as Lance & my relationship grew so did my friendship with Justin & his girl friend Meghan. We were always together, we did so much together UNTIL we had a falling out in October 2006 & we did talk to them for a while, we did start talking to them again in (I think) April of 2007 & we were actually closer than ever. They were such a huge part of our lives, they came to our wedding & again they were our "best friends". Well then we had yet another falling out in the summer of 2008; we were letting Justin stay at our house because his condo was getting finished & it was only about 5 miles from our house so it just made sense to let him stay with us for a month & a half so he could keep an eye on everything. Well it wasn't just Justin that was there it was his dog (Sooie, whom I love), Meghan & then of course she had her dog Rudy with her all the time...........SO we had Lance, me, our 2 dogs, Meghan, Justin & their 2 dogs at our house ALL THE TIME!!! After about a week I got frustrated & talked to Lance & asked him to please talk to Justin & see if he could stay with Megs at her apartment some of the nights during the week so I could rest, my life basically without having to entertain every night because they were there. He said he would but before he could Megs asked me what was going on with me & so I told her & that is when the shit hit the fan. Everything got blown way out of proportion & somehow it turned into "well Mitzi hates Justin & wants him to leave".....I never said that. I just needed my space, in our house & wanted to have my hubby to myself sometimes too....we were trying to have a baby you know & with people around ALL THE TIME it wasn't really working for us. Needless to say Justin & Meghan were no longer our friends & as much as I have missed them I was happy to just have it be Lance & I again.

Lance & I were talking about 3 months ago & he said that he felt like he needed to call Justin & tell him that he was sorry for the things he said when everything happened & I said OK. As much as I didn't want to open that door again at that point in our lives I will support Lance always. I know that Lance misses Justin & some of the things that were said between Lance & Justin were really harsh & down right evil, they had been friends for such a long time & he missed his friend. So they talked for about 5 minutes & Lance apologized for what he said & I think Justin did too & then Justin said that he would give Lance a call later that night & maybe we could all grab dinner soon.....well Justin never called & that really hurt Lance's feelings. He has such a big heart & we realized that Justin still had not grown up at all.

Anyway, fast forward to yesterday afternoon when I pull into our driveway & see that there is a box & a gift bag on our porch. I was on the phone with Lance so I told him that I would call him back after I got into the house & got settled! Well I get the stuff off of the porch & WOO HOO our new kitchen faucet is here...and then I open that card in the gift & it is from Meghan & Justin. Why now, why 11 days before I am due do they want to come back into our lives?? What has changed & what do they want?? Lance & I love them dearly & wish them the best but I want to concentrate on Brayden & his impending arrival & I really don't want to even deal with them right now.....does that make me a bad person???

Lance called Justin & said thank you from both of us & I sent Meghan an email telling her thank you because that was the right thing to do but do we now have to keep the lines of communication open with them?? The whole thing gives me a headache that I don't want right now!!

You know as I am typing this I realize how high school this whole thing sounds.....I can't deal with this today :(

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brayden's 2nd Nursery

As I previously posted I will be bringing Brayden to work with me after my 6 week hiatus & he will have a nursery set up in the office next to mine. Well, they did the sweetest thing & put his name on the door for is the cutest thing ever!! My son has his name on his 1st office door!!

Nesting Is AWESOME.....Other Things Are NOT so Amesome!!

I got home last night & had this huge burst of energy which means I got so much done cleaning wise around the house & I love it. At this rate I might actually get to enjoy my Saturday & not have to worry about too much cleaning!! I washed all of Brayden's bibs & burp clothes, got them organized in their drawer in the kitchen, did a load of laundry, vacuumed, dusted, made dinner for us, cooked & packed our lunches for today, & scrubbed the crap out of our shower & bath tub & then even took the pups for a nice long walk....well long for Georgia, poor bulldog can't walk but so far. I am hoping that I have the same burst tonight so that I can get the things done that I didn't get to last night....WOO HOO for nesting!!

In other baby related news.....
I didn't sleep well at all which is normal these days but at about 1:30 I was awoken by a really crampy type contraction & got so excited & scared all at the same time; to tell the truth I didn't even care that it hurt like hell I just wanted contractions like that to continue........BUT alas it was only one & it faded away after a few minutes. Why does Brayden have to tease his momma like that, I will have to talk to him about that when I see him!! Also, I had previously posted that I had my 38 week appointment this past Tuesday & there was no progress & that I was disappointed, well I thought yesterday that maybe something was happening because of some bloody tinged discharge but alas that must have just been from the internal that I had on Tuesday so that was tease #2 that I had yesterday & then to top off my night last night.....I have had the hemorrhoid issue pop up & let me just say I am so thrilled about this!! How the hell can I go 38 weeks with this not happening & then TA DA?? I am trying to hang in there but the anticipation is getting the best of me; I need to take a deep breathe & remember that this time I have with Brayden is special & I will never get to be this close to him ever again!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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Doctor Appt. Update

There has been no change from last week; I still have not dilated at all but am 75% effected & he is in -1 station. My midwife saw that I was a bit upset by the lack of dilation & told me not to let it get me down....she told me what I already knew; she reminded me that she could have said I was at 3 cm & that I could have walked around like that for weeks too so not to get upset. She said I could just be one of those women that it happens too overnight. I know all of that I just wanted to hear that there was something going on down there :) Oh well, I guess Brayden is happy in there so there is where he will stay until he is good & ready & that is good with Lance & I......doesn't that sound believable??

I went home after my appointment; I should have come back to work but Lance was off & I wanted to spend sometime with him & it was so nice. We just relaxed at the house; we did have to do the bills but even that was OK with me since I was with him. I have become very clingy to Lance the past few days (more than normal). I have always loved to be near him & spend time with him but it seems that the last few days I have felt like I NEEDED to be right next to him; he is loving it though so we are just enjoying it :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

38 Weeks Along......

How far along? 38 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 30 lbs. & hopefully I am done gaining!
Maternity clothes? yep
Stretch marks? none yet
Sleep: no more than 2 hours at a time...then I wake up & can't get back to sleep
Best moment this week: being able to see Brayden's little foot pushing my side; it is the weirdest thing but AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL as well
Movement: he is a very active little boy & I love feeling him
Food cravings: fresh fruit & veggies; where was this craving a few months ago when I was gaining weight??
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs: braxton hicks all day everyday....
Belly Button in or out? out
What I miss: being able to walk outside, go to the lake, or pool without getting as big as a house from water weight
What I am looking forward to: my doctor's appointment today; I really hope that I have progressed
Weekly Wisdom: DON"T EAT SALT; swelling stinks
Milestones: being able to make out Brayden's body parts just by feeling & seeing them move in my belly.

All About Brayden.....
Brayden weighs about 6.5 to 7 pounds and is approximately 19.5 inches in length. You have been full term for a week now, so you might want to start addressing those birth announcement envelopes while you still have your hands free! Your long wait will be over any time now. If you are carrying a boy, have you decided whether or not you will have him circumcised? There is growing debate among parents and health care providers over circumcision but ultimately it is a personal decision for each parent. Brayden spends these last weeks in preparation for the outside world… meaning careful refinement of the blink, suck, inhale and exhale. Meconium, which you’ll probably find in the first diaper, is accumulating in the intestines. In anticipation of meeting you, baby is busy getting ready for the occasion. The fine hair (lanugo), covering her body begins to shed along with the whitish coating on the skin (vernix). Brayden is getting plumper! Brayden may have assumed the head down position by now the position majority of babies are in when their mothers go into labor.

All about me this week......
Although your size is remaining constant, your discomfort might be increasing, as some of the symptoms related to your weight, including heat rashes and difficulty sleeping, might be getting to you. While your due date may be two or more weeks away, pack your labor bag and get ready. Ninety-five percent of all babies are born within two weeks of their due dates.

I have to admit that I am very uncomfortable almost all of the time; I can't seem to get comfortable & if I sit still in my chair at work for more than an hour my legs, ankles (cankles), & feet begin to become twice to three times there size. I hate to complain about anything having to do with our little lovebug but this past week has been really draining & hard on me. I am just hoping that the doctor says that I have made some kind of progress today at my appointment!!

Week 37 Belly Pictures

I don't know why but these pictures shock me....when did my belly get so BIG

Monday, July 13, 2009

How Lost I Have Been All Day.....

We have had no internet or phone service here at work ALL freaking day & then right when we are told we can leave.....someone hit "send & receive" & there it is...the network it up & running!! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL! I guess it is a good thing though since I will be leaving early tomorrow for my 38 week check-up...hoping to have some progress going on "down under"....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!

I will post my 37 week belly picture & my weekend update when I get home tonight; not that there is much to tell though.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Swelling Feet Legs & Horrible Back Pain

I had to leave work early on Friday because me swelling got so bad. I had not really had any issues with it until Thursday & I rested & put my feet up that night not nothing seemed to help! I called the doctor on Friday just to make sure that there was nothing to worry about & they said to leave work, go home & put my feet above my heart & if the swelling didn't get better in my feet & started to get bad in my hands & face too to come in......left work about 2:30 Friday afternoon & my swelling finally went down a bit Friday night about 11. I couldn't sleep because it actually hurt (who knew swelling could hurt like that), plus my back was hurting too. It was just a bad day all around & the first one since getting pregnant so I am not going to complain too much. I am thankful that I have been blessed with what I call an "awesome" pregnancy"!!

Dear Brayden,

Mommy just wanted to say hello to you & tell you that whenever you are ready to meet us we are ready too. I have loved you being in my belly for the past 9 months so much but daddy & I get really excited & anxious when we think about holding you in our arms. Daddy & I love you so much & just can't wait to see you.....sleep tight in there for now & we will see you soon!!

Love always,
Your Mom

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Maternity Photos

I am 37 Weeks & 1 Day along in these pictures; I don't have all of them yet but here are some of the ones that I do have & absolutely love. Lance looks amazing in all of them & I love him more & more with each day that passes....he was such a good sport last night!!!

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FINALLY Maternity Pictures Have Been Taken.....

So our friend Jenn came over last night & we finally took our photos & now I am just waiting for her to send them to me so I can pick them apart. I wanted to have them taken because I want to have them to show Brayden one day but I just don't feel very attractive these days even though I finally got some loving from my amazing hubby last night.....Woo Hoo!! I have missed Lance's touch & just being close to him like that was perfect & just what the doctor ordered for my mood; however this morning I woke up & am the most swollen I have ever been. I forced my rings on & now I am wondering if that was a mistake; what if I can't get them off?? I am wondering if I am swollen due to the large amount of Wild West Shrimp that I scarfed down at Longhorn's last night after the pictures.....maybe, maybe not we will never really know for sure. But I do know that they were so good & maybe even worth it!!



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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finally Getting Our Maternity Photos Done & Random Thoughts!!

Our good friend Jenn is finally going to come to the house & take some photos of Lance, Brayden (my belly) & I.....I am so excited that she is doing this for us & I just hope that they turn out the way that we plan for them too. I am not a photogenic person so we will just have to wait & see!

****In Other News****
I have the worst heartburn this morning.....I haven't had anything like this ever I don't think & all I can say is OUCH!!

Darlene is supposed to come in today & start training to cover for me while I am out.....but then again she was supposed to start training on Monday!! I am trying not to stress about it BUT she has no idea what she is doing & I really DO NOT want to come back to a complete disaster.

Lance has finally gotten back on BCBS & going to see his heart & lung doctor; he is supposed to go twice a year but didn't go at all last year so say a prayer that all the tests come back ALL GOOD. I am sure they will & am not to worried but I just love that man so much it is hard not no know??

I am really enjoying my nightly walks & am so happy that the weather always seem to clear up & cool off for me to be able to take the pups & Brayden each night. Since I have been walking the pups every night, Bella & Georgia have been doing so much better with the baby doll training. I am not sure if they are just tired after walking or they are actually becoming OK with the baby doll & the attention it is getting since momma is paying attention to them by means of the walks!! I sometimes wish they could just look at me & tell me what they are thinking!!

I am only 20 days away from my EDD & am like a kid in a candy store waiting for out little lovebug's arrival. I am so excited & ready to hold him in my arms. I am ready to see what features he gets from Lance & I. I am ready to see the man of my dreams hold the little angel that I have been holding for 9 months.....I have so much joy & love in my heart for Brayden & I haven't even meet him yet; I just can't imagine how full my heart will be once he is actually here!!!! I just want to scream I am so overjoyed & full of excitement!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

37 Weeks Today.....

What is going on with your baby during week 37?

Brayden is acquiring important antibodies from you that will protect the vulnerable newborn from life-threatening diseases, when it enters into this world. If you choose to breastfeed, you will be topping up on the immunities after birth. Your baby receives 'natural immunization' for another six months after its birth with breast milk. Doctors will advise that you have your baby immunized starting at age two months. Your baby weighs almost 6.5lb and is about 21in long from crown to rump. His limbs and tummy are all growing rounder and chubbier every day. His skin is less wrinkly now, and most of the redness has turned to a hue that reflects your baby's ethnic heritage. By this time, most babies descend down into your pelvis, head first, getting ready for birth. Your due date is so close that you could easily deliver at any time! Chances are very good that delivering from this week on, your baby will be healthy. Take a deep breath. Labor, delivery and motherhood will all be amazing and wonderful experiences!

As for me.....I failed my Strep B test & am bummed about having to have an IV during labor. I was really hoping to not need an IV at all during labor but it is what it is & I will be fine with being stuck with that big, huge needle since it is for our little boy!! I am ready to meet our little lovebug but am trying to patiently wait which those who know me know that I am not good with the patience thing! I have been trying to seduce my hubby (& failing miserable at this too) since it has been so long since we have been close but with him being sick this past week/end & the fact that he is still afraid he is going to hurt the baby somehow I don't know if anything is going to work & that saddens me. I feel distant from him & hate it...I am feeling fat & unattractive & I just want to feel his touch again. I don't really bring it up too much because I don't want it to happen because I am forcing it....IDK we shall see what happens! Maybe I can get him to do it by telling him it will help move things along :)

How far along? 37 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 28 lbs as of yesterday
Maternity clothes? yep
Stretch marks? none yet but I feel like I am stretching more now than ever
Sleep: same as usual; sleeping about a good 2 hours & then I toss & turn
Best moment this week: getting Brayden's car seat installed in my car
Movement: All the time; it still amazes me.
Food cravings: actually my appetite is slowing down quite a bit, BUT I want fruit all day everyday (so at least it is something good for me)
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs: I have contractions daily
Belly Button in or out? out; really out by the end of the day
What I miss: pants with buttons on them
What I am looking forward to: our maternity photos....hopefully getting them done tomorrow
Weekly Wisdom: rest, rest, rest
Milestones: I AM FULL TERM!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

37 Week Appt.

Well I had my 37 week appointment this afternoon; no change at all & I am bummed. I want to at least hear some kind of good news like you are 1 cm dilated....nothing too much, he doesn't have to come tomorrow.......I just want to hear that I am progressing & not going to go over 40 weeks!! I am still 75% effaced & Brayden is in a -1 I am just going to continue my nightly walks & hope that he is on time!! I feel bad wanting him to be an outside baby so early but Lance & I are just so excited to meet him & I am just so uncomfortable & hot all the time......does this make me a bad mom??

36 Week Belly Pictures

I swear that I actually do my hair & make up...I really do!! Just not in these pictures apparently; we had just gotten back from the store & I took a bath to try to get rid of my didn't work but I hadn't taken an actual bath in months so it was quite relaxing!!

4th of July Weekend Review......

Where to begin with this very long weekend.....Friday I was off of work, THANK GOD, & spent the day running errands & cleaning since we were once again planning on going to the lake. Well, Lance had been under the weather all week & was going to go to the doctor on his off day (which was Thursday) but was feeling better so didn't....ended up going Friday evening & he has bronchitis & had to get 3 shots so that he wouldn't be contagious in only 12 hours & not the normal time it takes pill antibiotics to kick in. We decided to take it easy Friday night & see how he felt Saturday morning before making any 4th of July plans. Well, Lance got some cough medicine that was supposed to help his cough & also help him sleep BUT this medicine had the exact opposite effect on him. He was up until about 3:30 in the morning doing stuff around the house because he was restless & couldn't sleep; it was crazy!! I got up finally about 4 & went out & sat & talked to him on the sofa trying to get him to close his eyes for a while. He finally dosed off about 5:30 but was up a ready to go at 7 so we started to do stuff around the house & in Brayden's room.

We had to hang Brayden's ceiling fan (which looks awesome) & get his room cleaned & organized....we had stuff all over the floor from the days/weeks past. Once we were done in the baby's room I took the dogs for a walk & Lance started doing stuff out in the yard. I was still amazed at how much energy he had on so little sleep!! I got back from walking the dogs & made us something to eat & we continued to clean up around the house.....THEN the phone rang about 11:30 & it was Lance's brother telling us that his mom was on her way to the hospital in the ambulance with chest pains!! Lance threw the phone we threw on some clothes, put the pups in their crates & we were out the door & on our way to the hospital! I know that Lance was just in a hurry to see his mom but I swear the nauseous feeling that I had earlier that morning (don't know why, but I felt like I was going to throw up all morning) got really bad due to his driving. He was all over the road & speeding like a crazy man!! Finally, we arrive at the hospital & Lance gets out of the car & asks if I am alright....I am not & he finally slows down for a minute to look at me & sees how white I am & grabs my hand & helps m in the ER & to a chair. He tells his brother to keep an eye on me & goes up to the receptionist desk to get a pass to go back & see his mom; once he has his pas she came back over to check on me & I tell him to just go check on mom. If he would have stood in front of me much longer I would have lost it on him.....I know that sounds bad but I felt so sick & it was his driving that made me that way even though I understood why he was driving crazy I was still upset with him! Anyway, he comes out from the back of the ER about 5 minutes later & says that mom wants to see me & again asks if I am alright.....I of course tell him I am fine & then go back & see mom. She is so pale & but tells me that she is having side pain NOT CHEST PAINS!! Damn his brother, I know that she is still in the ER & we didn't have any idea what was wrong with her but chest pains is a lot more scary than her side hurting. Anyway, I told her that it was a good thing that she was at Emory Eastside because after the ride there I might be going into labor & she was at the hospital I was going to deliver at......that made her cry & laugh all at the same time. Lance's dad finally got there & the doctors were running some tests so we waited for all the results to come back & come to find out she was constipated (so they say). We were all in shock, she was in so much pain that she was in tears & it was all because she was "full of shit" as Lance's dad so humorously put it but they said that all of her blood work came back normal & her cat scan was normal as well but it showed her bowel was really full!! We got her all checked out & everyone headed home about 6 that night. I had a horrible headache & Lance was feeling really crappy too so we just went home & crashed...Happy 4th to us.

Thankfully, Lance slept really well Saturday night but woke up Sunday about 9:30 (which is late for us)feeling worse than he did Friday or Saturday & I woke up at about 5 Sunday morning because my head was still pounding (& still is); so needless to say we rescheduled our maternity photos again & just laid around the house all day yesterday. It was a good day to do nothing since it was raining outside but I was disappointed about the pictures being rescheduled again; we are going to do them on Wednesday evening....hopefully!! We called to check on Lance's mom around 10 & they ambulance had already been out there that morning because she was in so much pain again & it made her hyperventilate & have have a panic attack. They gave her a shot & calmed her down but did not take her back to the hospital.....we called her all day & we were going to go see her but she told us to rest & that she was feeling better (& I guess she is because she is at work today).

Lance got to sleep in this morning so I hope that he is feeling better & I have my 37week doctor appointment today & will be talking to them about my headache but it is probably just from the stressful weekend we had. Brayden is FULL TERM as of tomorrow so I am really hoping for a good progress report at the doctor's today!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hospital Tour & Puppy Training!!

Last night we went to Emory Eastside for our hospital your & it was so emotional for me. I can't believe that Brayden is going to be here so soon & I am so ready for his arrival & can't hold back the tears most of the time when I think about it. I am driving my car around with the car seat in it all ready to go & just want to look back & see Brayden in it all safe & sound!

Anyway, we did our tour & we love the rooms & the hospital is beautiful but we have to talk to the doctor about a few things that we were told. 1st, if I have to have an emergency c-section NO ONE can be in the room with me; ARE THEY CRAZY?? Of course I am not going to want to be alone & Lance sure as hell isn't alright with waiting in the hallway while he son is being born & his wife is having surgery!! And 2nd, we were told that there can only be Lance & one other person in the L&D room...well the doctor can pick which mom can be there because I am not going to tell either one of our moms that they can't be there to watch their grandson being born. Other than those 2 main things there are just a few small things we have to talk to our doctor about on my 37 week appointment Monday. After the tour we went to Applebee's for dinner & I ate way to much & made myself get a stomach ache which really sucked & not to mention Lance has a summer cold & should have gone to the doctor yesterday since he was off but he was out running errands & doing stuff around the house all day so didn't make it there, so now he has to go after work today....poor thing, men can be such baby's when they get funny!!

At our vet & doctor's suggestions we have purchased a baby doll that cries & makes all kinds of baby noises so that we can prepare Georgia & Bella for Brayden's arrival. We put a diaper on it so that it will smell like Brayden will a bit & Lance is going to bring home a blanket from the hospital that Brayden has been wrapped in after his birth & wrap the baby doll in it so that they will really know his scent when he comes home.
At first I was afraid that they weren't going to understand or calm down but after a few days they are starting to understand that they have to be gentle around us while we are holding the baby. They are also getting used to the noises that the swing & baby both make.
Georgia really doesn't seem to be bothered by any of the noises at all anymore BUT Bella, on the other hand, gets nervous when the baby cries. She looks at the baby & then me & then the baby & then me again all while she is whining. She looks at me & it is like she is telling to to help the baby. Her face is so sweet & I really think that she knows that the baby doll is unhappy. I know that sounds weird but I know my baby girl very well & I think that she is going to watch Brayden like a hawk & always make sure that he is OK. I know that they will love him very much & realize that they have to be careful around him but I am really happy that we are doing this prior to Brayden homecoming.

This is them looking at me while I am holding the baby doll & it is crying.....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Polkadots & Protein Bars Giveaway

Polka Dots & Protein Bars "Sew Your Own" Giveaway

It's official! Time for a giveaway!

As you know, you've all voted and chosen this fabric to win.

Slowly Finishing The "TO DO" List

Car seat installed in my car & checked by the fire department....check

Hospital Bag Packed.....almost fully checked off the list (I forgot to get nursing bras & tanks so I will get them tomorrow since I am off)

Brayden's Diaper Bag packed........check

Hospital Tour.....check (after tonight)

Breast Feeding Class......going on 7/13 so I am going to say check for it being scheduled

Nursery here at work set up - checking off by the end of next week (have to get some men to do some manual labor here today!!!)

All this leaves on the list are a few odds & ends & then we are really ready for our little angel to join us!!!