Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And the Winner Is.....

Kristy Evans.  Please email me with in the next 48 hours to redeem the software!!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Trampoline Fun

It's always a good time when we get to go to JuJu & PaPa's house & the first place that we always have to head to is the trampoline.  B LOVES to jump & run on it & would probably sleep out there if I let him!!  This is one of the few times that Colton has actually been on it but he loves it too & it was funny to watch his facial expressions as B ran around him & made him bounce.

Brayden included him in the fun & ran over to Colton, sat down, gently knocked him down,

& then tried to get him up & when he couldn't he took his hat off,

helped him roll over & tried to get him back up that way.  It was so sweet to see B playing with his baby brother & including him in the fun & games.  Of course it didn't last long but it melted my heart to see him act so lovingly with Colton.

They are the center of my world & my heart is so full because of them both!!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

8 Months Old ;

Sometimes I feel like this little big guy is getting bigger by the day.  He is a true "hoss" in his 12 - 18 month clothes.  I swear some days when I walk into his room in the morning I really think that he grew over night!!  On that note; he is sleeping through the night & has been for quite a long time now.  He was sick for New Year's Eve & the beginning of the year so we had a few long nights of sleeping in the recliner with him (so he could breathe) but all is back to normal now.  He comes by his size in part because the boy LOVES food & his new found love is the Gerber flavored styrofoam puffs.  He sees the container & goes nuts............he sits in the highchair & cries & whines if he doesn't get at least a few.

He is eating 2nd foods 3 times a day & we haven't found anything that he doesn't enjoy as of yet.  He drinks from a sippy cup (& bangs it on the high chair too) with his 3 meals a day & also gets a 4 oz. bottle with those meals PLUS gets a 4 oz bottle as a morning & afternoon snack & a 6 oz. bottle before bed.  I feel like all I do is feed my poor starving kid. I also think that he is going to be taller than B.

We are still cloth diapering & loving it.  He is wearing a size 2 shoe but I might have to move up to a 3 due to the fact that his feet are chubby.  He hates socks & just like B takes them off right after I put them on.  He is a better napping & is actually taking about a 2 hour afternoon nap as well as 2 cat naps (one in the morning & one in the early evening).  He is getting up on his hands & knees more more but just sits there & smiles at me as if to ask "now what mom?".  He says "dada" really well but only growls at me; it is so cute!!  He has so many facial expressions & I am going to have another post for that!

He is a very happy little guy & even though I think a tooth is coming in & he is bothered by it he still smiles, laughs & growls at us all.  He & B are becoming friends & I can't wait for him to be a bit more mobile so that they can begin to play together!!

Did I mention he was sick as a dog; what a way to start 2012........... 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Second Child Syndrome

This is a completely random post............

I have heard of middle child syndrome but I was wondering if there is second child syndrome too.  B is at school today & I was just feeding Colton his bottle, in his room, in the glider & he seemed so peaceful & happy & went right to sleep when I laid him down.  This is something that I don't get to do that often or at all because I can't leave B unattended & so I wonder if he was wondering why we don't do that more often.  He kept looking up at me so I wonder if he want to do this & tell me that we need to do this more often!!

I know that he doesn't know that I did that all the time with B BUT I did.  I had the time to just rock & love on B each & everyday & I feel like I don't have that with Colton ever.  Lance's hours are so crazy that I don't even get to do it at bedtime so I am really going to have to make find the time with Colton because soon he will 2 & not want momma to do it!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

29 Months Old ;

I feel like I haven't posted about the 1st Good-son guy in quite a while so let me catch you up on him.  I have always said that he is an amazing little guy but HE IS AN AMAZING LITTLE GUY.  He is so sweet & cuddly.  He has the best belly laugh in the world.  He has a ton of energy which has gotten this momma back to her pre-pregnancy weight & then a few.  He fills my heart with joy & laughter...............until he doesn't!  He has the worst temperament in the world sometimes (thanks Lance).  He will throw the monster truck he is rolling on the TV stand or wall then I ask him to only roll it on the floor.  He will throw himself onto the floor if he hears the word "no" throwing the biggest tantrum I have ever seen.  He will shoot you the look of death just because sometimes BUT he will also now say things that I have been waiting to here since the day he was born............luv u being my favorite!!

In a nutshell speech therapy is going very well & B is making great strides.  Don't get me wrong we have a long way to go but we are getting there & that is what matters.  I feel like we have had to turn his world upside down & confuse him without telling him why BUT it has all been worth it.  His speech is progressing & it is changing him & us each & everyday.  Some days we struggle more than others but again it is all worth it & hearing his little voice brightens my day & melts my heart.  Not to mention it takes a huge weight off of my shoulders!!

I have felt for so long that this is my fault; that B is not talking because of something I did wrong.  I still think that way sometimes but there are other times that I think that he just wasn't ready to talk yet.  He was talking some before Colton's arrival & then he just stopped so maybe he just needed some time & some extra loving.  Maybe it shocked him more than we will ever know & he honestly just was upset about having a brother.  I guess I will never know the rhyme or reason for it; all I do know is what we are doing now is working & soon enough I will be pulling my hair out from all the "whys" & how comes" that kids ask.  I couldn't be more secure in our decision to intervene early.  I don't think that we could have found a better place to take him (Helping Hands Pediatric Therapy)  or found a better therapist in Ms. Lisa because we are just learning so many different & fun ways to learn & teach the Brayden & Colton too.

Brayden is a rock star & in my heart of hearts I know he will do great things.  I hope that he won't remember the struggles that he is going through right now a year from now & only remembers that we love him & always will.  I want him to grow up knowing that his family will always have his back & look out for him even when he doesn't think he wants us too..............& some days he really does look at me like I am a nut job for making him do some things but again it is worth it!!

Enough serious stuff; here are just a few updates on B:

He is wearing 3T clothes
He is in a size 8 shoe
He LOVES to color & write with "his" pen
He is really into Thomas the Train at the moment
He is also really into daddy (probably because momma is really mean)
He loves to wrestle (probably why he prefers daddy because momma doesn't do it right)
He still loves to be outside whenever possible
He still won't eat veggies BUT I am still putting them on the plate
He has not peed in the potty since the "poop incident" BUT I am still putting him in it all day every day
His new favorite toy in his iXL his Grams & Puddy got him for Christmas (carries it everywhere)
He is the best 2 year old that I know & I love his to pieces!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

My Memories Review & Giveaway

When I was contacted by Liz at  My Memories to review their My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software I couldn't have been more excited.  When I went to their website I found out that they have the "#1 rated scrapbooking software" & it great for seasoned scrapbookers or for newbies too.  I have a love for scrapbooking & have been getting into doing it the "traditional" way however have never tried it digitally & I have to say I am impressed with this software.  Like anything else that you down/upload to your computer you will have to navigate through & play around with it all just to get a feel for it (not to mention to see all of the wonderful options there are) but once you do you will be impressed by the projects that you start, finish & share.

I downloaded the software which was super easy & then just sat at the computer to play around with it & again I was impressed.  There are so many pre made kits, paper choices, embellishments & other things that are included when you download MyMemories Suite 3 BUT there are so many more wonderful things that can be added too.  These best part is that some of them are FREE & the ones that aren't are very affordable.  

When I was playing around I found these Christmas gift tags that I want to use for next year..........I'm bummed I didn't have them for this Christmas too though.  I am going to have to get specific pictures for each specific tag throughout the year but I think that they will add something special to the gifts next year. What do you think??

You can download the software by going to & when you do please enter this code: STMMMS30199 & you will receive a $10 discount on the software & then you will also receive a $10 coupon for the MyMemories store............that a pretty great deal!!  I love the software & plan to use it for projects that I will keep & cherish but I plan to also create beautiful gifts with it too.

My Memories is offering one of my readers their #1 rated  My Memories Suite software & here is how to enter!

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Small Vent for My Sanity..........

For the past 2 weeks I have been stuck in the house & feel like I am going to have a breakdown of some sort any minute.  Brayden managed to catch a pretty bad cold right before Christmas & it kicked into overdrive the day after Christmas & Colton managed to catch it & his kicked into overdrive on new years eve.  we had no plans for new years eve (just sushi & a movie here at the house) but this isn't the way I wanted to start the new year either.

I am very thankful that we enjoy a fabulous Christmas & both boys were healthy but I need them both to get over this cold & be 100% again like YESTERDAY.  This may sound horrible but I am tired of snotty noses, crying, whining, runny poops because of medicine, sleepless nights BUT mainly I miss my happy go lucky little guys.  Their smiles have been few & far between & when we have a bad/long day that always makes it better so without it I feel like I am in hell..................oh yeah & did I mention I have now managed to catch the cold too??

I took Colton to the doctor & of course they told me that he "just had a cold" & "we would have to let it run it's course"............this was after 3 nights of sleeping holding Colton in the recliner while he semi sleep so I just had a breakdown once we got back into the car.  I guess a part of me want him to have something that required antibiotics so that there would be a light at the end of the tunnel but alas in there eyes he was "fine". Both of the boys have had severely bad coughs & runny noses & have had many a restless night which means momma has too.

I am tired & grumpy & just want my children to return to their happy healthy selves ASAP!!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year........

Our New Year's Eve was spent at home; B has been under the weather & Colton has just caught the cold & has a yucky cough.  That meant I was (literally) up all night with Colton trying to console him.  Then Brayden woke up for some reason at 5:30am screaming & didn't get into a better mood until after an early nap.  But before that happened Lance slipped down our steps (thankfully he's alright) & put a hole on the drywall.............can we get a New Years Day re-do?????  PLEASE????? 

It was fun before all of the late night craziness started though..............