Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How Things Have Changed & Good Bye to September.....

I used to worry so much about things that I now look at as silly. I used to worry about not working all day everyday because "what would my bosses think?"; I would come to work no matter how sick I was, I would come work 12-14 hour days & just think that was normal......boy how things have changed!! My biggest worry now is Brayden Lance Goodson & his well being & happiness!! It is so amazing how he has completely consumed Lance & I & how much our outlook & view on life has changed for the BETTER!! God love our son & our family.....we are truly blessed!!

Good Bye September & hello to fall.........I am loving this weather!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Saturday....

so why am I up at 4 am......well Brayden was hungry so I got up & fed him but could not go back to sleep because my eyes are itching so badly & have so much crust in them that one was pretty much stuck shut. Damn the pink eye to hell!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

And Brayden Has.....

Conjunctivitis...which is swelling, inflammation or infection of the membrane lining the eyelids........PINK EYE. Which in baby terms means baby is UNHAPPY & GRUMPY & has itchy eyes!! Poor thing was just rubbing his little eyes like crazy yesterday but the drops seemed to help & the green yucky mess in his eyes isn't so bad this morning!! I tell you what when he is unhappy he wants to make sure that we all know it!! Brayden hasn't had a good nap in 2 days so mommy has had a hard time balancing work & him & then at night he is asleep but moves around a bunch & makes all these grunting (for lack of a better word) noises that makes me wake up & go check on him. I hate that he has already be in the hospital once & now he has this.....I feel like a bad mom!! Oh yeah & Brayden weighs 12 lbs. & 9 ozs.....he is such a big boy!!!

But thank God it is Friday & I can spend 2 days pampering our little boy :)

My Song Of The Day....

Justin Nozuka "After Tonight"

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Off To The Doctor...

The past 2 mornings Brayden has woken up with green yuck in his eyes & then they water & gunk up through out the day too so I called the doctor to see if he can get tested for allergies at his 2 week check up on October 5th & they said that I need to bring him in because it sounds like PINK EYE or maybe a blocked tear duct.....WTF??? My eyes have been itching since I heard pink eye........keep your fingers crossed that is not what it is!!

Infant and Childrens Tylenol Recall

FYI - 11 Alive News Report

Yesterday Was Quite A Day....

Brayden had a good day here with me at work EXCEPT for the fact that he had to work on getting a poop out ALL DAMN DAY & it wore him & me out!! He was straining to get it out starting about 9 yesterday morning & didn't stop (on & off) until we got home last night at 5. I felt so bad for him; he would eat & then doze off for about 30 minutes & then just lay there (I love to watch him on the video monitor) & roll around, grunt, push, kick his legs....you name it our poor little buddy tried it to get the poop out :) Finally, he did & then he was just grumpy & wanted to sleep but couldn't so I did bath & dinner for him early & rocked him for an hour until he finally closed his eyes & they stayed shut & amazingly enough he slept all night. I woke up at 3 & rolled over to see what time Lance got up & fed him & he wasn't in the bed so I got up went to check on the baby (he was still in the same position I laid him in the night before) & then went to look for Lance. Poor thing he was on the sofa because he had a stomach ache himself & he didn't want to wake me every time he got up to go to the bathroom (so sweet)......I told him he was having sympathy pains for Brayden!!

I asked him what time he ate & I couldn't believe I slept through him crying & Lance said "he hasn't eaten or woken up all night, but I have checked on him a bunch & he is breathing so is that alright that he did that?" First of all I busted out laughing at what he said & then I kissed him & said yes, it is fine that he slept all night because he was just tired from yesterday. Lance is too cute sometimes!!

I am happy that the baby got some rest but it stinks that Lance didn't. I slept hard last night but am still so tired today. I love having Brayden with me at work but I am still getting used to juggling work & him throughout the day. We are going to get it down packed though & when we do everyone watch out :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Best Feeling In The World....

happened yesterday when I got home!!! Brayden smiled when he saw me; he knew me & was happy to see me!!!

Brayden spent yesterday with his daddy & I missed him so much; I did get a lot accomplished at work but it still wasn't enough to occupy my mind because I thought about Lance & Brayden the whole day & just wanted to jump in the car & go home to them!!

Lance & Brayden had a great day together; it was only the 2nd time that they have had the whole day by themselves & they did wonderfully. Lance had a bit of a rough start because he was attempting to get Brayden dressed & fed so that while he napped he could get everything ready to head out....it took a bit but he got himself, the baby, the diaper bag & the car seat in the car & they were off to lunch with JuJu & PaPa. Lance said that he was a bit fussy when he got to his mom's work but he fed him, Brayden visited with JuJu & PaPa, then they played for a bit & then it was nap time again & he napped while they ate & while Lance ran to Babies R Us & Kohl's. He was a good boy for his daddy & Lance said that it was the best day ever....EXCEPT I wasn't there (so sweet).

I got home at 4:30, walked in the door & they they were sitting on the sofa & they BOTH SMILED AT me....that's right my baby boy smiled when he saw his momma was home. It warmed my heart & I actually teared up. We played for a while & then it was bath time & bed time for baby Brayden & mom & dad not to long after that. We were trying to get him to bed by 8 every night but that is proving to be too late for him so we are now bathing & feeding between 6:30 & 7 & then he is down for the count. He got up last night at midnight so he slept for a good 5 hours & we are ecstatic about that!! He ate 6 ounces & was out again until 4:30 so he got another good 4 hours before we left for work. We are amazed everyday by him & thank God for all that he has blessed us with!!
I love these two so much!!

Brayden loves to stare at the ceiling fan so we thought we would check it out BUT we don't see what the hype is all about :)
Our Family

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away....

I was so worried about the weather yesterday & got myself all in a frenzy for nothing!! I know that there were areas that were really bad but my route home up 85 North wasn't bad at all...not really with rain or traffic so I have no pictures of things I saw but these are some from the surrounding areas!! The traffic probably wasn't bad because a bunch of offices & schools closed early but the rain seemed to have slowed the closer I got to the house. I think that Brayden loved the rain I put his car seat in the car & he was out & slept the whole way home which was a blessing.

We got home though & I put Brayden in his swing (& he actually didn't really cry much) so that I could actually eat something.....I had a 2 cups of coffee for breakfast & all I had time to grab was a slim fast shake at lunch so I was starving by the time I got home. I ate, fed & played with the puppies & then got Brayden & we did our daily tummy/play time....he is so alert & loves to talk now. He smiles, laughs & squeals when we play & I think he is starting to understand that when we say Brayden we are talking to him!! Watching him grow & change daily is more amazing than i ever thought it would be.....I LOVE being his mother!!

Brayden had his best day yet yesterday with me at work! I said a prayer on my way in yesterday asking God to help me not to get stressed since I know that Brayden can sense it & I am sure that it then stresses him out too & it seemed to help! We had a great day all around; Brayden did good on the eating schedule we are trying to get him on, he played in his swing for a whole 10 minutes before screaming for me to pick him up, he napped like a champ & when he woke up he would lay there, play for a minute or 5 & then doze back off. My little man did so well & I am so proud!! We are trying to get him on a feeding schedule so that his last bottle is after bath time around 7-7:30 so that way he is asleep no later than 8. We figure that 8 is a good bed time for him now & as he grows & does more as well....we will see how it goes though. He is only 7 weeks old & I laugh sometimes when I think that i am trying to tell & get a 7 week old on a schedule :) Ahhhh, the joys of parenthood; I love every minute of it!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

OH The Weather Outside Is Frightful.....

I can't believe that we have had rain & flooding the way we have today.....schools & major interstates have been closed because of rain!! This is a first me me in Georgia & I am not looking forward to the ride home with the baby at all!! I am also hoping the there hasn't been any flooding at our house.....say a prayer & cross your fingers for me!! I'll post pictures later tonight of this crazy Georgia rain storm.

7 Weeks Old Today....

How time is flying & how fast Brayden is growing & growing out of clothes. He has been out of newborn clothes for a while & the 0-3 month clothes are getting to be too short for his body & legs......I guess he is going to be tall like his momma!!

We had a pretty good weekend; we went to dinner at Longhorn on Friday night & Brayden was so good....he slept the entire time we were there. Saturday he & I ran errands, cleaned the house, did laundry, played, read books.....& it waited for daddy to get home from work!! Lance was of course late but Brayden waited up for him & when Lance got home he rocked him to sleep. We didn't make it to the fair Sunday because of the weather but we went to lunch with JuJu & PaPa & that made Brayden happy so that is all that matters!! We are getting (I should say trying) Brayden on a schedule & it is working pretty good I would say. We are trying to have him in bed no later that 8 every night; he had a hard time last night but he slept from 9:30-3:30 this morning so we are THRILLED!!!

The BULLDOGS won against the hogs on Saturday so we are VERY happy about that & then last night My NY Giants beat the Cowboys in a last minute field goal.....I LOVE FOOTBALL season!! I didn't stay up for the game last night since Brayden & I had to work this morning but I just finished watching the replays online & I couldn't be happier with the out come! Tonight we have Lance's Colts playing but I am sure that Brayden & I will be asleep for that game as well :)

My boss just sent this picture to me & I love it!! Brayden at 1 day old........

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Random Photos.....

Brayden Work Nursery....

His name on the door.....

when I get to work in the morning I leave him in his car seat to sleep & try to get work done.

He loves to stare at the mobile!!

He also love his Aunt Darlene.......he is learning he is learning early to get in good with the bosses wife! hahaha

This is the monitor that sits on my desk......I love to watch him!

Video camera monitor in the nursery....this thing is awesome!!

We have done so rearranging since these were taken but I will leave these & take new ones next week!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

6 Week Check Up.........

FOR ME!! Everything (all 3 stitches) healed nicely according to the doctor & Lance better watch out tonight!!!

Ready For The Weekend!!

It has been one hell of a week & I am so ready to relax.....well as much as a woman can with a 6 almost 7 week old little boy at home!! I have my 6 week check up appointment later this morning & can't wait to get the OK to workout again plus the OK to be intimate with Lance. I would say Lance needs to watch out tonight but I am so tired as much as I want it I don't know if I'll have the energy for it!!

We have the GA/Arkansas game Saturday at 7:00 & I am just hoping that I will be able to stay awake to watch the whole thing!! The Bulldogs own an 8-3 edge over the Razorbacks in the all-time series including wins in the last five meetings. The teams last met in 2005, which was a 23-20 Georgia win in Athens. The Bulldogs are 3-0 all-time in Fayetteville and 4-0 overall in the series under Richt. GO DAWGS!!

We are heading to the Gwinnett County Fair on Sunday with Brayden & I am sure he will want to BUT we are not going to let him ride the rides this time...hahaha!
We know that he can't really do much at the fair but it will be fun & I am sure that there will be plenty of Kodak moments; speaking of which I need to upload recent pictures of out little one & update my blog all together.

Anyway.....gotta get some work done before little man wakes up. Can I just say I love having him at work with me!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pregnancy Weight..........

So I decided to jump on the scale & try on my pre-pregnancy jeans the other day...WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING??? I am 8 lbs. away from my 8 week pregnant weight so I thought that was good but when I tried on my jeans & they wouldn't even button I just sat on the floor in the closet & cried. I know, I know it was all worth it & the weight will come off........I just feel so unattractive these days. Lance says that I look amazing & he is very excited that I have my 6 week check up on Friday since there is that "waiting period" until we can be intimate again; he is really hoping the doctor gives us the green light for sexy time!!

It isn't just the weight that is making me feel unattractive; it is the varicose & spider veins in my legs, my hair feels different (yucky) now that I am no longer pregnant (& I am still taking pre natal vitamins), I am tired all the time & look like crap..........just so many things! I know that these are silly things to be worried about & I look at Brayden & forget about all of this stuff but when I look in the mirror I just cringe at what I see!!

TV Guilty Pleasures........Thank God for DVR!!

Real Housewives-
Atlanta - I live in Georgia & they make us look bad!!
OC - fake boobs, tans, & ladies.....loves it!!
New Jersey - can't wait for season 2
New York - Love me some Jill Zaran

One Tree Hill-
Great Music finds in their shows
Kate Voegele
Matt Nathanson - Wedding Dress (unbelievable song)

Rachel Zoe Project-
she is amazing BUT a woman with a new baby can't wear clothes like that!!

Gossip Girl

Big Brother-
the season just ended & I am so happy that Jordan won the money!!

Say Yes To the Dress-
& any other wedding show I can find on TV

2nd Wedding Anniversary, 33rd Birthday & First Day Away From Brayden..........

Yesterday was our 2nd wedding Anniversary & today is my 33rd birthday........I can't believe how happy & blessed I am!! This years celebrations seem to be the best ever since I get to celebrate with my wonderful husband & beautiful baby boy!!

Lance is off today so he is keeping Brayden home with him.....I miss him so much already & it has only been 2.5 hours!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

6 Weeks Old & Back to Work We Go......

So yesterday was our first day back to work & Brayden did so well.....he was bossing people around & making all the decisions for me.....JUST KIDDING! He did do really well though, he didn't fuss to much or to loud & he loves his work nursery; I know that I have said it before but I work for such an amazing company!! To let me bring him to work with me is just such a great thing; I love that I am the one that is watching over him & I have to say the set up is perfect. I have a monitor in his nursery that has a video camera on it so I can see him while I am at my desk or walking around the office/building.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy....

I feel like I am so busy all the time & don't really have time to breathe let alone get on here & blog. I go back to work next Monday September 14th & can't believe how fast 6 weeks flew by. I know that I am taking Brayden to work with me & am so excited about it but I am also starting to get very nervous about it...what if he doesn't do well there & I get no work done at all?? What if he disturbs everyone else in the office?? What then?? I guess we will just have to wait & see but I hope & pray that all goes well!!

Brayden had his 1 month doctors appointment on September 3rd & he checked out A OK! He is almost 11 pounds already & growing taller every day too. He is changing so much with each day that passes & we are amazed & in aw of him on a daily basis!

My best friend came into town from Boston over the weekend to meet Brayden & we had such a wonderful visit. She arrived on Saturday afternoon so we had Lance's mom & dad come over & watch the baby so that we could go to the airport & lunch before coming back to the house to watch football. I am so ready for football even though Georgia lost we are ready for the season!! Brayden wore his outfit in support of the team too!!

We all went to bed pretty early on Saturday night & then got up on Sunday & headed to brunch......we went to McCray's in downtown Lawrenceville & sat on their rooftop patio & it as such a beautiful early afternoon. The weather was perfect & we had an awesome meal!!

We left there & headed to look at Halloween costumes (I don't think that we will be taking Brayden trick or treating but Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year!!), Babies R Us & to the mall to walk around for a bit.....after all that running around we headed home to relax for a bit & then we were off to dinner to meet some friends at Monterrey (our favorite little Mexican place). The food was awesome as usual & Brayden slept the whole time. I think that we over did it taking Brayden every where on Sunday because he did not have a good night that night & ended up being a very bad early morning as well.

We had Lance's mom & dad coming over that morning at 9:30 to watch him so that we could head up to the lake for Labor Day a bit but both Lance & I were nervous about leaving him after him having such a bad & long night......but of course JuJu & PaPa were not having any talk like that & sent us on our way for the day.

Brayden did very well & we had a good time too. We called them every hour to check in & missed him so much. It was hard to be away from the baby for that long but it was nice to get out on the water with friends. We cleaned the boat & put her away for the summer, next year Brayden will begin what will be many years of summers on Lake Lanier....he is going to be a water baby for sure!!

We ordered pizza Monday night & I was asleep on the sofa very early. I forgot how much energy the sun & lake took out of me & after a long night the night before with Brayden I was just exhausted!! I took Danielle to the airport on Tuesday in the early afternoon & when I got home & focused on Brayden the whole day. We did tummy time & worked on getting him ready for his first night in his crib, we played together all day & it was a great (long) day just baby & mommy!! He did pretty good in his crib but we am just going to have to get used to the baby monitor thing....I kept getting up to check on him since he wasn't in his bassinet right beside our bed.

He did really well last night...he was in bed & asleep after his bath at 7:30
& didn't get up to eat until 12:30 so lance did that feeding & I did his 3:30 feeding & over all I would say that we had a very happy & successful night with barely any colic/belly issues. We will see how the day progresses but I am praying that Brayden feels good today & that his belly doesn't bother him too much!! I do have a call into the doctor though; he has had yucky eyes since Sunday & I am not sure if it is alergies (if he can even have issues like that yet) or if it is just another part of him not sleeping & the colic.

I hate that Brayden has been having so many issues with his colic & I really hate that there is not much that Lance & I can do for him. We feel so helpless when he is crying & fussing but we just hold Brayden tight & tell him how much we love him & we just hope & pray that it all goes away very soon.......our poor little man needs a break from belly aches & tearful nights!!