Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our Future Soccer Star

Brayden has been in speech & OT therapy for a while now & one of the other moms suggested that we sign him up in a sport to help him learn to listen to other adults as well as to play with kids that he doesn't know better.  Being that at the time he was only 2.5 we did have many options but we did find Lil'Kickers & he is in heaven every Saturday since he started!!  Lil'Kickers in a indoor facility so we don't have to worry about the heat & also groups the kids by age so the class that he just finished & is starting today are both classes with a parent which is fun for Lance & I too.

He is not on a team or playing actual games of course but he is learning the fundamentals of the game while working on his motor skills, coordination & social skill which are all important for B's progression.  He has his moments where he just will fall to the floor & not want to do something but the coaches are great with the kids & encourage them to get up & at least try!!

Doesn't he look handsome in his uniform??

And here is the other benefit for him "playing" a sport...............he's exhausted when we get home!!!  That make this momma VERY HAPPY!! 

Friday, June 29, 2012


I couldn't be more excited to tell you all that I have begun a new adventure in my life & it is not one I ever saw myself doing.  I have become apart of the It Works Team & am thrilled to death about it!  I have never thought of myself as a sales woman but I truly believe in this product & the results really do speak for themselves.  I was hesitant at first about trying a product like this let alone selling it but once I tried it myself I was all in.

The product that I am talking about is an all natural wrap that tones, tightens, & firms your body within the first 45 minutes of wearing it & it one of many of the products that are on my It Works website for sale.   Similar wraps are done at spas in my area starting at $150 for one wrap at their location; ours are $25 for 1 & $59 for 4 & are done in the comfort of your home.  When I personally tried it I lost an shocking total of 4 inches from my midsection & can't wait to do my thighs!!  I see it as an alternative to the growing trend for more drastic measures like plastic surgery or constricting shapewear.

It is not a replacement for the gym or exercise all together BUT it is a way to jump start yourself into a life & future of healthy living since we encourage & promote a healthy lifestyle with each & every product we offer (the looking good part is an added bonus)!!  It is not a wrap that just makes you lose water weight & you regain the inches after having a glass of water or two.  The inches that you lose over the course of days that follow are obtained will last with a healthy diet & lifestyle.  This loss is introduced at the celluar level through detoxification, micro-circulation, & lipolysis & is a permanent effect of the treatment.  By permanent, I mean it stays off like you have exercised it off.  A healthy lifestyle is encouraged & the It Works products (not just the wrap) can design a program that fits you.  We have a program called Fit Works & it works off of food thermogenics; it teaches you what food pairing go together to increase the metabolic reactions in your body!!  

Here are some photos of the results that can be had.  
These are NOT photos of me they are of clients that have used the product.

As you can see it can be used in so many different places on the body with the same results each & every time.........LOSS OF INCHES!!  It can be used by anyone that wants to tone, tighten, firm & detoxify their body.  I honestly wish I would have had this after both my kids were born.  I have seen photos of women that are only about a week postpartum & their results were UNBELIEVABLE!!!

I am excited to be a part of the It Works family & I am even more excited to share it with each & every person I can so I am going to GIVEAWAY 1 WRAP to one lucky winner.

The 2 Ways to Enter Are As Follows:
1.  Follow my blog & leave a message telling me you do
2.  Go to my It Works website; leave a message here telling me one product (other than the wrap) that you are interested in or want to know more about.

It is that simple!!  The giveaway will close Friday July 6th at midnight.  Good Luck.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

She's Crafty........Well I'm Working on It Anyway!!

I have decided that since I have an amazing craft room (thank you boobala) that I am going to start using it to create all presents & cards here in the future.  I know that with 2 little ones running around that I might miss an occasion here & there but for the most part I would like to create & make sweet & also one of a kind presents for our family from the the boys.  I know that a store bought gift can be a great gift but when you make something special for someone & put some thought into what exactly that person might like then I think it makes that gift & occasion every better!  

I have a Cricut & am just getting into all the things that it can can create & if you have one you know that you can never know all that it does the it seems endless.  I have made a few things for myself for holidays & also made this for our niece's room for her birthday.......... 

& then made frames for the boys Grams & JuJu for mother's day.  I still have to learn a good bit but I like the way they turned out!!

I then got adventurous & made a frame/block set for the boys PaPa & Puddy for Father's Day.  I really loved the way these turned out & think that both Puddy & PaPa likes them too.  I really like the fact that they can change the blocks to show 6 different photos & thought the frame with the poem just made it even more special. 

I started a book for Lance & the boys for his Father's Day gift but have yet to take photos of it at this point nor it is up to date; I am still working on it but an anxious to show it to you all............I'm pretty proud of it.  I enjoy doing all of this so much & it is kind of like therapy for me since it is a time for just me, my thoughts & my glue, mod podge, photos & ideas.............

Monday, June 25, 2012

Chuck E Cheese Birthday Fun

 This is the last post regarding Colton turning one I promise..............

I took some photos of him on his actual birthday; he enjoyed his first ever cupcake & LOVED it.  I am not sure why he now doesn't like them but at least I got great photos that day right??

I of course had to snap some of this handsome little guy too...........

And then we were off to Chuck E Cheese for some fun & games.  We have taken Brayden for both of his birthdays so we are going to make sure Colton goes on his too.  They are both a bit young for most of the stuff there (in my opinion) but there are things that they both enjoy so it was fun!

My dad even got in on the fun............... 

& everyone played at once at one point!!  We had a blast celebrating Colton turning one & I know that he may not remember the festivities but when he looks back at pictures he'll know that he did & more over that he was surrounded by everyone that loves him!! 

Now I have to get ready for Brayden's 3rd birthday coming up...................ARRRRRR; it a Pirate Party!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Colton's Big Top Birthday Party

So Colton's party was on May 6th & I am just now posting about it..................I promise that I have not just been slacking I have really been crazy busy!!

We went with a Circus/Big Top theme & I think that it turned out pretty well.  I wish it would have been a tad bit cooler but overall I think that everyone had a great time & that fun was had bay all!!  Colton was the star of the Circus & enjoyed seeing friends from daycare as well as all the family that came.

I decorated every part of the inside & outside of the house that I could.  I didn't go overboard (at least I don't think I did) I just wanted it to look great so I did something in each room that would be seen. 

I wanted to do a candy table for the kids (& adults too) & loved the way it turned out. 

We also decided to just do a smash cake for Colton & then cupcakes for everyone to eat; I always worry that with so many people at a party someone or two people won't like whatever type of cake I choose.  Plus I really just enjoy baking cupcakes!! 

The only person that I wanted to enjoy the cake didn't even want to touch it though...........lil'booger wouldn't even try a darn cupcake.

We went with yummy food that you would have a the circus/carnival.  Hot dogs & Hamburgers with all the fixins, soft pretzels, chips, popcorn, snow cones & a few other little things here & there.  I did flavored water, sweet tea & lemonade for the adults & then juice/capri suns for the kids. 

As far as "things" to do we had games set up in the front & back yard & then got a huge jumpy thing with a slide.  Again I wish it had been a tad bit cooler & also that we had a bit more shade in our yard but the kids didn't seem to mind the heat one bit. 

I set up a place in the front yard for the smaller kids to play in; I put it where the shade starts to appear first & Colton & all of his little friends had a great time in there playing!

I think that my favorite part of the party was the photo booth; I thought it was cute to see everyone put on a prop or two & strike a pose plus I was able to print & give the photos to all of his friends at school with a thank you for coming note. 

I can't believe that his birthday has come & gone & he is now actually 13 months old.  My baby is now a toddler & is a hot mess 24/7.  He is into everything & thinks he can do everything that B can do.  I have said it before but Colton is a pure joy & is loved by all.  He & Brayden are so fun to love & raise each & everyday & (I know they are mine but) the are the best 2 boys in the world!!!

Here are just some random photos from that day; just because............

(I forgot to even put this on Colton that day)

Cousin Cooper trying to eat photo of the two of them by far!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Colton's 1 Year Photo Shoot (photo overload)

Of course Mickey came along for the ride & even got a photo op.

And then CK Photography tried to capture moments of me with both boys (Lance was working)........easier said than done as you can see!!

With each day that passes I hope & pray that both our boys have a bright, wonderfully happy & amazing future.  I want them to be whomever they are going to be & do whatever they want to do as long as they are happy & healthy than I am going to be the proudest mom on the face of the planet!!!