Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Settling In

Life is insanity right now & I wish I could blog about it all but when I am awake & the boys are both asleep my sister is asleep in the room with our computer so I am hoping that I will get to at least get Colton's birth story finished tomorrow.  It was such a different experience compared to Brayden's so I have a lot to tell you all.

Brayden is getting adjusted to another little guy taking his mommy's attention better with each day but it is still quite a struggle & is very heartbreaking for me to see him get so upset.  I pray everyday for him to love his baby brother & for him to start to understand that we love them both very much & that will never change!!

We had an amazingly wonderful Mother's Day weekend & it was extra special for me because Colton & Brayden were both here to celebrate it with me PLUS I had both my mothers (mine & Lance's) here at the house & that is not something that I get very often on a daily basis let alone on a special day like Mother's Day.

Not only does he look like his big brother but he looks just like his daddy.

Colton & his JuJu 

Colton, Grams, Puddy & Aunt Mammie 

Colton, Max & Caleb (his cousins)