Friday, February 10, 2012

Choo - Choo

We decided that B was ready for the next step as far as beds went; he looked so big in his toddler bed & even though he still had room it was time to get him into a real "big boy bed".  As Lance took apart his crib/toddler bed we realized that his crib went from toddler bed to a full size bed & that was TOO big so we decided to get the choo-choo crazed little guy this bed..................

Let's just say that he loves it & even though he still doesn't want to do to be he falls right to sleep & has only fallen out once.  I was actually awake when it happen & was watching him in his monitor & couldn't help but laugh.  He was startled for a second but climbed right back in & was out in 2 seconds.

He's growing up so fast :(