Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm A Dirty Girl & Proud of It!!!

This past weekend was a part of an amazingly fun event; The Dirty Girl Mud Run.  It is a 5k with crazy obstacles & of course mud & a portion of the proceeds raised are given to the National Breast Cancer I got to play in the mud like a kid for a good cause & it was more fun than I could have ever imagined!!

My sister in law asked me to do it a few months ago with her & her friends from church & I agreed without really knowing anything about it but as I looked into it I got nervous & did I mention that I had NEVER run a 5k in my life??  I was pretty proud of myself when it was all said & done.  I ran the majority of it & could only NOT to one of the obstacles; it was a tube & I couldn't make my claustrophobic booty get in it.

Here we are at the second obstacle...........getting down & dirty for the 1st time.

Not all the obstacles made you get messy but they were all a challenge.

Here I am crossing the finish line.............all dirty & smiley.  I enjoyed it so much that I am going to look into running an actual 5k.  Does that make me crazy??

If you have the opportunity to do something like this I would said GO FOR IT.  It was a great way to give money to an amazingly needed cause like Breast Cancer, a great way to spend my morning & get some exercise too.