Saturday, March 10, 2012

10 Months Old

10 months old already; time is flying by & he is growing & changing so fast!!  He is all over the place crawling  & is pulling himself up on everything now.  He is walking with the help of his pushy things so I am sure that he'll be walking on his own very soon.

He has cut 4 teeth so far but acts like there are still more coming in; the drool is out of control.  We are phasing in 3rd foods but he isn't liking that he has to chew so it is a slow process.  I think it is funny that he will eats puffs & pinwheel snacks as well as banana & apples diced up but when it comes to the food he starts to gage half way through.  I need him to eat the food for energy since he is moving so much & needs food that stays with him & isn't just liquid puree.

Colton is an amazingly happy little guy BUT he is testing his boundaries & his crying skills when he doesn't get his way.  He is hell on wheels in his walker but loves to get into everything that he can while in it.  I say "no-no" & he shakes his head back in forth saying "no-no" back to me but then does whatever it is anyway & then when I walk towards him he runs off giggling & laughing & wants me to chase him.  I chase B around the house (at least 10 times a day h want to do this) so it is cool that Colton wants to play now too.

Colton is still in 12-18 month clothes; he is thinning out now that hes moving but he seems to still be getting least to me.  He is wearing size 3 shoes & it is time to get him so good ones for walking.

Colton loves his walker because he can run in it but he also like to just walk using something to hold onto.  He is still pretty wobbly but I'm sure with lots of practice he'll be running behind Brayden soon enough.  He gets himself up to the standing position but looks puzzled on what to do next.  He has so many facial expressions & faces that he makes that we are constantly laughing.

He says "dadda" all day, everyday but no momma yet.  He says a bunch of other gibberish but I think that is the only word so far.  He is a momma's boy so I'm hoping to hear momma out of his mouth pretty soon. 

Colton is our precious happy go lucky little guy & smiles 99% of the time.  He loves his big brother & even smiles at him when he won't share his toys.  We really thought that B would love when Colton became more mobile since I wouldn't have to actually carry him everywhere but no that Colton can get to his toys he's not to sure about him again.  B does love him very much though & if Colton cries/fussy he always walks over to him & gives him hugs & kisses to make him feel better.

Life is crazy busy but fantastic & all I can say is I am very, very blessed!!!