Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Fun in the Sun

We enjoyed such a great Easter this year; this was Colton's first Easter & it was also the first Easter that B has actually enjoyed the traditional kid fun Easter things!!  I decided to do buckets for them this year instead of baskets; I figure we can use the buckets this summer & on vacation & then maybe next year will be the year that I get them the fancy ones that we pull out every year.

I put their name on one side & their initial on the other................cute??

Colton liked the basket but LOVED the grass in the bottom more!!

  B loved his stuff too but when he realized that the bunny was chocolate he was in heaven & took the ears right off the poor little guy.

I love that Colton wanted to read his card even if he just looked at it & then tried to eat it.

We pulled out B's table & the hard boiled eggs & let B & the neighbor kids dye them.  B lacked patience when it came to leaving the eggs alone to soak up the color but he did better than I thought he would & the eggs turned out alright.

When we were done with the egg dying we moved onto the Easter Egg hunt.  B LOVED the eggs that I found that you squeeze & confetti goes every where the most.

Colton even got in on the fun & PaPa helped him find an egg or two.

We had an amazingly yummy dinner that & played outside for most of the was the best Easter with the boys to date!!

I thought I would share that Lance brought me home the most beautiful tulips too............isn't he sweet!!