Thursday, April 5, 2012

11 Months Old

Holy crap in a month this little guy will 1 year old...........a whole 12 months will have gone by in the blink of an eye.  I am really looking forward to his party but am sad at the same time.  It is true what they say about them growing up so fast; he will be 5 & heading off to kindergarten before I know it & oh how the tears will fall down this momma's face when that happens.

Colton is almost walking & a speed demon crawler.  He has taken a few steps here & there but doesn't seem to have his balance under control just yet.  He loves to giggle & has the best belly laugh I've heard for being so little.  He has figured out that he likes real food & prefers to try to feed himself when ever possible.  I am still giving him 3rd foods 3 times a day but he likes to feed himself apples, strawberries, bananas, carrots & even chicken.  The kid LOVES food & loves his independence already. He claps when you say "yeah" & loves when I sing to him.

He is taking one long nap a day & thankfully it has worked out to be the same time that B naps so I am in nap heaven finally.  Colton is no different than his brother & every time the door opens to outside he wants to go out & play.  It is hard at the moment since he is not walking to keep both entertained since I drag his walker outside & he wanders without fear but he can be contained by putting him on the grass.  He will sit & pull it out of the ground forever.  He is also like his big brother in the water area; the hose comes out & I get huge smiles & laughs.  The water is still a bit cold but I really don't think kids have a sense of that while they are playing.

Colton has finally also gotten on a great nightly sleeping schedule; he goes down at 8 & is up around 6 UNLESS he is teething & then it gets a bit earlier.  He has 5 teeth & it seems like more are coming because the drool is just pouring out of his little mouth.  There is literally a line on the floor that follows his crawling path...............gross I know but what can I do?  He is wearing 12 month shorts but 18 month tops & size 3 shoes.  He is a long lean little thing!!

Colton loves his brother with all of his heart & the way that he looks at him is with such admiration already; I only wish B looked at him the same way.  We are still struggling with B sharing & poor Colton gets pushed over or popped by B at least a few times a day.  B goes strait to timeout when this happens & then has to hug, kiss & say sorry to his baby brother & we are hoping this will pass very quickly.

Colton is happy about 95% of the time & is all boy all the time.  He has a smile that can light up a room.  He is trying to talk & be heard already.  He says "da-da", "no-no" (& shakes his head while saying it), we get a j sound for juice & has attempted "ma-ma" a few times but I'm not sure if he is really saying it or if just babbling & that is what I want to hear.

We are so lucky to have these little guys in our lives & I feel blessed each & every day that I spend with them.  I am really looking forward to Colton Circus Party next month & will post his invite once everyone receives theirs in the mail.