Saturday, October 13, 2012

B's First Day of Pre-K

OK, so this happened over a month ago but as usual I am WAY BEHIND on just about everything!!  B started in his "big boy" elementary pre-k program on September 17 & we were all a bit weary about how he was going to handle the change because one of B's main issues is transitions & change.  Generally when he experiences a change or something brand new it does go very well; he gets very nervous & upset which means a tantrum.  I wish I could say that it was a normal tantrum but it isn't; it is 10 times worse because he is only throwing it out of fear & anxiety not just because he isn't getting his way or just plain ol' mad.  It is hard to watch & I was prepared for this to be the case the first day of Pre-K............thankfully it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be at all!!  He didn't like getting up & getting dressed before he usually does but after that drama he was pretty much OK.

We dropped Colt off at daycare that morning & then we were on to B's new school.  Pulling up to the school I almost had a complete breakdown but managed to reel it in so that he would see nothing but smiles from Lance & I.  I know this is what is best BUT in my mind I just kept saying he's not 5 & this school is too big.  He is going to be scared & sad & I am not going to be there to help calm him down.  I was freaking out in my head but B was a trooper; we walked in & he was happy to see a water fountain in the front "lobby" area & he played there while I filled out some of the final paperwork & then his teachers pair a pro came & took his supplies & then Ms. Baker (his teacher) came, grabbed him by the hand, & took him to class.  He looked worried at first but Lance & I both told him he was OK & he was going to have fun & he smiled & off he went to class!

This was the best possible outcome that we could have ever dreamed of & we were so proud that he handled it so well.........the rest of the day was pretty rough for him BUT he is settled in quite nicely now & doing so well.  He is learning & talking more & more each day & he his kicking his delay's ass!!  His speech progression is moving faster than I thought it would & he can now tell us what he wants & needs without too much frustration.  We still have a long way to go but I feel like he is going to be all caught up by the time Kindergarten starts & that is a true blessing!!

We celebrated when he got home with birthday cake ice cream cones & playing outside.  It is funny that I think the day was harder on me than it was on him & honestly I am still feel a little blue when I drop him off Monday - Friday but it is getting easier I guess.  He is thriving & I need to snap out of it!

He is growing up so fast & turning into such a big boy............he's even making strides at getting potty trained BUT that is a whole other post!!