Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dr. Oz Says.....

Did you know that Dr. Oz suggests that you "Reboot your body by cleansing it. A cleanse is designed to give you the key nutrients your body needs while stimulating and detoxing your organs." As a mother of 2 I have no time or patience to "juice"; besides I have heard that juicing is very mess & gets quite expensive.  I am happy that I have been taking Greens though because they are a detox ready to go; you just add them to some juice, shake & drink & you are on your way to a healthier more energetic you!!  An added bonus is they have 38 herbs & nutrient rich "superfoods". they alkalize your body (so your immune system gets a super charge), they promote pH balance, &  one drink is the equivalent of 8+ servings of fruits & vegetables..........can't go wrong with any of this can you??  Personally I think that the Greens are the best of both worlds; I get the same things that Dr. Oz puts in his "juiced" drink without the hassle and mess!! Feeling like a million bucks is easy!

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