Monday, December 19, 2011

7 Months Old ;


Colton celebrated being 7 months old on the 3rd of December but I just can't seem to get caught up so I am just now getting this post up.  I take the pictures but finding the time to upload them & look at them is the hard part.  Colton & Brayden have both been under the weather with a cold which in turn caused their stomachs to churn & turn NOT TO MENTION  Lance had a small surgical procedure last week when the boys were sick so I have had to care for 2 sick children & 1 whiny sick hubby too so I am exhausted but thankfully everyone is almost 100% better & life can resume to the normal crazy busy.

Colton is sitting up like a champ these days.  His balance is getting better & better & he is actually enjoying it now.  He still rolls around to get to stuff that he wants but I am hoping that his crawling will be coming up soon.  He will get his butt up in the air but then gets frustrated when he can get his upper body up too & vice versa too.  It is funny to watch but I don't think he thinks so.

He eats 3 food meals a day with a bottle & also has a bottle for a snack in between each meal; my boy loves his food & starts clicking his tongue when he is starting to get hungry.  He is a little 3 hour timer!!  He love the Gerber puffs & I just bought the yogurt melts so we'll see how he likes them later today.  He loves his sippy cup but it ends up on the floor more than it does in his mouth; his coordination is better but still not perfected.

He is wearing 12-18 month clothes & is just a big, solid little guy.  I think that he is going to be bigger than Brayden & that one day in the near future he is going to be able to take B.

They are getting along so well & B will try to help with Colton now too.  He will try to help give him a bottle & when he is rolling around on the floor B will try to pick him up for me; of course this is only because B knows that we can't leave & do anything else if Colton doesn't come too but I'll take what I can get these days.

We are loving cloths diapers but when Colton's belly was messed up I purchased disposables because of the mess issue Colton was creating so he is wearing a size 3 pamper.  His screaming has become babbling & he is using the "da" sound but I don't think he is saying "da-da" for Lance just yet.  BUT if you ask Lance he is.  I think that Colton is just so used to hearing me repeat things to B due to his speech therapy that Colton is just getting a jump start so I don't do it to him!

Colton loves to sit by the Christmas tree & play with the limbs & we are all excited to see how the boys do this year with Santa coming..........

Life is good & Lance & I are enjoying the boys so much.  Both of them are balls to the walls from the time they get up to the time they pass out so life is fun.........