Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fallen Behind Yet Again.........

Where in the hell does the time go; I feel like yesterday was just November 1st & we were just starting to get ready for the holidays BUT Thanksgiving has past & Christmas is creeping up pretty fast!!  Oh wait I have a 2 year old & a now 7 month old............that is where my time goes :)  We have been keeping very busy & I am going to do my best to post in the order of things happening but I might get jumbled up here & there.

I have been trying since we put up the downstairs tree to get a great Christmas photo of the boys together BUT in the weeks that I have been trying I haven't been successful.  Brayden doesn't want to sit still at all & when I try to make him (Christmas pj's or not he is on the run 24/7) this is what I get; LOTS OF TEARS.

So I bribed him with his new found favorite candy; a Kit Kat & he calms down but he chocolate gets everywhere but at this point I don't care & just try to get at least one good one.

They don't completely suck but they won't be on our Christmas card either.........they will be good to look back at one day.  Colton is good at "posing" for momma though.

I am dreading B's reaction to Santa but I have been reading him tons & tons about him & am hoping that we get a good photo BUT if we don't again it will be a good photo to look back at!