Monday, October 24, 2011

Corn Dawgs

We took the boys to Corn Dawgs & it was a completely different experience than it was last year for sure.  B was old enough to play things & boy did was colder & very windy this year so we couldn't stay as long nor walk around & see everything like last year so I was a bit bummed but B & C had a blast & that is all that matters right??

He is a bit obsessed with rock..........not sure why

This is where we spent the majority of our time

& Colton watched his big brother very intently; he also borrowed his hat until I got back from the car with his......

Cute right??

Brayden realized that the jumping tube had sand all around it & quickly got off to inspect it for a while

Once he was tired of jumping we just let him lead up to the next destination

& of course he went to the car...... "nud, nuds" are one of his favorite things to play in & he loves to pretend to drive them too

We ended the day in the zip line swing & it was laughs & belly giggles the whole time.

It was such a fun day & I can't wait to go again next year; Colton will be old enough to enjoy it too & it will be neat to see both my boys running around & playing.

Here's the family last year.......