Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Can I Get a Day Off Boss??

I thought the week before last was long & rough but this past week was 10 times worse!!  I am just going to sum it up day by day since that will be much easier & hopefully will keep me from rambling on about it.

Sunday, September 25 - The morning was going perfect until I was feeding Colton & B was pushing his highchair around the kitchen & then he headed into the pantry & picked up a plastic fork that was on the floor in there.  This normally wouldn't be such an issue HOWEVER he bit one of the prongs off & swallowed it........whole, the whole thing & it was one of those large plastic forks too.  He cried for a second but then ran away to play like nothing had happened.  I freaked out & when Lance returned to the house we headed to the urgent care office just up the street from our house.  They said that he was fine & to just watch him & unless he started to show signs (fever, vomiting, blood in his stool) then he would just have to pass it no big deal.  I was dumb founded by this but they are the doctors & they know what they are doing right??  Let me just say that I was feeling like the mom of the year at this point; it was only 9:30am & I had already almost killed my kid (it felt that way)........why when I told him to spit it out did he not listen & why when I walked toward him to get it out of his mouth did he swallow it??

He was fine after we returned from hell (this is how he must view the doctor because he screamed the entire time we were there) & we had family lunch over at JuJu & PaPa's to celebrate mine & Aunt Cindy's birthdays so I packed the boys up & we were off.  Lance of course had to work so while at his parents house I just stared at B waiting for something to happen. It didn't & even though the day started off crappy it ended well & we had fun.

Monday, September 26 - B goes to school & I try to recover from a very sleepless night.  Every time I would close my eyes I would see B choking on the damn fork.  Lance got off at 5 so it was nice to have the family together for a nice night AND Lance found the fork prong; that's right he never swallowed it!!!  I guess he cried because I scared him when I told him to spit it out & came at him.  We thankfully kept the fork & the piece Lance found matched up to the broken area perfectly...........THANK THE LORD!!  I slept like a baby  until Colton decided that he once again wanted to start getting up between 2:30-3am.  Oh yeah & our washing machine broke & leaked water all over the laundry room floor which is on the 2nd floor & damaged the floor & went through the ceiling into the garage :(

Tuesday, September 27 - We wake up & start to have a great day BECAUSE BRAYDEN PEED IN THE POTTY for the 1st time ever but the day quickly turned into crap after that.  B was very cranky & nothing made him happy.  I took the boys to the park & B didn't even want to swing which is very odd so then I stated second guessing whether he swallow the darn fork prong or not.  We got through the morning & B took his nap but when he woke up he was even more upset so I just prepared myself for a long afternoon; B was clingy so of course that meant that Colton was going to be too.........I just didn't have enough arms that afternoon.

The LG guy shows up to fix the washer & it was an easy fix so he was in & out so I was thankful.......THEN B started to act really weird & then it happened he puked all over the living room upstairs.  It was so much vomit for such a little guy.  Luckily Colton was down for a nap so I could focus 100% on B & care for him &  get him cleaned up.  I got him changed & he sat on the sofa while I attempted to clean up the carpet, floor & bathroom.  I felt so bad for him!  I again thought & questioned if he really did swallow the damn fork prong but knew that he wasn't in pain just sick so I pushed that thought away & trusted my mommy instinct.

B loves this chair & it is where he sits, when he actually sits.  
I wish I would have been smart & covered it with the blankets when he 1st sat there since he also managed to throw up in it :(

The night went on & he threw up a few more time (he actually managed to get it in almost every room but did get all 3 bathrooms).  I got Colton down about 8 & then curled up with B in the chair & he & I both fell asleep.  B doesn't really cuddle so this was a very special moment & I loved every minute of it!!

Wednesday, September 28 - B woke up feeling like a million dollars & in the best mood; he ate a huge breakfast so I took him to school.  When we got there I told them that he had been throwing up & they said that on Monday they had 2 kids doing that too.........ummmm. why did you not tell me that on Monday when I picked him up?  Anyway, I got home & attempted to get the smell of vomit & poop out of the house so that meant laundry; guess what the washer wasn't fixed & it leaked again.  It wasn't overflowing the catch bucket under it so I just did the loads that I needed to do & prayed that nothing bad happened.  It was a long stressful & tiring day & I was down right exhausted & knew I wasn't going to have any help since it was the end of the month & basically I never see Lance at the end of the month!

Picked B up & he was perfection; he was in the best mood.  Colton on the other hand wasn't; I have really been working on him napping routine & he is doing so much better & actually napping but it's still not enough sleep for the little guy because he is just a mess every night & just wants to go to sleep but if I let him go to bed early he will get up earlier.  He was & is still getting up once a night again & I am just not sure why.

Thursday, September 29 - I had a horrible nights sleep & eventually just got up about 3am; I felt horrible so I just drank a ton of water & sat on the sofa staring at infomercials until the boys got up.  About half way through the day I started to get hot flashes & then it happened..........I threw up, that's right I had caught B's stomach bug & was sick the whole day with 2 kids & no help.  It was the longest day of my life but we made it threw & everyone survived.  At on point I thought I was going to die but I didn't so I guess that's something.  Of course I went to bed right after putting B down but couldn't get comfortable & didn't sleep at all that night.

Oh yeah & in the middle of the day the LG guy came back to again look at the washer & found a hose had a small hole in it & needed to be replaced so he ordered it & had to come back the next day.......not what I wanted to here at all!!

Friday, September 30 - After sleeping for about 2 hours I got up & showered & just laid on the sofa again waiting for the boys to get up.  I wasn't throwing up anymore but was very weak & thirsty & again felt like I was going to die.  Lance took B to school so I wouldn't bring the bug back up there & then was off to work & Colton & I just tried to take it easy.  As the day went on I started feeling better & was really just tired.

The washer got fixed though & the boys & I all went to bed early that night!

Saturday & Sunday were better days & we just played.  The weather was chilly so it got us ready for fall & also brought colds into the house.  B started to get a runny nose on Saturday & Colton (after managing to not catch the stomach bug) started to get his runny nose yesterday.  Both boys are grumpy & sleeping like crap & momma is beat!

On top of all of this B has been getting very upset with each nap & bedtime to the point of screaming crying; I am not sure if he is still thinking about his binky or just doesn't want to go to bed but it is heartbreaking & awful!  These are the times when I wish Lance had a 9-5 job & I had help with the boys every night but he doesn't & I don't so I am just trying to suck it up & make the most of each & every day, grumpy kids & all!!