Sunday, October 9, 2011

5 Months Old Already

Colton is growing & changing so fast I feel like I can't keep up with him.  I am not sure his exact weight but he is wearing 9 & 12 month clothes & filling them out.  He is eating "real" food 3 times a day; he doesn't like everything like B did though.  He LOVES peaches, bananas & squash but hates anything green & sweet potatoes.

He is doing so well with tummy time & holding his body up & we are working on sitting up all on his own too.  He can do it but only for a second or two.  He loves his jumpy & would stay in it forever if I let him.

He talks/screams constantly; he likes to make sure that everyone can hear what he has to say for sure.  He is getting better at napping & seems to be more relaxed now when I put him down.  I let him put himself to sleep for the most part & doesn't really fuss to much before he is out.  He was sleeping through the night (from 8pm - 6am) but caught a cold & is having some breathing issues right now but hopefully once it passes he will return to his wonderful night sleeping ways.

I think he is teething with all the drool & finger gnawing that he does but am not seeing or feeling anything in there so who knows........if the drool isn't from teething we are going to have to double bib him when he does start teething.  He soaks bibs about 5 seconds after I put them on him.

He loves to smile & watches B like a hawk; B still only pays attention to him when HE wants to but it is more & more often here lately.  He loves his feet & plays with them all the time but really prefers them with no socks on them.  Life is hectic with our two little guys but I wouldn't have it any other way!!