Saturday, January 14, 2012

8 Months Old ;

Sometimes I feel like this little big guy is getting bigger by the day.  He is a true "hoss" in his 12 - 18 month clothes.  I swear some days when I walk into his room in the morning I really think that he grew over night!!  On that note; he is sleeping through the night & has been for quite a long time now.  He was sick for New Year's Eve & the beginning of the year so we had a few long nights of sleeping in the recliner with him (so he could breathe) but all is back to normal now.  He comes by his size in part because the boy LOVES food & his new found love is the Gerber flavored styrofoam puffs.  He sees the container & goes nuts............he sits in the highchair & cries & whines if he doesn't get at least a few.

He is eating 2nd foods 3 times a day & we haven't found anything that he doesn't enjoy as of yet.  He drinks from a sippy cup (& bangs it on the high chair too) with his 3 meals a day & also gets a 4 oz. bottle with those meals PLUS gets a 4 oz bottle as a morning & afternoon snack & a 6 oz. bottle before bed.  I feel like all I do is feed my poor starving kid. I also think that he is going to be taller than B.

We are still cloth diapering & loving it.  He is wearing a size 2 shoe but I might have to move up to a 3 due to the fact that his feet are chubby.  He hates socks & just like B takes them off right after I put them on.  He is a better napping & is actually taking about a 2 hour afternoon nap as well as 2 cat naps (one in the morning & one in the early evening).  He is getting up on his hands & knees more more but just sits there & smiles at me as if to ask "now what mom?".  He says "dada" really well but only growls at me; it is so cute!!  He has so many facial expressions & I am going to have another post for that!

He is a very happy little guy & even though I think a tooth is coming in & he is bothered by it he still smiles, laughs & growls at us all.  He & B are becoming friends & I can't wait for him to be a bit more mobile so that they can begin to play together!!

Did I mention he was sick as a dog; what a way to start 2012...........