Tuesday, January 10, 2012

29 Months Old ;

I feel like I haven't posted about the 1st Good-son guy in quite a while so let me catch you up on him.  I have always said that he is an amazing little guy but HE IS AN AMAZING LITTLE GUY.  He is so sweet & cuddly.  He has the best belly laugh in the world.  He has a ton of energy which has gotten this momma back to her pre-pregnancy weight & then a few.  He fills my heart with joy & laughter...............until he doesn't!  He has the worst temperament in the world sometimes (thanks Lance).  He will throw the monster truck he is rolling on the TV stand or wall then I ask him to only roll it on the floor.  He will throw himself onto the floor if he hears the word "no" throwing the biggest tantrum I have ever seen.  He will shoot you the look of death just because sometimes BUT he will also now say things that I have been waiting to here since the day he was born............luv u being my favorite!!

In a nutshell speech therapy is going very well & B is making great strides.  Don't get me wrong we have a long way to go but we are getting there & that is what matters.  I feel like we have had to turn his world upside down & confuse him without telling him why BUT it has all been worth it.  His speech is progressing & it is changing him & us each & everyday.  Some days we struggle more than others but again it is all worth it & hearing his little voice brightens my day & melts my heart.  Not to mention it takes a huge weight off of my shoulders!!

I have felt for so long that this is my fault; that B is not talking because of something I did wrong.  I still think that way sometimes but there are other times that I think that he just wasn't ready to talk yet.  He was talking some before Colton's arrival & then he just stopped so maybe he just needed some time & some extra loving.  Maybe it shocked him more than we will ever know & he honestly just was upset about having a brother.  I guess I will never know the rhyme or reason for it; all I do know is what we are doing now is working & soon enough I will be pulling my hair out from all the "whys" & how comes" that kids ask.  I couldn't be more secure in our decision to intervene early.  I don't think that we could have found a better place to take him (Helping Hands Pediatric Therapy)  or found a better therapist in Ms. Lisa because we are just learning so many different & fun ways to learn & teach the Brayden & Colton too.

Brayden is a rock star & in my heart of hearts I know he will do great things.  I hope that he won't remember the struggles that he is going through right now a year from now & only remembers that we love him & always will.  I want him to grow up knowing that his family will always have his back & look out for him even when he doesn't think he wants us too..............& some days he really does look at me like I am a nut job for making him do some things but again it is worth it!!

Enough serious stuff; here are just a few updates on B:

He is wearing 3T clothes
He is in a size 8 shoe
He LOVES to color & write with "his" pen
He is really into Thomas the Train at the moment
He is also really into daddy (probably because momma is really mean)
He loves to wrestle (probably why he prefers daddy because momma doesn't do it right)
He still loves to be outside whenever possible
He still won't eat veggies BUT I am still putting them on the plate
He has not peed in the potty since the "poop incident" BUT I am still putting him in it all day every day
His new favorite toy in his iXL his Grams & Puddy got him for Christmas (carries it everywhere)
He is the best 2 year old that I know & I love his to pieces!!!!