Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Second Child Syndrome

This is a completely random post............

I have heard of middle child syndrome but I was wondering if there is second child syndrome too.  B is at school today & I was just feeding Colton his bottle, in his room, in the glider & he seemed so peaceful & happy & went right to sleep when I laid him down.  This is something that I don't get to do that often or at all because I can't leave B unattended & so I wonder if he was wondering why we don't do that more often.  He kept looking up at me so I wonder if he want to do this & tell me that we need to do this more often!!

I know that he doesn't know that I did that all the time with B BUT I did.  I had the time to just rock & love on B each & everyday & I feel like I don't have that with Colton ever.  Lance's hours are so crazy that I don't even get to do it at bedtime so I am really going to have to make find the time with Colton because soon he will 2 & not want momma to do it!!