Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Brayden's 3rd Birthday Party

So this big guy turned 3 on August 3 & then we had a big ol' pirate party for him that Sunday.  It was a blast for all of us I think & this years party came together a lot easier than his 1st & even Colton's 1st!!  I think the easy party was because we decided to order pizza instead if cooking out or making anything at the house plus the water slide was a hit & all the kids were consumed with it the whole afternoon.

I made a few signs to put out in the yard, around the house & on the candy/cake table in the house.  We made a plank for the kids to walk & also had a little buried treasure dig for them.  

The cake turned out better than I could have ever imagined & it defiantly made the table look AMAZING!! I stuck with the pirate theme for the snacks & candy & had things like Whoppers for cannon balls, popcorn for pirates teeth & gold fish for the "catch o' the day.  It was pretty cute if I do say so myself.  I made the pirate ships below for the kids to carry their snacks around in.

Thank you bags were quick & easy this year as well; just a few stamps & some brown paper bags & voila.  Thank you bags that all the kids stuffed full of yummy goodness as they left; plus there were some other Jake & the Neverland pirate stuff in there too.  It was very hard to find Jake stuff so the party had a few things here & there but really turned into plain o'l pirate party.............but B didn't seem to mind one bit!

We had a kiddy pool set up for the smaller kids to play in & the pirate swords were a big hit too.

B never actually climbed up the stairs to slide down the water slide but he had a good time playing in that thing for 3 hours straight!! 

It was such a great day & one of our friends little girls kept saying that she was coming back to Brayden's house for sure!!  That makes a whole party worth it doesn't it?  The smiles & laughter of all the kids while they run around like chickens with their head cut off!!

How am I going top this one next year???  I have no idea but it is a good thing that they only have 1 birthday a year; we were all so tired after this one!!

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