Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Changing My Life.........

I have now been with It Works! for almost 2 months & I have already hit my 2nd promotion (Ruby) & am so close to hitting my 3rd (Emerald).  I am enjoying being back to work again BUT I think that I enjoy it even more because I am able to be home with the boys as well.  I am sure that some of you roll your eyes at things like this (& that is perfectly fine with me) but as far as I see it, it is no different than any other job that you have to self promote for.  Some of you promote your photography, some of you promote your Etsy business, some of you promote your craftiness so I am promoting It Works! & am proud to do it!

I am getting out of it what I am putting into it so it is fun & exciting & honestly I LOVE all of the amazing ladies that I have met & am meeting along the way.  The $99 that I spent to get started with It Works is leading me down a path & at the end of that path is a financial freedom that I never thought possible!  The products work & I know this because I take many of them everyday; I wonder some days how I ever functioned without them.  All of the products/supplements are all natural & have made me feel revitalized & refreshed as well as making me look a little better too!!

If you have questions ask me about it.  Ask me about joining my team for only $99; this offer ends August 31 (& so does the $10,000 bonus).  Ask me how to get the lowest prices possible by becoming a loyal customer & what that means for you.  Ask me if you can try just one wrap..........because YES you can.  If you are curious about anything having to do with this company or what it has to offer you just ask me & I'll tell you.  

Visit my website to see all of our products & visit Skinny Wrap Rock Stars to see before & after photos & videos.