Wednesday, August 15, 2012


TODAY ONLY (August 15)

I am giving a FREE wrap to anyone that goes to my website ( & signs up to be a loyal customer!!

The Ultimate Body Applicator can be used almost anywhere (not your face) that you want to tone, tighten, & firm!!!

You can order the wraps ($59) & get 5 for the price of 4 or you can order one of our other amazing products!!  You might be interested in the Greens ($28), Advanced Fat Fighters ($23), our multipurpose Defining Gel ($45) or maybe you want to try out our Stretch Mark & Moisturizing Cream ($39)..........the prices all vary but no matter what you order I will mail you a FREE WRAP as long as you sign up to be a loyal customer.

It's as easy as:
2.  Pick any amazing product that we have to offer & add it to your cart
3.  Proceed to checkout; while doing so choose to be a loyal customer (it's so worth it)
4.  Complete the checkout process
5.  Do all of this by midnight tonight (Wednesday, August 15) & receive a FREE wrap in the mail.

Being a Loyal Customer has so many Perks!!

This is an amazing deal & I hope that you all take me up on it!!!

Here's an even better deal though; go to &  sign up as a distributor & received 2 FREE WRAP in the mail.  This on top of the 4 that receive when you sign up will jump start you business; who does like free money right??

What are you waiting for??  Change you life today!!!