Tuesday, August 28, 2012

B's Actual BIRTHday

 On B's actual birthday we did the same that we have done since his first........presents in the morning (InnoTab) & then 

 Chuck E Cheese in the evening!!  He freaking LOVES this place but it really isn't made for the younger kids.  I think that he will really like it next year though.  He really only wants to play the games that have balls that he can throw so he plays lots of basket ball & a little skee ball.  

Trying to explain to a 3 year old that he needs & should through the ball underhand & not overhand is quite difficult & he tends to throw it in the next skee ball lane!

Colton really enjoyed himself as well until it got into his dinner time & then he only had food on the brain!

Overall I think that the birthday boy had a great time & as always Lance & I enjoyed watching him run around like a hellion from game to game only to get bored with them literally after only a few seconds.

He is growing so fast & is such a good boy.  We are finally getting him into the school system to help with his Speech Apraxia as well as his sensory issues.

It has been a lot of work so far & there is so much more to be done but the words that he is finally starting to say are music to our ears!  I'll post more about that very soon though..........

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