Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cat Nap Hell.........

I have been struggling with our night time routine & some nights I don't think I'm going to survive.  The boys are both wonderful & are happy go lucky most of the time but when it hits 5pm & it is time for B to eat Colton starts to get fussy because he hasn't "cat napped" enough during the day & is tired but of course won't close his eyes & thus begins my night of frustration, tears & heartbreak.

Colton isn't much of a napper & even though I am working at it each & every day it doesn't seem to be changing or getting any better.  I try all day everyday to get him to take at least 2-3 good naps in his crib but I am at my whits end & am about to give up.  He is so different than B with regards to napping & it can get quite frustrating by the end of the day; B was taking two 2-3 hour naps by this point in his little life & making daytime life manageable & I only had 1 little guy at that point now with 2 little men in the house I NEED Colton to nap so that I have one on one time with B.  I am sure that B napped so well in the beginning because he was colicky for hours on end during the night but none the less he was napping & always seemed well rested.  Colton on the other hand will fight sleep during the day like the plague; I have tried to put him in his crib, in his swing, in his vibrating chair, on the sofa (supervised of course), on our bed, & just about anywhere else that I could think of to see if he would nap for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

I know that each child id different & I shouldn't compare them to each other but it is hard not to when they are from the same mom & dad but are so totally different when it come to sleep.  I am actually not much of a sleeper & Lance is so I guess I should have expected this but I just figured what baby wouldn't like sleep??  I shouldn't complain really since Colton has spoiled us up to this point with his nighttime sleep patterns; he is usually down by 8:30pm & asleep until 4am & has been doing this since about 4 weeks old but however good this is for the evenings I need him to nap so that he is better rested for the early evenings as well as (& maybe most importantly) so that I have time during the day with B.

He is not liking this non-sleeping thing that has invaded his space & is taking his mommy from him; he doesn't like this one bit & I can understand why.  He is so used to being able to go & play outside whenever he wants to that now we have to wait for our 30 minute window here & there while Colton naps & it can make an almost 2 year olds heart break.  I have tried every sling known to man with Colton in the hopes that I could just load him up in it & we could go out whenever B wanted to BUT he hates them all...........every single one of the 5 I have tried he has screamed in so that idea has gone out the window.  I am not sure if he is uncomfortable or if the fact that it is a billizon degrees outside is the cause but whatever the reason he hates them all!!  I will bring his vibrating chair out back with us in the mornings so that he can get some fresh air & B & I can play & that always works out nice until B wants to go play out front & we can't because we just can't be that mobile with Colton yet.

Does anyone have any suggestions for my non/cat napper or did anyone go through this & their little one eventually just slept better??  I am heart broken for B & hate that Colton isn't getting the rest that he seems to need.