Friday, July 29, 2011

Hard At Work

Lance's whole family is in the car business (Lance, his mom & dad are all on the business side but his 2 brothers are on the repair shop side & not to mention my dad is pretty handy when it comes to working on cars too) & he always say that he doesn't want either of our boys to work in the business HOWEVER one of B's favorite places to go is to PaPa's shop at the dealership.  Every time we go up to visit & have lunch he goes straight for the shop door & goes out & runs around for about an hour.  He would stay the hours on end if we let him but we are all always hungry so we cut it short.

I told Lance the other day B picked up his tools, flipped over his Y-Bike & started acting like he was working on it so he might follow in his footsteps after all.  What do ya'll think??