Friday, July 15, 2011

; 23 Months ;

This big guy is a handful all day everyday.  He is happiest outside & wants to be there from the time he wakes up until bed time & isn't happy at all when he is told it is time to come in.  He loves to swing, jump, play in the water, go for walks, you name it & he'll do it as long as it is outside!  He doesn't even mind that it is 100 degrees long as mommy keeps the Capri Sun flowing.  He does not know what the word "NO" means & though it is fault & we are trying to remedy the situation I don't find it funny that he laughs at me when I say it; what have we created??

He is a ham like his father & will do anything to entertain us; he makes faces & is learning to play wrestle & fight.  He loves to run around the house after Bella & she always returns the favor by chasing him for a while too.  His smile is infectious & his laugh is always from deep within.  He fake cries & runs to us for hugs & love & he will go to every person in the room before he stops it.

He gets into anything & everything & even enjoys drinking the water from the dogs water things in their crates; gross I know but he was thirsty I guess.  He loves to hug & his new thing is kisses on the cheek with a ol' kiss noise right after.  He loves that every time he gives me one of those I jump with joy.

Last but not least he stills wants nothing to do with his baby brother or talking for the matter & we are concerned.  He doesn't dislike him, he just refuses to acknowledge his existence.  As far as his talking goes he babbles a lot but the words he was saying he isn't saying anymore & we just hope that it is a phase & it will soon pass.  He has his 2 year doctor appointment August 4th so I am going to talk to him about it.

Brayden Lance Goodson you are the best little boy a mommy could have ever asked for & I feel that we are so blessed by you everyday!  You (& your baby brother) fill our hearts with love & I really can't imagine that you could even fathom just how much you are loved!  Thank you for being you & for loving me too; you make my days long & I am worn out at the end of each & every one of them but boy it is fun to watch you go, go, go..........