Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our 4th of July

This past 4th was, I think, the best day that we have ever had so far as a family; we didn't do much really but it was a great day.  Both boys were dressed in their red, white & blue & ready for good food, family & fireworks (not really)!!

Brayden always shares his JuJu's sweet tea & the 4th was no different.  I think he just likes the cup she always uses because he doesn't drink much of it; he really just knaws on the straw!

Of course we had to do a lots of swinging!!

& Colton napped in his car seat (one of the few places he sleeps well) 

When he woke up he got lots of loving from him JuJu

& then we decided to set off the fireworks for Brayden; I know that it is still day light but it was about 7 & time for our little guys to get in the bath.  This was also a test year for Brayden; we wanted to see if the noise was going to scare him.

He LOVED the ones that had no noise but lots of color........

& this is his face of joy/fear when they got loud.  It was so sweet because he was clapping but we could tel he was getting scared!

So PaPa stepped in & protected him from the noise.

It was a perfect family day & a perfect way to celebrate the 4th of July!!