Sunday, September 25, 2011

What A Week!

Last week was the busiest & hardest week that I have had since having 2 kids!  We have a ton going on with Brayden & of course because of that Colton decided that he was going to start getting up between 3-4am again.......not nice little guy, not nice at all.

Brayden has been a busy little guy since starting potty training; he doesn't like it because it interrupts his play time, movie, name it he doesn't want to do it because there are so many better things he could be doing!  He is getting the hang of sitting there but has yet to actually go.  When he finally does (& I have faith that it will be soon) this momma is going to look like the biggest idiot dancing around, screaming & yelling in praise.  He loves when we clap & say yeah when he does something grand around the house so maybe this will help with this process.  I actually didn't think that it would be this hard to get him to actually pee for the first time; he has been pointing when he has been peeing for a while now.........oh well he'll get the hang of it soon enough.

We have also taken his most prized possession away just this past week; his binky was "broken" on Monday & Tuesday so Wednesday it had to go bye-bye.  He has done remarkably well; yes he still cries for a second for it & he wakes up here & there throughout the night looking for it & get very upset when he doesn't find it but goes back to sleep in about 2-3 minutes & yes it breaks my heart to see him so upset but it had to go eventually so now was as good a time as any!  With all of these changes going on I feel like my little guy is growing up so fast & I have even shed a few tears over it; silly I know but as amazing as it is to watch him grow up it is sad too.

Lastly, on Thursday we had an appointment to get B evaluated with a speech therapist.  At 2 years old he should have a 50 word vocabulary & since he isn't close to that number & we don't want him to fall behind we took him to see someone.  We were also concerned since "Googling" the subject of a few other things that could be delaying him BUT thankfully he is just stubborn & hard headed & it is something that we can work on & he will be caught up in no time at all.  It was such a relief to hear that he is physically & mentally OK; I knew that he was but I guess I just had to hear it for myself.  We will be starting therapy twice a week in about a week; I can't wait for B to start talking to me & being able to communicate when he wants & needs........I the the frustration level in the Goodson household is about to decrease a good bit!

Let me just say that B isn't not talking at all; he is saying things here & there but he's just not talking like he should be so that is why we were concerned.  Let me also say that B was the one that was supposed to be getting the evaluation but I felt like I was the one under the microscope.  I felt like when she would ask questions about what he does, how he is, or how we try to get him to do this or that that it was actually me that she was evaluating.  It broke my heart to think that it could be because I maybe baby him a little to much that he isn't talking.  To think that I could be the reason for him being behind broke my heart; I try to make sure that I "do" what is right for B & C too but is babying your baby actually a bad thing sometimes??  Apparently so........

Don't get me wrong she didn't say any of this, this is just how I felt after the session with her; she actually said that B is just a strong willed chilled.  Hard headed, wants what he wants when he wants it, & just like his father in my words.......maybe B comes by this honestly because of his genes but whatever the case may be we were told that we have a rough few months coming but the outcome will be our little guys voice being heard more & more & the tantrums from frustration will come less & less.

I pray each & every night for God to guide me to be a great mom for the boys, to help me teach them right from wrong, good from bad & how to grow up as amazing young men.  I pray for him to let them know how much they are loved & how much we want only the best for them.  I pray for him to instill in me that I have to be a parent before I am their friend & playmate & to just help me to overall do what is best for them!  Having & raising these to little guys is the best job I am ever going to have & I just want to do right by them & sometimes knowing what is best or right is hard..............I still have to learn to trust my own judgment.