Monday, August 17, 2009

2 Weeks Old Today....

WOW...can't believe that it has been 2 weeks already...time is sure flying by!! We are having so much fun getting to know our handsome son & I swear that he is getting bigger by the second. He is so alert & loves when we kiss his feet. He does have his days & nights mixed up but we are working on getting him switched & let me just say that he does not like when his momma keeps him awake during the day.....he doesn't like it at all!! He had his first bath after his belly button fell off (yuck) & his belly button is sooooo cute.

He loves bath time & just lays there enjoying the warm water!!

His circumcision is all healed & he is eating like a champ.....Brayden doesn't latch on at all & that has been a struggle for me. I was really looking forward to breast feeding & am disappointed that it didn't work out but I am pumping so he is still getting the vitamins & nutrition that he needs from me. A part of me feels like a failure even though I tried my best to do everything possible to get him to latch & feed from the breast he just NEVER took to it; not even for a minute. I have cried over it & just hope that this sad feeling goes away soon!!

We had our first day alone together today & it was so awesome!! We just played & slept & he peed & pooped like a was a great 2 week birthday!!