Monday, August 31, 2009

4 Weeks Old Today....

Time is flying by & I feel like Brayden will be walking before we know it!! We received his social security card in the mail today & I am in the middle of filling out the paperwork for his insurance, & birth certificate & I can't wait for everything to come back to us in the mail.....he is our little angel & we love him with all of our hearts!

Today to celebrate the day we went & lunch with daddy at was so nice to visit Lance & to be able to sit & eat with him even if only for a half hour; he has been working like crazy & we miss him very much.

Brayden is doing wonderfully; he is so alert & is focusing on things very well. He is now a formula baby all the way; my milk apparently dried up all together & I feel like a failure because of it. The doctor said that it happens sometimes & to not worry or feel that way but I really wanted to experience this with Brayden. He is holding his head up all the time & he has gained 2 lbs (as of his hospital visit)so he now weighs 10 lbs & 1.4 ozs.......he is so sweet & loving & everyday we thank God for blessing us with such an amazing & wonderful little boy!!