Saturday, August 29, 2009

Home Improvements...

My parents came into town for 2 weeks when Brayden was born & my dad is the type of man that has to stay busy or he will go crazy so he always asks for stuff to do around the house & e had been trying to get around to a few things but with getting ready for Brayden's arrival we just didn't get to them so......

My dad installed the new black sink & faucet in the kitchen......


He removed the old doors from our back door; we had a storm door that had our doggie door in it & then had the big door as well but it had to stay open all the time & I never felt safe & secure with it like that so we bought a new steel door & dad installed a new secure doggie door in that door so we would only have the one door!! It is amazing the amount of room we have in the walk way by the back door now; plus Brayden's swing is right near there & the heat & cold would get in through the old stom door so now he will be as snug as a bug in a rug!!

The old door is the one to the left & the storm door is still on the hindges.

This is the new door before he installed the doggie door to it.

This is our new back door complete with a new doggie door!!!

Dad also installed a new storm door to the front door so that the pups could look out during the day.....of course when I am home alone with the baby I don't open it but when Lance is the home the dogs really enjoy watching the people & traffic go by on our street & I think it looks amazing!!