Thursday, June 30, 2011

Crayola Color Bubbles

I had heard that the color bubbles that Crayola came out with were great but that they stained clothing & skin so I never bought any for my bubble obsessed kid HOWEVER I guess I forgot to tell his JuJu that I had heard they stained & she brought him some last weekend!  I couldn't tell him no when he saw them so I just said screw it & if they stained his outfit I would just chuck it & move on!

We were playing out back in the water anyway so what was a little green bubble mess right??  

Well, B decided that they made better body paint than bubbles..........

The bubbles are non-toxic & they actually didn't stain his clothes at all but I wouldn't recommend them to anyone unless you are ready for a bath right after playing with them.  The actual bubbles are very thick & didn't even pop when B would touch was a fun messy afternoon though & I think that I'll have to buy more very soon!!