Monday, November 14, 2011

6 Months Old ;

I'll start with Colton's stats; he had his 6 month check up on the 9th & I have to say he did very well throughout the whole appointment (unlike his brother who was there to only get his flu shot & was a complete disaster the WHOLE time).  Colton got 4 shots plus his oral vaccination. He weighed in at 19.4 lbs. (75%), height 28 (95%), & head measured at 17.5 (75%) so my assumption was right.............he's a big boy!!

He is solely in 12 month clothing & wears a size 2 shoe.  He is sitting up & rolls to get where he wants to go.  He was sticking his booty in the air like he was going to try to start crawling but now that he has figured out that he can just roll there the crawling attempts seemed to have stopped.  He is eating 3 meals a day & LOVES food; he will not miss a meal & if I am late getting it to him he lets me know that he is very upset by that fact.

He was sleeping like a champ until the time change & now is up at the crack of dawn but still sleeping through the night so hopefully with time he will get back on track (I am actually praying that both boys readjust this week).  Colton seems to have teething symptoms but there are no signs of a tooth so I am not sure; B never had swollen gums or anything either but there would be 4 teeth in his mouth in a week so I guess only time will tell.

Colton is a happy & loving little boy that laughs & coyly smiles at everyone.  He is such an amazingly happy little guy & other than the early mornings we have been having is PERFECT!!!  We are blessed with joy, laughter, tears, crying, smiles, & love by both our boys & are just in heaven watching them grow & change.

The boys are starting to get closer because B is coming around to loving his brother & no longer ignores him 24/7!!  He really loves him, gives him kisses & hugs daily, tries to feed him his bottle & even tries to pick him up off the floor so that he can play too!!