Saturday, November 5, 2011

It Has Returned..........

The duck tub is back & blown up in the Goodson household; Colton is sitting up (not perfectly but pretty well) so I decided to get it ready yesterday for last nights bath.  Colton seemed to really enjoy his bath but that was probably because he could grab his feet & hold them the entire time.

I was unsure if B would remember it but he did & as you can see he was was excited to see it!! 

I was hoping that I could get B to sit in the tub & take a bath too but he was too busy entertaining his brother to even think about that.

Colton just watch B as he played the duck head like a drum & sang a little song...... 

It was the cutest moment the boys have had since the day Colton was born; B has been taking his time warming up to his baby brother but we are slowly watch them become friends! 

Colton couldn't take his eyes off B. 

I was a special night for me; I love watching them interact with each other in such a touching way.  We have to work on B being a tad bit more gentle around Colton but things are looking up & getting better with these little guys & it couldn't have come at a better time.  Things have been a bit stressful so seeing this a moment like this between my two favorite boys made all that disappear!!