Saturday, November 19, 2011

The "Fun Bus"

Last weekend our next door neighbors celebrated their daughters 3rd birthday & Brayden was invited to enjoy a fun filled afternoon with her on the Fun Bus...........too bad he was afraid to get on the darn thing :(

All he would so is stand next to it & point at it......... 

thankfully they had their trampoline out & also some golf clubs cause we all know B loves golf!!

They also had a little slide out & B enjoyed that too while all the other little people were on the bus having a blast. 

BUT then it happened; they opened the back of the bus & attached a slide & suddenly B had no fear & on the bus he went. 

He saw what everyone else had seen for the last hour & had a blast for about 5 minutes........ 

I hate that he missed out on 95% of the fun & only got to play for a few minutes but I bet the next time he sees a big green bus he'll jump right on it to play!!