Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

I'd say this year was almost perfect; Lance had to work & couldn't be home with us so it wasn't 100% perfect but it was close.  B still wouldn't actually go up to the houses but he happily wore his costume & walked around the neighborhood so he did very well & Colton was a trooper.  He didn't seem to mind the big ol' dog costume that I made him wear & just watched everything going on around him.

B started out his neighborhood tour on his tricycle; he happily climbed on & off we went to see the trick or treaters. 

We tried to bribe him with a Kit Kat to walk up to a house or 2 but he wanted no part of it so I didn't force the issue.........he did get the Kit Kat though.  

We tried for a photo of the boys together & this is what we got because after about 5 seconds...... 

this happened..........oh well there is always next year. 

B then decided that he wanted to take the wagon out for a spin (it'll be great when they can both ride in it next year) & we toured some more of the neighborhood.  Sadly the kids didn't get started until a bit late so we only got to see half of the costumes. 

We ended the night just hanging at the house handing out candy; B was in awe of the kids that were coming up to the house.  He would follow them in & out of the door way each & every time. 

He was the cutest pirate I have ever seen & we had a wonderful time!  We hope that y'all had as much fun as we did too!!!