Monday, February 23, 2009

1st Baby Gift

Lance & I went shopping yesterday with his mom & dad & they bought me my first baby gift! I have been eye balling a Vera Bradley diaper bag for a while now & we were just walking in the mall & walked by Hallmark & there it was ....the Vera Bradley sign in the window! Of course we had to go in & see if they even had the diaper bags & they did & they even had the design that I wanted to my MIL bought it for me & I almost cried. I have been wanting to get something for the baby for so long now & we have just been waiting to find out if was are having a boy or girl so I haven't bought anything & it has been hard on me. I think that the shopping, registering, & nursery decorating are such HUGE parts of being pregnant that until you start doing something, you feel like something is just not right or missing. It is crazy that 1 little gift from my MIL & FIL could make me feel so close to the bay but it did for some reason & I became so overwhelmed with emotion yesterday when they bought it for me; all I could do is smile from ear to ear!