Monday, February 16, 2009

Some More Catch Up Stuff

We had to have another U/S at our 12 week appt. because Lance was born with only one lung, one ventricle & because of his lung issue his heart is not in the correct place in his chest. We knew that Lance's issues were a birth defect & not something genetic but we were still both nervous for the baby. We had our appt. on 1/15/09 & this was a completely different view of the baby. The baby actually looked like a baby & not a blob & was waving at us; we could see the his/her arms, legs, head, heart, & big ol' was absolutely amazing & of course I cried. Lance had the biggest grin on his face & I guess we both just couldn't believe that we were seeing our little miracle on the screen that day. Dr. Hamner said that the baby's development was great & the heart looked strong & didn't seem to have any issues....WOO HOO!! Lance & I were so excited & felt so blessed that everything was OK so far. We did ask Dr. Hamner to look & see if he could see the baby's sex but it was too early, but it was nice of him to try. We have to go back to Dr. Hamner on March 12th, he will be preforming a heart echo & since it is my 20 week appointment we will also be finding out if we are having a boy or girl that day as well. Neither one of us care if it is a boy or girl just as long as he/she is healthy.......but we both really can't wait to find out so that we can start decorating the nursery & so I can starting picking everything else out!!