Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So we decided that since the house market is so bad & since we can't sale our house right now that we would put some money back into it & add on a roof over our patio for additional space. This is what was done on it yesterday & I think that it looks awesome so far.....now of course we have to get patio furniture for it which is not cheap apparently! Why do we choose do do these things with a baby on the way? We have the money but I feel like we should be using it for baby stuff.....we have nothing for the nursery yet & I know that is because we don't know the sex yet but still. I guess I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the money that DH is wanting to put into our house right now; I know that he is making it look better & more beautiful but with a baby on the way I wish WE could slow down just a bit so that I could catch my breath & get some of the stuff for the nursery taken care of in a few weeks. Gotta love my hormones these days!