Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Furbabies

Bella Bear & Georgia Love are our 2 fur babies. We got Georgia our English Bulldog when we first moved in together in January of 2006; she is now 3 yrs old. We got Bella our all white Boxer right after we got engaged December 2006 & she is 2 years old. They have been the loves of our lives since we got them & can I just say "SPOILED"!! They both used to sleep in the bed with us...NOTE: they both weight over 60lbs...but it just got to be that they had more of the bed then we did & plus we were starting to talk about having a baby; I mean how were we going to get pregnant if they slept between us every night? So now they sleep on a pallet that has been created for them at the end of our bed & they love it & so do we! I am so happy that we have both of our puppies & Lance & I both know that they will take really good care of our little boy/girl when he/she arrives. It is going to be a Kodak moment when the baby comes home & meets their sisters.